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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1255

No More Sacrifice

October 23, 2016

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1255 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: People have no idea what the consequence is of pursuing a life where self-will rules. Self-will is a defiance of the very law of being. It is taking gifts that God has given to us that were intended to bless. They were pleasurable. They were abilities that God gave us! But, by God, we’re gonna take them and we’re gonna use them for self! We’re gonna devote our being to gratifying whatever desire arise from within! Whether we call them base, or whether we call them noble, by human standards, we’re gonna do what we want to do!

And all we’re doing is defying the very laws of being. It’s absolutely rejecting the very purpose for which we were created. That’s really what it comes down to. May God give us…I don’t know, a clearer vision of what this means. I don’t even know how to express some of this. I just pray that God will do it. I feel my weakness more than anything. This is not the kind of thing you want to preach, not the kind of thing where, oh boy, I get to stand up here and tell people about judgement, about the wrath of God. But I can’t be truthful with the Word of God and not talk about it!

( congregational amens ).

This is a God who will eradicate sin! You know, sin is a defiance of God’s purposes! It’s a violation of God’s purpose. But another way to put it is like cancer. Now, I tell you, the spirit of the world today, if you sort of looked at what’s wrong as like cancer cells, they would say don’t be prejudiced against those cells just because they’re a little more aggressive than everybody else! They’re just doing their thing! They’re stealing nutrients from everybody else! They’re just a little more enthusiastic about what they do! We ought to be celebrating that!

But see, we’re smart enough to look at that and to say, if those cancer cells have their way, they will destroy everything! They will steal from the good cells. They will kill off the good cells! They’ll choke off life, and they won’t stop…unless they’re stopped, they will not stop until their death. Cancer cells are just relentless. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. It’s just their nature. It’s the same way with sin. It’s exactly the same way with sin.

( congregational amens ).

You know, God says when you’re tempted, don’t say God’s tempting me. He said, “Every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust…then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” (KJV).

So God’s hatred of sin is a measure of His love for us! He hates it because of what it does! He sees it for what it is! We are enchanted by it! We are captivated by things that all we have to…I mean, we’re like lambs led to the slaughter. We have no clue. We start following something that feels good, and we have no idea where it leads.

( slapping ).

The message of the Gospel has not changed just because people don’t preach about judgment and hell anymore. Judgment is real. The wrath of God is real. And so having looked at the Law of Moses, he says in verse 29, “How much more severely do you thinks a man deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God under foot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified him, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace?” (NIV).

You know, it’s awfully easy just to think about this matter of coming to Christ as a lifestyle choice, or as, God is offering an alternative to living…you know, living your life in this world. Okay, He’s got a better way. It’s got benefits. He’s selling you the benefit package. Man, this is life and death.

( congregational amens) .

There’s no other way to put it. And we’re not being honest with people unless we tell them. God has sent forth the Word of life. He’s done the unthinkable in sending His Son! He demonstrated His utter hatred for sin! He turned His back upon His own Son when He became sin for us. And His Son cried out, “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?”

He felt the awful weight of every evil thing that has ever happened in this world, everything you’ve done, everything I’ve done. He felt it. It weighed down on His soul, and God turned His face away. You think God is tolerant, and you think His grace means He just sort of is indulgent with us and its okay, because it’s all taken care of? God, there are some people who think that way. Salvation isn’t for people who want a fire escape from hell. Salvation is for people who see the sinfulness of sin and realize that’s their own condition, and there’s only one hope. It’s Jesus.

( congregational amens ).

I’ve got to surrender my whole life, and I have no power to save myself. Lord, I give myself to the promise of the hope that You have set before me. What You have done for me, that sacrifice, You did it. It’s done. It’s once. Oh, praise God!

I don’t know. I don’t think the people, even the believers who stood there understood. I know they didn’t. But the incredible victory that was won that day! And the devil was confident he’d won. And he ended up defeating himself. Because of what happened, there’s no more sacrifice that’s needed for you and for me. We can go, we can take as we grow, as we learn in Him, we can take…all the things in which we come short, we can bring them to Him and humble ourselves, and that blood continually flow!. It’s not just a one thing, it’s a fountain! It’s a fountain that continually flows. Praise God!

But what hope is there for someone who knows about that and makes a choice…my will or God’s will, and says no? There’s also no more sacrifice for them. That’s the choice. That’s the direction they set their face to go, is to say, I will not yield to the Son of God. I’m gonna do it my way. Oh my. “For we know him who said, It is mine to avenge; I will repay.”

There’s a truth in that we need to take note of. There are a lot of evil things in the world, but God has not called us to straighten them out. He hasn’t called us to take up a sword and kill people because we disagree with them or hate them. He’s called us to be like the Son of God and to have compassion for sinners, because we don’t know who God’s gonna save.

But there is a God who does know. And there is a God who sees down in the heart of every human being, and He knows. And I’ll tell you, there’s coming a day when everyone will stand before Him. There will be no secrets. There will be no pretending. There will be no standing up there and saying, look what kind of a person I am. Every secret will be exposed.

How would you feel today if every secret of your heart were put up there on a screen for everybody here to see? I don’t think any of us wants that, do we? Boy, do we need the Lord. But that will be a day when nothing will be hidden. And there will be no one who will be able to look at the Son of God and say God, say Lord, You are not doing right. You are unjust in Your judgement of me. This is the case. That’s the case.

There’s nobody that’s gonna look…I mean, every mouth will be shut on that day. It will be plain to everyone. Everyone who has surrendered and put their hope in Him in one category. Everybody who’s said, no, I’m gonna do it my way, I’m gonna live my life, on the other side. No one will be able to look and say, You’re doing me wrong. I don’t deserve this.

See, the time to reckon with these truths is now, because then, it will be too late. I have no doubt there’ll be people who are screaming and wringing their hands and crying out for mercy and all of that. This is the day. This is it. It’s when the Lord comes calling, it’s when He speaks that we’re responsible to listen! Oh, praise God!

And he goes on to say, “It is a dreadful…” Oh yeah, “The Lord will judge his people,” is another quotation from the Old Testament. You know, Peter quotes this about this about the Lord judging His people. I can’t remember the exact quote. Yeah, it’s in chapter 4. “…If the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?” (KJV). Folks, we need…we are so full of ourselves. We imagine so many good, noble things about ourselves. We need to come and fall down on our face and just, in gratitude and in thankfulness, just bless the Lord for His mercy to us.

( congregational amens ).

Thank God! If we ever see the truth about ourselves, we won’t be puffing out our chest and say, well, I’m better than other people. All of that will be gone, and it’ll just be us and Him. We’ll say, Lord, how could You love somebody like me? How could You? But thank You for what You did for me. Lord, come and fill my heart and change me into someone who can actually live with You in a place like You’ve described. I couldn’t possibly…if I came like I am, I’d mess it up. I’d destroy it. That cancer that’s still in me would infect everything. Eradicate it, Lord!

“It is a dreadful thing to fall into hands of the living God.” (NIV). See, that’s part of the Gospel. You go over to chapter 12, you see similar language, in verse 25. “See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?

“At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens. The words ‘once more’ indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”

See, if the God you have is just a warm fuzzy God, you don’t have the whole picture. This is a God who means business. And He wants all of us to take things as seriously as He does. This is not a demand upon us to produce. This is a warning that we need to surrender and trust, that we need to persist, because it’s so evident from what he says, going forward, that we’re gonna have push against a who lot of obstacles, aren’t we?

So now, the writer looks back to the earlier experience of these people. He says, “Remember…” verse 32, back in chapter 10. “Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you stood your ground in a great contest in the face of suffering. Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated. You sympathized with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions.” Praise God!

See, the Lord had done something for these. And I think the writer indicates throughout that he recognizes that there is something real there, but he’s concerned there might be some among them for whom it wasn’t, but also that they needed to be sparked up and to get a clearer picture.

Always, there’s a desire for God to give us a clarity in our thinking so there’s no muddled thinking. There’s no mixed message with what the world says. We don’t allow the world’s opinions to begin to affect us. We can be loving and compassionate to people, but we can tell them the truth in love. We can stand for what is true.

God, give us that grace, because we’re gonna need it, folks. The world we’re sailing into…we are gonna need a whole lot of grace! This world is absolutely rejecting the counsel of God, the standard of God!

Oh, I’ll tell you, I feel for young people today. It’s not the same world we grew up in. There is a relativism that is not only rampant, it is championed! If you are one who says there is such a thing as absolute truth, you are the bigot! You are the idiot! You are the Neanderthal. You are the guy who’s out of touch. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” His message is the same. There is one thing driving the culture today, and that is the human nature demanding the freedom to express itself without consequence!

( congregational response ).

It’s affecting laws. It’s affecting everything. We need to have convictions that are unshakable, that are founded on truth, that are founded on Jesus, founded on the Word that He inspired. There’s a God who will bring us through, but we are being tested and tried in this hour! Whose side are we on? It’s like we said last week, there is a line in the sand.

So what’s the consequence now? He looks back to these experiences that they had. He says, “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” Now, we get a picture of the process of being saved. You need to persevere. How many of you have been at the point of giving up? You felt like it. Maybe you almost did.

See, the Word of God is ‘don’t give up.’ You’re starting to look at circumstances. You’re looking at feelings. You’re looking at how you want things to be and all of that. And the Word of God says don’t give up. The whole nature of coming into this kingdom is one of surrendering to Him, letting Him chose the path. See, you follow this right on through into chapter 12. “…Run with perseverance the…” What?

( congregational response ).


( congregational response ).

Set before you…marked out for you, in this translation. God has already laid out a path for you that leads to eternal life. It’s very tempting to give up! It’s very tempting to let our energy dwindle and our focus and all of those things! Everything crowds into our hearts and our minds, and we just sort of…we coast, and we don’t take it seriously. That’s why we need to be together. That’s why we need to pray one for another so much the more, he says, as you see the day approaching.

“You need to persevere…” Why? “…So that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Oh, I love that word promise. Praise God! See, you go back a few chapters, and he talks about the promise being, the promise of One who cannot lie! Man, the themes of this book are rich, aren’t they?

( congregational response ).

Somebody who cannot lie has made a promise. I can’t depend on me. I can’t depend on anything in this world. I can depend on Him. I can depend on His power to rescue me, and I need rescue, folks. “For in just a very little while, He who is coming will come and will not delay. But my righteous one will live by faith.” I’m glad He doesn’t say my righteous one will live by will power.

( laughter ).

Because this is faith…faith has an object. Faith is not in me. Faith is in Him and His promise. And it’s continuing to stand on that when all else looks like it’s gone to hell in a hand basket. “And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.”

But now the positive statement about those to whom he’s writing, “But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.”

( congregational amens ).

Two doors…life, destruction. Those are the only choices open to the human race. Life is open on one ground alone, and that’s the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise of God to blot out all of sins, to give us a new heart and a new life.

I have no idea how to close this. I’m not an invitation-giver. I don’t think I’m even gonna think about such a thing today. I’m just gonna put this out there. I’m not gonna make it that easy. If there’s somebody who hears this, whether here or anywhere else, and you know God’s talking to you, God’s setting before you, like He did the children of Israel, life and death…. I’ve set before you two ways, life or death. You humble yourself, you surrender to Me, I’ll give you life. You do it your way—you do it your way, it will be death.

If God’s talking to you, and you know it, your responsibility is to humble yourself. It doesn’t have to be here. It can be anywhere. And I tell you, there’s a God who will hear. He knows when your heart is…when your heart is surrendered. If you come bargaining, don’t come. It won’t work. If you come with any area of your heart that says, this is mine, I will not let this go, you will perish. He that loves his life will do what?

( congregational response ).

Lose it. But he who comes and gives up his life for me and the Gospel will keep it for life eternal. I mean, standing back and thinking logically, there’s no choice. But it’s not that simple. That power, that principle of sin is so enchanting, so captivating, so powerful, you and I cannot escape it except by His power. Oh, thank God for the hope of the Gospel!

( congregational amens ).

You think, as I’ve mentioned many times, you think of what God went through in Noah’s day. His heart saw the condition, and He was filled with pain, and He still was not in a rush. He did whatever it took to save those that would turn their hearts to Him. All He saw was people who…their minds were made up. “My spirit shall not always strive with man.” (KJV).

This is the world we live in. People are making choices every day, and they have no clue what the choice means. I don’t want to preach a half Gospel that’s just all about all the wonderful things Jesus gives us. Thank God for every one of them. They’re real.

( congregational amens ).

They’re real! We do have Someone, “…a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (NIV). We have Someone who can comfort the faint-hearted, who gives hope to the humble, all those wonderful glorious things. But this is a God who is dead serious about the cancer of sin. And for everyone who clings to their own way, there is nothing ahead but wrath and judgement. And we need to live, we need to know, without any shadow of a doubt, that that’s the truth and reckon on it.

Now isn’t it something that you have two people for whom there’s no more sacrifice? Believers, because we have put our hope in One that takes care of everything from all time. And the other one has no more sacrifice because they’ve rejected the only possible hope that they had, the amazing grace and love of God that was laid out for them, undeserving sinners. And they said, no! My way! Go away!

Read Romans 1 if you want to see the description of what’s really involved in that. “The wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against…men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.” (KJV). But thank God that He’s opened a way for us.

So the question I’ll just leave you with...which group are you in? There is no more sacrifice both ways. Either you have completely humbled yourself and trusted in that One, and you belong to Him for time and eternity, or else you’re on the road with the world, and you’re headed for wrath and judgement. That’s it. Those are the choices. Praise God!