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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1260

Rest for Your Soul

November 27, 2016

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1260 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: There is a faith that God imparts that is exercised and it constitutes a surrender to God, and those who come to that place of surrender and reposing their trust completely in Him, taking it off of us and causing us to put our trust in Him, that is entering into His rest.

That is the fulfillment of what Jesus was talking about when He said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (NIV). And that brings us into a state of oneness with God and peace with God, as we’ve used so many times. Praise God!

And so, he goes on and he brings out some other factors in this. He talks about God’s warning to them, you won’t enter My rest. “And yet…” coming on down, “…his work has been finished since the creation of the world.” What an amazing, awesome truth! And how often we’ve emphasized it. But I just pray that God will burn this into our consciousness so that it’s not just a doctrine we’ve heard and embraced with our minds, but it will become real down here, that what we have been called to is something that was finished!

‘Finished’ means you can’t add anything to it. It is complete! What Jesus did is everything that we have need of to take us all the way home! We have but to lay hold of it, to enter into what He has done, but it’s finished! And so, that’s what God is calling us into. And he compares this, in this passage, goes all the way back to the Creation.

And so, what happened in the Creation Story? And it’s more than a story, by the way. You know, we can talk about that another time. But, I’ll tell you, God spent six days, didn’t He? He said that in the Law. In six days, I created everything. I tend to believe Him.

( laughter ).


( laughing ).

It’s a God who cannot lie and scientists who don’t know. Anyway, in six days I created the heavens and the earth. Then what happened? What happened on the seventh day?

( congregational response ).

He rested! Why?

( congregational response ).

Because it was done! And that’s the rest that God has for people in this day. It is coming to rest in something that God has completely finished! Wow! Praise God! I’m gonna get encouraged here in a minute!

( congregational response ).

I need this. We need to hear this. We need to have it burned in our consciousness so that we never, never drift away from it! We never act like it’s…maybe it’s not quite true. But oh, it’s true, folks!

You know, he brings in even the observance of the Sabbath day, doesn’t he? You know, you’ve got folks today that feel like we’ve got to observe a literal day. We’ve got to still keep the form of observing Saturday. But what that was, was a picture of what God had done and a picture of the idea that God has provided us a rest.

And what was Saturday about? They didn’t even have to go out and gather food. It was a physical blessing of having a day just to rest, so we don’t work seven days a week like so many people do today, wear themselves out. But there was a day when they could relax. So it’s a natural blessing. But it was a day that God had made a full provision for by giving them twice what they needed on Friday, so that they didn’t have to labor, didn’t have to do anything. They could just simply enjoy something that God had provided.

Wasn’t that the lesson in the wilderness? Was there anything they needed that God didn’t provide? They were thirsty, He brought water out of a rock! He gave them bread from heaven! And they didn’t like that. After a while they got discontent. My God, you get human nature involved and you’ve got a mess! Here is something supernatural that’s going on and, ‘I wanted something else, I remember the leeks and the onions and the garlics and…when are we gonna have something else.’

Oh, God! You see where that’s coming from? The restlessness of the human heart? It expresses itself so many ways. Discontent! Oh, God, help us to learn how to just simply relax in God, to be content, to realize that He loves us. He provides for us. He brings us through times of…where we don’t seem to have a lot in this world. But what did the apostle say? That whatever we have, in whatever state we are, to be…

( congregational response ).

…Content? Oh, Praise God! What’s that song, ‘I find contentment in His will’? It’s an old line of a song that comes back to my mind. But anyway…oh, we find so many ways to not enter into this.

But anyway, he comes down, and there’s a thought I really want to get to here because it bears on everything else. That’s one reason I’m going through this. ‘Cause he goes back and he makes the point that I made a while ago in verse 8, is it? “For if Joshua had given them rest…” if that was all God was talking about, “…God would not have spoken later about another day.” That was David speaking. Hundreds of years later, He spoke about another day.

Therefore, “There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his.” Now, I think I said this recently about the Sabbath, that I observe it exactly the same way Abraham did. And if you will look through Abraham’s life you will find absolutely zero reference to observing the Sabbath. But you will find a reference to Abraham believing God and God counting it to him for righteousness? Is not that rest?

See, this other thing came in later to teach them about what it means to enter into something that God had completely provided for, that they didn’t have to work for. But listen to this other thought that really kind of drew my mind to this passage. “…Anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his.”

Most of the time when I have used this or heard it used, it tends to be applied to, ‘I don’t have to work for my salvation.’ Well, obviously that’s true. God’s not looking for me to perform something, do something, and then He rewards that by accepting me. Obviously, that doesn’t work.

But there is this sense that I need to let go. I need to stop trying to be a Christian and let God do the work that needs to be done in my heart and my life. And that’s true whether you have ever entered in or not, or whether you are a believer who’s growing in the Lord, or whether you have never come to Christ in salvation.

There are a lot of people who are striving and trying. They come, they hear the message, they hear the warnings about judgment, they hear the promise of Heaven and the promise of God giving us…helping us in this life and all of that, and they’re trying so hard to a Christian. And they conform their behavior to whatever religious standard exists where they are. And they think, I’m a Christian because I sing the songs, I do the stuff. But no one ever enters into their rest without stopping all of that and just saying, Lord, I surrender.

( congregational amens ).

You’ll wind up doing a lot of that, but it won’t be in order to ‘be.’ It will be because you ‘are,’ because God has performed a miracle. And here’s something else that we can see in the experience of the Israelites. When they entered the Promised Land…praise God!

( laughter ).

When they entered the Promised Land, do you remember what happened? Do you remember the circumstances? What did they have to do? They had to cross a river, didn’t they? It was the Jordan River, and do you remember what the circumstances were of that river at the time they were to cross it?

( congregational response ).

It was flood stage. How many of you, when you came to Christ, it was flood stage in your life? I mean, it was just, everything was against it. It’s like the devil mounted every bit of opposition he could mount to make it seem impossible, hopeless!

But I’ll tell you how that worked. God said, cross. He said, put your foot, step forward. God gave them an instruction and a word. They obeyed the word with what they could do, and guess what? God took care of the flood.

Isn’t that an awesome picture of coming to Christ? All He asks us to do is what He enables us to do. He had given them manna. In the strength of that manna, they had the ability to put their foot down, didn’t they? They had the ability because of God’s grace to make the choice to do that. That’s all He required. Isn’t that what it is when we come to Him? We just respond in faith. God performs a miracle!

( congregational amens ).

And we walk through on dry land, and we look back and say, praise God! God did that. That’s what salvation is about. Man, it’s a miracle of God’s grace that we come to Him, and He implants His life in our hearts, and there’s a peace with God. Praise God!

So anyway, that’s the first thing that Jesus was talking about. I know this is not new truth, but I pray that it will be fresh. I pray that God will help us to see it, as I say, in relation to where we’re at right now.

But Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” That’s the first rest that we’ve been talking about. That’s where people…they’re struggling with the notion of giving up their life. They feel the unrest, but their very nature drives them to cling to that as though, if I let that go, all will be lost! My nature craves control, and I don’t have it, and I’m frustrated. But I know that if I just try a little harder, I could find the answers and quiet all this and satisfy it, and life will be good.

It’s just something about it that keeps people spinning like they’re on a hamster wheel. Oh, if I just run a little faster. And they find out they’re not getting anywhere. But only when someone comes to the end of that, and they’re awake and aware, you’re on the wrong…get off the hamster wheel. I’ve got some place…I can take you from that, and I can put peace in your heart. I can give you a whole new direction in your life.

But then, He says this, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” So now, He’s talking about something beyond this initial, I’m gonna give you rest. I’m gonna cause you to feel that sense…and I don’t want to over-emphasize the feelings, but you know what I’m talking about. There’s something down deep that happens when somebody really comes to Christ. There is a rest. There’s a peace that enters where the guilt is gone.

But there’s something beyond that, because you know, for those here who know the Lord, you know as well as I do that we don’t live our lives just full of rest on the inside. There’s some learning. There’s some growing. And you know, just thinking about this, if we have got anything other than perfect rest in our hearts, something’s going on besides what the Lord wants. Do you suppose just maybe we got a little learning to do?

( congregational response ).

We have the privilege of walking with the Savior and having a conscious relationship with Him. But don’t you believe He wants to teach you and me how to handle the stuff that comes along in our lives in a different way than we do, because the way we handle it doesn’t work very well most of the time? Now, let’s go back to what was said in Hebrews. He who enters into His rest, ceases from, what?

— Congregation: His own work.

— Brother Phil Enlow: Ah! There’s a bit of a key there, isn’t there? Because when Christ comes in, that does not simply do away with the old nature that still lives in these bodies. And so what you have is a contest, or it’s a war that goes on. Who’s going to be…which nature is gonna be in charge in a practical sense?

And to the extent that our old nature still drives the car, we’re gonna be driving with a whole lot of unrest and in some bad directions. And so the Christian life is learning how to live out that new nature that has come in.

I tell you, when we do that, there’s gonna be some rest on the inside. Was there ever a time in the life of Jesus where He was just restless, anxious, upset on the inside? Yeah, there were things that He had to do that involved confrontation, but His confrontation was not like ours. We rise up to protect our ego an awful lot.

He didn’t bother with that stuff. I mean, when people came against him, He just…it didn’t matter to Him. In His own mind, He was dead. You can’t criticize a dead person. I tell you, He carried His cross long before the literal one. He took it up the minute He gave His life to His Heavenly Father to live out God’s purpose in His life.

But look at the example of our Savior. He tells us to learn from Him. Throughout His entire life, there was a peaceable-ness on the inside. When people professed to follow Him and got excited about His ministry, it didn’t disturb that. It was an absolute peace and a calm. In fact, it even says in one place, they believed in Him, but He didn’t believe in them. He recognized that it was just a human, religious excitement, that there was no real substance to it. And so He didn’t let it build up His ego and say, hey, we’re getting successful here! He didn’t go by any external circumstance.

And later on, in John chapter 6 when so many went back…there’s one minor little thing where I disagree with the way the NIV translation almost sounds. He turns to the disciples and says, you’re not leaving too, are you? It almost sounds like…oh, my God!

( congregational response ).

But He asked, “Will ye also go away?” (KJV). Do you think there was any anxiety in that? Was He worried? Was there any lack of…did that disturb His rest when so many went back? No. What had He said earlier in that very passage? He said, no one can come to Me except it’s given to him by My Father.

And He said, “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” (NIV). I’m gonna receive them. That sounds like a divine plan, yeah. There’s a certainty to what God does! God works with hearts, and Jesus understood that the only thing that’s gonna happen that’s eternal, the only thing that I can bank on is what God does! If He does something through Me, praise God, it’s Him!

And so I am completely at rest in Him. I’m not dependent on how My circumstances look. If somebody looks at Me cross-eyed, I don’t have to get upset about it, like we do. We’ve got some learning to do, don’t we?

But oh, I sense God’s heart here wanting to take us beyond living in the energy of the flesh to where we just simply, we just go by how things look. We go by how things feel. We act as though…this is what Deanna was talking about. It’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about. We have got to figure it out.

Well, where’s that coming from? That’s me working. As long as I am trying to work it out, and I’m not just laying that burden at Jesus feet, it’s me doing it! And I’m just gonna be full of rest doing that, right? No! That’s a perfect prescription for unrest, uncertainty.

Oh, do we want to be in control! How hard it is sometimes for us to learn to let go, but do you know the things that God brings about in our lives are designed for that very purpose! Why would God bring us through the difficulties and the challenges? Is it because He’s mad at us, trying to see if we can rise to the occasion? No. It’s so that we can take that burden and learn to truly give it to Him and find rest in our souls.

Oh, how we struggle. You know, my dad used to have a message that he often preached. You know, back in the day…if there was some possibility of you going to another church within the denomination or group, whatever, you would go and candidate. You’d basically go spend a Sunday there and preach a sermon, and they would decide if they wanted you or somebody else. Well, his ‘candidate-ing’ sermon tended to be the promises of God. And I think he even preached that after he came here.

But it was all about coming to that place of trust in the promises of God. And one of the illustrations that I remember him using was this man walking along back in the old days, I guess, and he was carrying this heavy load, and he was weary and just struggling, and then, along comes a wagon and offers him a ride. And so he gets on the wagon, but instead of dropping his load and letting the wagon carry it, he continues to sit there and hold it!

And so many times, that’s a picture of what we’re doing when we’re giving something to the Lord. Yeah, we’re asking for a little bit of help here, but we’re still carrying it, instead of saying, Lord, You gave me this load to give to You. Now, if there’s something that I need to do, You can let me know. But when You do, it’s not like, hey, here it is, figure it out, go for it! This is, I will just simply do what You tell me do, but I’m depending on You just like the Israelites going into the Promised Land had to depend on the Lord to take care of the water.

Oh, life is full of things that are way beyond our control. God never intended to dump the burden of those things upon our strength! Everything is meant to be an expression of His life at work in us! And that’s the only source of rest that any of us are ever gonna experience in this life…is when we come to the place where we believe that He’s faithful. We believe that He loves us, in a practice, not in theory.

( congregational amens ).

We believe that He’s in control regardless of how things look and how they feel, that all things really do, “…work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to his purpose.” (KJV). And that He is working something out for our good, but that He means for us to bring everything to His feet, and not go back and pick it up, and not turn around and look at it with a telescope like Deanna said. I tell you what, are you a candidate today for some of that?

( congregational response ).

I am. I just pray that the Lord will teach us, because I sense that He longs to do it. But unless we are willing to come to Him with everything…we learn, it becomes a life habit, becomes just the way we live, that we realize that every part of our life is part of the Christian life. It’s not my spiritual, my church life and my regular life. It’s all His!

( congregational amens ).

He’s interested in every little detail whether it has to do with school or work or home or you-name-it…or money. All of these things, He cares about. If He takes care of the little sparrows, isn’t He interested in everything?

But oh, we need to learn to cast ourselves upon Him and learn what He’s talking about here. There is a learning of this, because we just do not naturally let go of human energy trying to make things happen. I’m just like you. There’s all kinds of things that rise up in me, and I can’t look in my heart and say, well, I’ve got perfect rest.

But the Lord’s helping me. And the way He’s helping me is to point out the areas of unrest…not to demand that I do better, but to demand that I let go. Because what is salvation? It’s coming to Him and stopping my effort and letting Him do it in me. Then, what He asks me to do becomes an expression of faith in His power to make it happen.

You get the difference? Is it me trying to fix it, or is it Him saying, taking the step, and I’ll be with you. I will empower you, and it will be effective. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke…” (NIV). There’s a relationship there that He wants that’s real. “…Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart…” Just the opposite of what man prizes.

“Oh, we’ve got to rise up and conquer.” He’s already conquered. We come rather to a place of rest in His conquest and His victory. “…Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Praise God!