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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1246

Lord, Give Us Courage
Part One

August 21, 2016

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1246 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Praise the Lord! I’ve got something on my heart this morning, and I trust the Lord is in it and will help me, because without Him, of course, we can do nothing. That’s just the nature of the Kingdom, isn’t it? Praise God! But it’s a good thing, it’s a wonderful thing because it lifts us out of what we aren’t into what He is. And that’s the whole business of what the Kingdom is about.

You know, I was just thinking about how the Lord has ministered over the last while. Don’t you sense that the Lord is preparing us? We’re seeing darkness overrun the world in unprecedented ways. Certainly, in our country, it’s nowhere near what it is in many places, but we’re seeing what’s happening.

And yet, we’re also, I believe, seeing the Lord lifting up a standard. You know, just this movie that’s just come out. My Lord! What a timely, perfect expression of God’s heart, to get God’s people to realize the power we have in prayer.

And, you remember the Lord gave me that message a while back on, “The People Who Know Their God,” and that was a time of darkness, a time where God’s people were going to be living under tyranny, under terrible persecution. And yet, at that particular time, there was going to be a people who knew their God and because of that they were not going to knuckle under. They were gonna be able to stand strong.

And we’re seeing a time that is upon us where we’re gonna have to learn how to have courage and how to stand up, and how to be His people in the face of this. We can’t just sort of keep our heads down and slide through. God is going to bring about confrontations between the power of darkness and the power of light.

He’s doing it in our midst, if we understand what’s going on. Because, how many times have we referred to the scripture that, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, and principalities, against the wicked spirits that rule in the heavenlies? Various translations have the same thought. How many of you know there is real power in the kingdom of darkness? It’s not simply a battle of ideas. There is real power!

I mean, I was thinking of Michael’s testimony last Sunday morning. There he was, and all of a sudden a spirit was there oppressing him, and it wasn’t just like, oh yeah, I’ll whip out my little proof text! This was, I can’t raise my hands, I can’t open my mouth! There was a power being exerted.

I’ll tell you, people in this world do not understand what’s going on. There is a power here. When Paul spoke of what Christ has done for us, one of the things he said, in Colossians chapter 1, that He’s delivered us from what?

( congregational response ).

He didn’t even say the kingdom of darkness, “…delivered us from the power of darkness…into the kingdom of his dear Son.” (KJV). There is real spiritual power!

And you know, you’ve got a lot of different shades of what purports to be Christianity. And among them, I know there’s a true remnant, but you’ve got many who just emphasize doctrine as though that’s all it is. If we can just get our doctrine right, why we’re just fine. And let’s leave all this spooky power stuff to other people. That’s just all of the Devil. All we need…we got the Word now…we’re just…and I was just kind of thinking about what that kind of an extreme is like.

And of course, we need the Word, obviously. You can’t divorce yourself from that! But, suppose you and I were to prepare for a wrestling match with somebody who’s a world class, muscular wrestler. And suppose our approach to the wrestling match was to get a manual that shows every wrestling move that anyone has ever thought of, and we memorize it and we’ve got it down pat. And folks, we are going into that wrestling match armed to the teeth with all that knowledge. Is that gonna win the battle?

( congregational response ).

No, it isn’t! And you understand, on a physical level, what the issue is. There’s real muscle power coming from you. It’s not just simply a matter of, oh, I know what to do. There’s a matter of having the power and the strength to do it!

And you see that throughout the scriptures. You think about the ministry of Jesus. He didn’t do anything, really, from a ministry standpoint until after his baptism, did He? There was a time appointed of God when He was going to be unleashed, as it were, for His ministry.

And the ministry of Jesus constituted an invasion. He came into a world that was overrun with darkness. People lived under, not just the blindness of ideas, but the dominion…wicked spirits that had literal power over people’s lives, that they were unable to break. If they even knew that there was such a power, they were unable to break it. I mean, it’s a total—it was a total need, on the part of mankind. Gross darkness upon the people, Isaiah prophesied, was going to be the case.

And into that, Jesus came. And for 30 years he lived, basically, a sinless life. But He didn’t go out and try to do stuff. He waited till the time when God sent a man before Him to prepare the way and then sent His Son to be baptized of this man, who knew who He was, and John’s reaction was, oh my God, I need you to baptize me and you’re coming to me? But Jesus said, allow it to be so, so we can fulfill all righteousness. There was a recognition, even then of Jesus, that this is the man, right now, that God has anointed and sent and I’m going to receive from Him. And so, Jesus was baptized.

And you remember how the Spirit came on Him with power, and even then He wasn’t ready. He went out and was tempted, in the wilderness. God was going to put Him to the test—allow Him to be put to the test. And He stood it. And sometimes we can read how He dealt with the Devil on a very superficial level. As though, hey, all I need is the right proof text and poof, the Devil just has to go. Well, we need truth! But we need power to go with it!

( congregational amens ).

Because the Kingdom of God is not in word only, it’s also in power. And so Jesus, it says after that, returned in…and I’ll tell you, when Jesus spoke to the Devil, it wasn’t just a battle, as I said, of ideas. This was…there was a Life force. There was the power of that Spirit that was in Him and with Him that went forth through those words and they were just like a punch in the face to the Devil, and he had no answer to that power!

And so, Jesus began to go forth in the power of the Spirit and He healed, He cast out devils, He did all the wonderful things that He did. And I was thinking about how He brought the disciples through and how He trained and how He taught. Of course, they went with Him and they learned truth. Many times He was having to correct ideas that had become a part of the religion of the day, but it wasn’t just a matter of, hey, if you’ll sit in My school and get My doctrines right, you’ll have all that you need.

There came a time when Jesus sent them out to preach and, of course, the message was one thing, but He also did what? He gave them power, didn’t He? Gave them power! I mean, this was a delegated power. He had it. He was able, within the purpose of God, to confer some of that Divine energy upon them, and all of a sudden, they went out and they began to cast out devils and they’d come back and say, “Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.”

And He said, don’t get all excited about that. I’ll tell you what you need to get excited about. Your name’s written in Heaven. “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” But stop and think for a minute. Where did they get that ability to do that?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! Did they learn a formula? They didn’t, did they? Some of you remember what happened in the book of Acts when God was anointing Paul with great power and he went out and some of the things he did…he occasionally would meet someone who was demon possessed and he’d cast the spirits out, in the name of Jesus.

Well, they had their people who made a business of casting out spirits. And there were seven sons of a Jewish priest named Sceva, I believe. Some of you correct me. But anyway, they thought, hey, our formula’s not working so good, we’re seeing your results, this is the answer. We’ll go out and do it in the name of Jesus. What happened?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! One demon-possessed man ripped all their clothes off, sent them off after saying, I know Jesus, I know Paul, who are you? See, it’s more than a matter of knowing the right words and knowing the right doctrines, isn’t it? We need God! We need Divine power in our midst!

And of course, you have got people who go off in the other extreme and they’re gonna leave their doctrine behind and all they’re about is experiencing power and, praise God, any manifestation of supernatural power has got to be awesome and wonderful…and of course, the Devil loves that because he has power. I mean, how many of you remember what happened when Moses went before Pharaoh?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! God had given him supernatural signs, and so when Pharaoh said, “Who is the LORD, that I should obey him….” (NIV). One of the signs was to throw your staff down, it’ll become a serpent. Well, he did. You remember what happened then?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! All the magicians did the same thing. Do you think they did that by the power of God? No! They did that by satanic power. There is real satanic power in this world, to do supernatural things. And so, they threw their staffs down, and they became serpents, and then you saw what happened. Moses’ serpent ate up theirs, and then he picked it up by the tail and it became a rod again.

But did you notice…you ever really pay attention to what happened after that? Because this was only…then they began to have plagues. And for the first three or four plagues, I don’t remember the exact count, Moses would do something, he would curse something and maybe frogs would come out or blood would come out of the river Nile, and the magicians did the same things!

This was not a contest of ideas. This was power on power. This was God bringing them to a place where, for a while, there was a real contest going on where whatever God did, Satan rose right up and did the same thing. Until finally, they got to a place where Moses did something and they tried and they couldn’t do it. And they turned to Pharaoh and said, this is the power of God! And from there on out, the magicians were not able to match what God had done.

But you see what’s going on there. This is not just about, again, ideas. This is about God invading, with real supernatural power. And that’s what it takes. That’s what the Kingdom of God is about. It’s not about Word only, it’s also about power.

( congregational amens ).

And I just sense my need. I sense our need. That we need to have the full balance and we need God to help us, in this area of really having spiritual authority to go with the truth that He’s given us. And so, praise God! This is not organized and it probably will sound that way. But that’s all right! Lord, You just say what You want to say! Help me!

But you remember how the disciples went along, and obviously the Lord would send them out and delegate this authority, but yet, you think about Peter. And how many times have we pointed out his…the things that he went through?

There came that time when Jesus said, “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” (KJV). What’s the scuttlebutt out there? What are people saying? They obviously know I’m somebody different. What are they saying about Me? And say, well, He’s Elijah, He’s one of the prophets, He’s somebody. But who do you say?

And Peter said, you are, “…the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus…said, blessed art thou Simon Bar-Jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.” So, there was a conviction in Peter’s heart, because of Divine revelation as to who Jesus was.

Now that’s the foundation of the church! You could have something and call it church and teach what you call Christian doctrine, but it does not happen…if God does not reveal His Son to the heart, you have nothing but religion! You know, our prayer, those who know the Lord here, need to pray and say, God, open hearts! Because this is not something where it’s a matter of explaining it better. This is a power-on-power deal! There are minds and hearts who are absolutely under the power of Satan and only God can release that!

( congregational amens ).

Only God can penetrate! You look at what happened with Saul, the Jew. Absolutely convinced he was right! Going out and murdering Christians in the name of God! You think somebody could have just explained it better? I’ll tell you, Jesus had to be revealed supernaturally to his heart. And when He was, there was a surrender, there was a turn in his heart and he became the leading character, outside of Jesus, in the New Testament.

I’ll tell you, here’s Peter having this conviction, being deadly sincere in his conviction! His beliefs were right! And when it came time for Jesus to die, Peter was the one who spoke up and said, we’ll never let them take You! I’m paraphrasing a little. They’re gonna come and arrest Me, they’re gonna…it’s not gonna happen, Lord! We’ll never deny You! We’ll never turn our backs upon You, Lord!

Do you think he meant that? How many times have we been absolutely sincere in our convictions about something and discovered we didn’t have what it took to back them up? Yeah! That’s a pretty good illustration, a pretty good indicator of what is needed in the Kingdom of God. It’s wonderful to know truth. We need truth! But God, there are so many people out there, that’s all they want. It’s just truth, truth, truth, truth, truth. We need power!

And we don’t need to be going and jumping in the other ditch and say, oh, leave all that stuff. We just need power. We need both! I’ll tell you, Jesus said, we’re gonna serve Him…those who worship the Father will worship Him in what?

( congregational response ).

Spirit and truth! See, you really don’t have the whole package until you have both. But anyway, you remember how Peter went through all of that experience at the Crucifixion. And, when they arrested him, a little girl comes up, a maid, somebody who was just going around giving people water, cups of water, or something. She was just a servant girl, come up and say, you were one of them! I wasn’t!

All that genuine conviction that was given as a result of Divine revelation was not enough, was it? He did not have the courage to back up his convictions when it mattered. I’ll tell you, I wonder how long it’s gonna be before some of us wind up in some of the situations some of our brothers and sisters are right now, in this country, who are in jail because of spiritual convictions.

Folks, it’s coming! We live in a world where we’re going to have to have something that’s able to stand up, not against just the ideas of men, but the power of Satan and his kingdom arrayed against the Kingdom of God! We’re gonna need Him. We’re gonna need Jesus, the living Christ, in our midst, in a deeper way than we have ever known Him before. And I say this with a deep sense of my own need in this area.

But I’ll tell you what, we can call upon Him…I’m jumping ahead here, but you remember how the Lord began to work with them, and how after the…He went through the Crucifixion and they were obviously, just absolutely floored by everything. He’d warned them. He told them what was gonna happen and still they were just…we don’t get this, we don’t understand it. And just in dismay. Hiding! These were people who believed in who He was but they were hiding from the authorities because of lack of courage! Yeah, we would have been, too! Don’t look at me all spiritual.

( laughter ).

Don’t get all spiritual on me. We would have done exactly the same thing. And then, of course, Jesus rose from the dead and He began to appear. And Acts begins, “…by many infallible proofs….” He demonstrated that He was really alive. This wasn’t some little apparition that floated in and said, hey, I’m Jesus. This was somebody who appeared in a room, ate fish with them, touched them, met them on multiple occasions! They knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Living Christ was alive, that He was there and He had power over death itself!

And so, you can imagine how we would probably feel. Man, I am stoked! This is awesome! To see the power that was just demonstrated over death! We are ready to go to the ends of the earth and die for this Jesus! Were they? No, they weren’t.

Remember how Jesus told them, wait. Go back to Jerusalem and wait. He appeared for like 40 days or something like that, and then they’re standing on this hill, out near Bethany, I think it was. And He talks with them and they ask Him a theological question and He just kind of pushes it aside, ‘cause He’s about ready to…His feet are just about ready to leave the ground. And so, then they see Him float up to Heaven, disappear in the clouds, and an angel says, don’t worry, He’s coming back just like you saw Him go into Heaven. But Jesus had just said, go into Jerusalem, wait.

Now, up to this time, they were operating…when they operated in ministry, they were operating with power that had been given to them as part of the earthly ministry of Jesus, but now something was changing. And Jesus was going back to Heaven, but you remember what He said? God’s gonna give you another Comforter, the Holy Spirit’s gonna come.

And particularly it’s not just to be with them and have this nice little cozy, private thing. Wait, because you’re going to be clothed with Power from on high. He told them, you’re gonna do the same things that I did. Why? Because there’s coming…you’re going to be given a literal power! This is not just, hey, you’re Mine, go out in My name, use My name as a magic wand. This is real power to confront the powers of darkness!

( congregational amens ).

Folks, we can go out with all kinds of human zeal and human bravado and it ain’t gonna go anywhere!

( congressional amens ).

But there is a power from Heaven that was necessary for the church to be launched! And they had to wait. And all they did was…they spent their time in prayer and waiting before God in the Temple. They’d go home at night to the upper room and they would pray and they would wait, and there were about 120 of them waiting for all of this. And the day of Pentecost finally came and they were in one place.

And you know, Brother Thomas used to make this point and I agree with him 100 percent. It was not in the upper room, because the Word, at the end of the book of Luke says that they were continually in the Temple. This is the morning of the Jewish Feast. Where are they gonna be? They’re gonna be in the Temple. They just happened to be in one place. A whole company of them were gathered in a certain place in the Temple courtyard, probably.

And all of a sudden, this great manifestation of God’s power, there’s a whirlwind, there’s a shaking that comes upon the whole place. Everybody knows something supernatural is going on. And all of a sudden, there’s tongues of fire, little tongues of fire that settle on their heads and suddenly they begin to hear them preaching and talking about the awesome things of God in languages that they did not naturally know!

And they rushed together! And they’re wondering, what in the world is going on? This is crazy! And of course, you’ve got some that are always gonna be the skeptics. Yeah, they’re just drunk! Peter stands up and says, “…these are not drunken, as ye suppose.” This is exactly what was promised in the prophets. It was time and God was coming, and now they had something to fight with. They had Heavenly authority! Not just the concept of authority but the actual power to back it up!

I mean, you could be a king…how many of you remember, “The Little Prince,” wasn’t it? I don’t remember the details, but it was that cute little story about a little prince who sat on his own little world and was commanding the sun to rise…every day. And of course, he’d wait till it was time.

( laughter ).

You know, you can go through the form. You can have somebody who’s just off in their head and they think they’re a king and they’re sitting there giving orders. But there’s no authority to back it up!

You know, if you’re gonna defy somebody that’s coming against your country with a big army, you can’t just stand there and beat them with words! You’ve got to have a more powerful army! You’ve got to have military force that is enough to deal with that! But I’ll tell you, we need power if we’re gonna deal with the kingdom of darkness! I mean, just in here, let alone out there!