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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1234

The Blessedness of Seeing God

May 29, 2016

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1234 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: He’s trying to get us ready to be His hand extended in this world! If we are so wrapped up in our circumstances and all the things that drive us and keep us in prison that we can’t do that, then what good are we?

I’ll tell you, these things are gonna become real! These principles, these truths are gonna become real! We’re gonna have to see God in all kinds of circumstances and say, God, I know you’re in charge. This is not the way I would choose. But I know you love me and I know you’re doing something that is not just about here! It’s about here…it’s about my living for you while I’m here, but it’s also about Eternity! All of that is in God’s heart and God’s mind! Oh, what are we living for? God help us!

So, you remember how things progressed. Two more years went by. There he is, still faithful, still seeing God. One day, the time comes, and Pharaoh has a couple of dreams. And they get his attention. God intervenes in this man’s life, because He was wanting to make Himself known to this heathen emperor! Think about the mercy and the love of God to reach out!

So He gives him dreams in which he just can’t explain them. I think there’s seven fat cows that come out of the Nile and seven scrawny ones, and they eat up the fat ones, and they aren’t any better for it. And He does same thing with some heads of grain, fat heads of grain and scrawny ones. And nobody in all the land of Egypt can explain it. And all of a sudden, the butler’s serving him his wine and listening to all this. He said, oh, I remember something now. Sorry. Who was the One who caused him to forget that?

( congregational response ).

Oh, how we look at human failings and frailties and blame this and blame that! We need to remember Who’s in charge. God was the One who took that right out of his mind and then brought it right back at the very time it was needed. We have an awesome God! Can’t we see His hand in this circumstance?

And so he says, I know, there’s a guy down in the prison, and he interpreted our dreams, and it came out exactly as he said. And so all of a sudden, they come into the jail, and he’s just minding his own business, just another day like every other day, and all of a sudden, come, you’re going before Pharaoh. He said, what?

They wash him up and shave him and put on some nice clothes, and he walks in, and Pharaoh tells him the dreams. And he says, I can’t tell that, but there’s a God who can interpret dreams. And so he says, God is telling you something that’s coming. You’re gonna have seven years of amazing plenty. Your fields are gonna be overflowing with blessing and harvest, but after that, there’s gonna be a terrible, terrible famine.

And it’s not just here, it’s gonna all over this area of the world. So what you’re gonna need to do is get somebody together and organize this, and you need to store up everything you can during this time of plenty. God wants you to be ready for that. He’s telling you something that’s coming. You see the goodness of God even toward the Egyptians!

( congregational amens ).

He was blessing their whole empire. And so, Pharaoh, certainly motivated by God, enabled by God, sees the blessing of God on this young man’s life and puts him second on the throne! He was right out of prison, right up to the number two place in all the empire of Egypt, all the land of Egypt.

And then you remember how, exactly as it was foretold, they built barns, they kept records, built granaries, whatever you call them. And things got so full, they stopped keeping records. It was just over-run, the whole land of Egypt was just over-run with blessing and plenty. And all of a sudden, exactly like God had foretold, you begin to see the famine take hold. And all of a sudden, they’re having to come, and they’re buying grain. There’s plenty there. People are coming from foreign countries, because here, there’s grain in Egypt!

But why was there grain in Egypt? Because God was orchestrating all the events to accomplish His purpose. It was part of His purpose to, not only to get His people to Egypt for later purposes, but also to do a work in them. So now, all of a sudden, the brothers come. And you remember how they run out of food, and they hear there’s grain in Egypt, so they take their money. They head off there, and Joseph recognizes them. They don’t recognize him.

So he talks through an interpreter to begin with. He says, who are you? You come here as spies. And he begins to accuse them and begins to kind of…but you know, it wasn’t…if you follow the story through, it was not out of anger. It was not out of bitterness toward them. Somehow, God had put it in his heart to test where they were really at and do a work in their hearts.

I do not believe that he was doing this because, man, I’ve got the upper hand right now, and I’m gonna make you pay. That was not his spirit. It’s so evident it wasn’t. But somehow, God put it in his heart to test them, and so he began to speak that way. And he ultimately gave them what they wanted and said, you’ve told me a story. There’s another brother. I gonna prove whether you’re spies by whether you’re willing to bring that brother back. Then I’ll know you’re really who you say you are.

And so they leave, and he tells his steward, put their money back in the sack. And so they get to the first resting place, and they open the bags, and there’s the money. And they’re scared to death! I mean, this guy had already treated them a little bit roughly there, and all of a sudden…we’ve got our money back! They’re gonna accuse us! Oh, they’re beginning to be fearful.

And as you see the events unfold, you see God beginning to convict them. Repeatedly, they say God is paying us back. God’s doing this because of what we did to our brother back there. We heard him plead for his life, and we didn’t listen. This is happening because of that. You see God orchestrating events to do something in them? I tell you, God is concerned about everyone whose heart He can touch.

( congregational amens ).

And He knows…I mean, He could send a famine. He can do whatever He needs to do to orchestrate events to accomplish His purpose. He’s an awesome God, folks.

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! It’s wonderful that we can see this in history. We need to see it in our present day and in our lives, that we’re just as much in His hands. And so, of course, they came back, and they brought Benjamin. I think they kept Simeon in prison as a sort of a guarantee that they would come back. And so they did. And over their father’s fear and objections, they bring Benjamin back.

And so, he invites them to dinner. I’m trying to remember the exact order of events, but I believe he invites them to dinner, and they’re kind of scared to death. They’re trying to do everything they can to keep his favor, bringing him gifts. They’re astounded that he actually, without asking them anything, he’s seated them in the exact order of their ages. And they’re saying, what’s going on here.

( laughing ).

And so, he has to act like he’s real tough. And he goes out and cries, weeps at one point. But he comes back in, and they get through the meal, and he sends them on their way and gives them their money back again. And not only that, he puts the silver cup in Benjamin’s sack.

Well, Benjamin was the youngest. His father was just…it would have killed him if something had happened to Benjamin. He was the one he didn’t want to come. And so all of a sudden, they have to send the guards back to get this thing. And the people say, you’ve stolen his cup. Why did you do that? They say, we haven’t done that! We haven’t done it! And if anybody has done it, they can be your slave or whatever. You can do whatever…and then it was with Benjamin.

And now all of a sudden, their hearts are just convicting them. And they’re willing to do anything to make it right. We’ll all be your slaves. Just don’t do anything to this guy for the sake of our father. Talk about father’s day. Somehow there was still that bond that God had put there, that they realized how desperately their father’s heart was tuned into this little boy. And God was using these circumstances to soften their hearts. And they came down, and they threw themselves at his feet, and it came to a point where he just could not hold it anymore. All the Egyptians, get out. I’m Joseph.

( gasping ).

Imagine what their first reaction was. Oh, Lord!

( laughing )

Now we’re in for it. He’s got all the power in Egypt, and here we are at his beck and call, at his mercy. But what was his reaction? Somehow, God had worked in his heart over the years, and he said, God did this. You’re not the One who sent me here. Can you imagine having that kind of a reaction under those circumstances? It wasn’t you who sent me here. It was God who sent me here. What a testimony! What an example for you, for me. God sent me here! You mean, my being threatened with my life and sold as a slave and going through all I’ve been through, that was God? Yeah, it was. I tell you what. It’s quiet in here, isn’t it? A lot to think about.

( congregational response ).

But somehow…and finally he able to convince them and one by one, just embrace them with tears. He said, this is only the second year of the famine. You need to go home, get my father. Bring everybody you’ve got. I’m in the position to take care of you. You can have the best of the land. We’ve got what you need here in Egypt. God sent me ahead to save life.

You don’t think that did a work in their hearts? You don’t think it brought them down to a place of humility and of seeing God themselves, being able to see past their own wickedness and their own…all of that? Oh, what an amazing testimony of God’s sovereign grace and His power to do what He wants to do.

And of course, you remember how his whole family came, and they brought his father before Pharaoh. And his father was 130 years old. You know, Pharaoh was so glad to see him and recognized him and blessed him. I tell you, the whole land of Egypt was blessed because of how they treated…at that point, how they treated the family of the Hebrews. And his father, Jacob, blessed Pharaoh’s house.

I tell you what, later on, obviously, things changed, because God had a different purpose. But they were mightily blessed, and for another 17 years, Jacob lived. He finally died at 147 and blessed all of his sons.

Do you remember what happened then? Yeah, now all of a sudden, they’re saying, boy, Daddy’s gone. I’ll bet you he has been biding his time. All this time, he has been figuring out that he’s gonna do it. He’s gonna get us. He knows he couldn’t do it while Dad was around. Now, Dad’s gone. So they come and fearfully, they say Dad told us. Our father told us, don’t you do anything. You know, like they invent this thing that he supposedly said. They just fall down before him.

And he wept. See how the purity of his heart…to be able to not hold anything in his heart about those people that had done him so desperately wrong. See, you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good—God meant it for good. Do all things work together for good, or don’t they?

( congregational response ).

How much we struggle against life, how much we blame. You know, there’s a phrase that comes back to my mind. I don’t know if it’s a part of a song or a saying, but there are, “…no second causes, all must come from His dear hand.” You know what that means? Yeah.

You know, it would have been easy for him to sort of reconcile himself to say, well, I see that God got me here. Lord, I recognize that. I submit to that fact. But now as for those people, I’ve still got it in for them. They are evil people. They need to get what’s coming to them. God is not looking for just this vague acknowledgement. He is looking for a heart that’s been set free.

( congregational amens ).

Where we don’t react even to things that are wrong! We can have His heart of mercy and of love. Didn’t Jesus pray for the people that were crucifying Him? Didn’t He say you’re blessed when people persecute you?

You know, I was thinking about all of this. And thinking about how we, as human beings living in this world, could easily take this. I mean, we could take it still with a lot of the sense of earthly blessing involved. Yes, Joseph went through hell, but look where it got him? He got to be in a high place of authority and blessing in this world. Everybody knew about Joseph. Oh, Praise God! That’s what serving God is about.

Well, in Joseph’s case, it was. That was God’s purpose. But if you will look at Hebrews chapter 11, and you will look at the heroes of faith, you’ll find out it wasn’t always that way. There were a lot of people who simply…who served God just as faithfully as Joseph did, who lost their lives, who were just forgotten, their bodies thrown out with the trash. As far as the world was concerned, they were garbage. They were disposable.

Isaiah’s reward in this world, if you will, for all the marvelous prophesies for that are recorded in his book, was to be sawn asunder, sawed in half by a wicked king and his body thrown out, I suppose, for the buzzards. I don’t know, however they disposed of it. And you think, how could God be in that? How could God…that just doesn’t compute, but that’s because our minds are so earthly.

( congregational amens ).

Because they are listed of heroes of the faith. They’re faith didn’t waver even in the face of, I’m not gonna get anything out of this in this world. But I’ll tell you what, they died in faith. And there is a reward that God is…there’s an honor that’s gonna come to them. We don’t have any idea what’s coming in the new heavens and the new earth. Do you think we’re just gonna sit around and pluck harps?

( congregational response ).

God is preparing His sons and His daughters to reign with Him forever. There’s gonna be privilege and there’s gonna be responsibility. There’s gonna be joy. There’s gonna be all the things we were made for. God has so many purposes for our lives! Not all of them have to do with this world and our circumstances in this world! Do you know we can turn every circumstance in this world into a place of blessing, or struggle and cursing?

( congregational response ).

We have a God who can take every kind of earthly circumstance and turn it into something of eternal value. I want to be on board with that.

( congregational amens ).

Folks, we don’t know what awaits us in this world. If you’re paying attention at all, you see where it’s going. You know things are not gonna stay the way they are. You know that America is in a condition where God is gonna have to judge it. I think it was Billy Graham’s wife, but I’m not sure. It’s been said by so many people…that if God does not judge America, then He’s gonna have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize.

And that was said like 50 years ago. Good Lord! People who died then, if they were suddenly raised from the dead now, and they looked at our society, they would be aghast at how far we’ve fallen and how fast we’ve fallen. But God is gonna have a people who are not about ‘blessings,’ not about ‘happy lives’ here and just comfortable. We’re about being changed and being used.

While we’re here, we’re going to be a reservoir of God’s presence and God’s peace. We’re gonna trust Him with our circumstances and look to Him, and we’re gonna have the grace to do that. He’s not looking to me to come up with the strength to do that. I don’t have it.

But I’ll tell you, we have a God is looking for places to inhabit! We’ve heard about the fact that we’re a part of a body. We are. It’s not just an individual thing. It is that. But God is also building a people in whom He lives. And we need to be people who can be strong in this area.

Do you see God in your life and your circumstances? Do you see past the circumstances of your life? Do you see a God who cares and loves you, and can give you, can fill you with a reservoir of peace right where you’re at, if that’s His purpose? I believe God longs to give us that, longs for us to find that place of rest in Him. And I want to find it. I believe it’s available to us today.

I believe this is going to become critical in the days ahead…that we learn how to see and know our God. If all of a sudden, one of these days, down the road, the authorities come to your door, and they beat you, and they carry you off to prison for nothing, you haven’t done anything, really, except be faithful to God.

And they do all kinds of things, and there’s just injustice in Heaven’s eyes. You’ll be able to see God in that and say, thank You, Lord. Help me just to be faithful. Help me to be like Joseph. If God puts me in prison, I’m gonna turn that spot into a place where God’s presence rests.

It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it? I tell you, we have a God who can give the grace to do exactly that. We can enjoy Him in the worst places. Again, you have to go back to Corrie ten Boom. You think about her testimony around the world was, there’s no…I forget the exact wording, but there’s no hell so deep, that God’s not deeper still. Because, they, in the place of just utter despair and ugly suffering, you name it, just couldn’t have been worse from a human standpoint. They experienced God’s grace and power and mercy, and saw lives transformed and came out of there knowing that God was still with them.

You think of David and all he went through. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.” (KJV). Praise God! That’s the God we serve.

( congregational amens ).

Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

Talk about Father’s Day! That’s the Father we need to be praising. He’s worthy! “Blessed are the pure in heart.” It’s not blessed are the folks that have money in the bank. That may all disappear one of these days. You never know. “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” I want to be one of those, don’t you? Praise God!