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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1216

Could This Happen?

January 24, 2016

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1216 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: But anyway, you go on and you think about the three Hebrew children. I mean, what did they have to look back to in terms of God’s provision where somebody was tied up and thrown in a raging furnace and survived? And the truth is, they went into that circumstance where they were challenged, either you bow or you burn, and they said, we don’t know whether our God will deliver us. We know He can! But we don’t know if He will.

So, here was a situation that was a little different than where we started where there was a definite word of God, this is going to happen. They didn’t have that to go on. But what they did have was a conviction in their hearts that we are going to trust God if it means we burn! We are better off burning than bowing to your idol! Praise God!

Have you got that kind of conviction in your heart? We’re gonna need it! We need it to live in this kind of a world! God, give it to us. It’s not natural. I don’t have it in myself. I’m just like you. I can imagine situations where my natural reaction would be, oh God, get me out of this. But I tell you, we have a God that can get us through it, if necessary.

But anyway, and of course you remember the miraculous deliverance in Daniel sleeping in the lion’s den. Where had that ever happened? What could he look back to, and say, oh yes, we know our God did that back then? He’s gonna do it again. They didn’t have that.

And also, you think about Jonah. You think about the experience he had of winding up in the belly of a fish. He had a long list of scriptures to go by, didn’t he?

( laughing ).

So-and-so was in a fish, and he got out. No, this is a hopeless situation if ever there was one. But yet, in the middle of that there was a profession of his faith. He was talking about those who trust in idols, is what the language meant. Those who look at these…who worship these idols, they’re the ones who are doing that in vain. But I worship God, and I look to Him. And God brought him out, didn’t He?

I’ll tell you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in that kind of a situation or not, but we have a God who is not limited. You go to Jesus and the disciples…the 5,000 people, hungry. And what was their profession of faith? Here’s…what is it, 5 loaves and 2 fishes, but…

( laughing ).

But…how many ‘buts’ have you got in your life?

( laughter ).

Besides the one you sit on?

( laughter ).

‘But,’ what are they among so many? Oh God, help us to see beyond that, and to realize, Lord, I don’t know what Your plan is here. It might be for us to fast today. I don’t know. But Lord, You can do whatever You want. You have no limitations here. Five thousand people…five thousand men it says, so we don’t know how many overall people there were. And they ate, and they took up a whole bunch afterwards.

So I’ll tell you what, God has proven Himself throughout history. It’s not just in the Bible. You think about somebody like George Mueller. You know, we’ve referred to him of raising up…the Lord used him as a demonstration of somebody who did something purely by faith, didn’t have a business plan, didn’t have anything to go on except a vision that was from God.

And he raised up…was it something like four large orphanages and supported overseas missionaries, and never sent out an appeal letter, never sent out anything except his people would just get together and pray, and it was just him in the beginning.

And there were instances where they would set up for breakfast with an empty table and sit down and have the blessing! I wonder how many of us would do that? We’d be scrambling around trying to find a donor, and I mean…that’s just kind of where we’re at. But the Lord had brought him to a place where he said Lord, You raised this up. This is Your job to take care of this. We’re gonna have the blessing. Lord, thank You for providing.

And some delivery truck would back up…it wasn’t a truck in those days. It was a horse drawn something or other…and it would back up to the door and say, we had this food and we were supposed to deliver it. Could you use it? All of a sudden, they’re eating, and they’re eating well. So I’ll tell you, we’ve got a God who can meet the need of His people.

( congregational amens ).

And so, for all of the what-ifs of our lives…’what if’ this happens, ‘what if’ that, can God provide? And the answer from scripture, the answer from His promises is God can provide!

( congregational amens ).

And I will say this. It’s not always some miraculous provision as we suppose…like it’s, I’m hungry…God’s gonna dump food on me. He’s gonna send birds to feed me or something. Sometimes His will is to give us strength to go through something.

( congregational response ).

And I can’t think of any greater example than our Lord Jesus, and His prayer in the garden. His prayer was, everything is possible with You. So there’s a positive confession. Everything is possible with You. Take this cup from Me…nevertheless, not what I will, but what You will. So here was something where He recognized God ‘can’ do anything, but His will is what is paramount here.

And folks, we could get so in bondage to our perception of our earthly needs that we become like that king. We are so fixated on having this, having that, and all those natural considerations, and not focused, first of all, on what is the will of God in this situation. God, that comes first. Lord, I want to be Yours. If Your will is for me to stand and take a bullet for You, then praise God, that’s what I want to do, and I know You will give me strength.

And I don’t think there’s a person here right now, sitting here who says, oh yeah, I can do that. No you can’t. We need God. We need His strength. But I’ll tell you, He’s promised with the temptation, with the situation to make a way of escape that we may be able to…

( congregational response ).

…To bear it. Right. So anyway, that’s a pretty good…that’s the greatest example I know of where God’s will lay in a different direction from what His flesh wanted. And that may be the ultimate test. That’s certainly one of the great ones. Because we are so geared to this life and its desires and its needs that…to be able to die to that and say Lord, it doesn’t matter. I have such a vision of Your purpose. I see beyond this world. I see beyond this life. I see beyond my comfort. I see the needs of others. It’s not just about me, too.

That’s another big one, because Jesus didn’t die for Himself, did He? He did that for every one of us that are sitting here this morning and everyone”all of mankind. It was an offering of Himself to open a door of hope for everybody.

But one of the things that really drew my thoughts to this is…again, it’s not a history lesson. It’s a testimony of God to every one of us, right where we’re at. As I said earlier, I guarantee you, if we went around the room and we were truly honest, and the Lord brought things to our mind, there are things where we have…functionally, we have the same attitude toward issues in our lives that that officer had. If the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?

And a lot of it has to do, not just with the what-ifs of living life in this world, but God’s purpose that He has revealed for you and for me. How many of you look at yourself in the mirror, and then you think about God’s purpose, which is what, by the way? What is His purpose?

( congregation inaudible ).

It’s to grow us up and make us exactly like His Son, to be able to present us in glory. And we look at ourselves in the mirror and we look back upon our lives, and we think, that ain’t gonna happen. Could this happen? Is this possible? Surely yeah, it’s for everybody else, but look at me. I’m such a…I see all that’s wrong with me.

You know, that’s the problem. We’re looking at us. And let me tell you a secret that shouldn’t be a secret. I think it’s something we know, theoretically. But what you and I are naturally cannot be fixed.

( congregational amens ).

And that’s where a lot of our unbelief comes from. We’re looking for God to make us different, and I’ll try to explain that a little bit. Obviously, in one sense, He does. But I mean, He does not improve my human nature. My human nature is as ugly as anybody that’s every walked this planet. If every inclination that is buried in this flesh, in this nature, were to come out, there is no limit to the degradation and the wickedness that would come out of it. It is not one wit better!

Salvation does not fix that. God’s plan is not to fix me. It’s to replace me. And a lot of our discouragement in life comes because we still see the old nature trying to rise up, and we figure hey, I’ve been a Christian so long. Why is it still like that? It’s still like that, and it ain’t ever gonna get any better.

You’re misunderstanding. We are misunderstanding. What God is looking for is not the cessation of our flesh and it’s desires, in the sense that it is not gonna be there to try to kick up its heels, but for us to turn and to fix our eyes upon Him! And every single day, instead of giving in to, ‘it can’t happen,’ to say, Lord, You promised that You would do a work in me that would continue until the day of Jesus Christ! And Lord, I need You this moment! I need to be drawing that life into me!

These things were all said this morning. I need You, Lord, to come and to help me to be the kind of person You want me to be. I realize my flesh isn’t going to change, but You’ve given me a new heart and a new life. And I need for that to grow up. And I don’t need to be discouraged because I’m here and not there.

That’s one way the devil really…it would be like a little kid in kindergarten just stressed out because they didn’t understand quantum theory. And they just couldn’t imagine handling calculus, and Lord have mercy! That would be silly, wouldn’t it? I mean, we’d look at it and, hey, you’re a kid. You’re growing. You’re healthy. You’re exactly what you’re supposed to be right now. Just be thankful. You’ve got life. You’re growing. You’re learning. Just take it as it comes.

And you know, we…I guarantee you if I asked, and you raised your hands, everyone here is struggling with this in some area of your life. I’m not what I ought to be. Can it possibly happen? How in the world can God take somebody like me…and I actually stand there saying that just ain’t gonna happen.

And instead of taking steps in that direction in faith, based upon the provision of God, not based upon you or anything in you, thank goodness…based upon that, we’re moving ahead. We’re looking to God. We’re saying, oh God, I believe in what Jesus has given to me. I believe not in me! I believe in the power of the new life that He has given to me! And on that ground, and on that ground alone, I step forward! I refuse to listen to the lies that have imprisoned me!

( congregational amens ).

Because that’s what they are! They are lies from the pit! Either Jesus has paid it all and has given us everything in Him, or He has not! And I’m preaching to me this morning. That’s one of the big ones. Can He really do in me and for me what He has said? And the answer has got to be, Lord, I know that the answer does not lie in me. But I believe not in me, I believe in You.

( congregational amens ).

I believe in Your promise, and I’m gonna confess it. And I’m gonna stand upon it no matter how many times I feel my sense of futility, and failure, and weakness, and I fall in the mud in the process…I’m gonna get up, and I’m gonna go forward.

( congregational amens ).

And I’m gonna do like Paul said. I am not gonna drag my past, with all of its failures, with me! That is something that I can leave there…forgetting what is behind! Boy, that takes an act of our wills to be able to say, I refuse to live in the reality…whatever it is, of what I have been. That’s irrelevant! Because we have a God who has provided that every single day that we open our eyes, we can have a fresh start with Him!

( congregational response ).

We can leave our sins in the past. We can leave our failures in the past. We have the provision of the riches of God in Christ Jesus at our disposal! We have every right “…to fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life.” (KJV).

You see that progressive sense there? That’s what Paul told Timothy to do. Lay hold of it! There’s something you don’t have right now. Tomorrow you’re gonna need it. This is the pattern of your life, to lay hold of what God has given to you in Christ. It’s there! We are not living lives of futility. We are living lives where there is…we’re part of something that’s eternal, something that’s real.

And we are gonna stand there one day, and I’ll tell you, we’re gonna look at Him and praise Him, and realize this has been something that only God could do. And every one of these instances and many others that could be brought to bear, demonstrate that when there is no human answer, God steps in! God is not limited! There is nothing that He cannot do.

You know, one of the scriptures that we’ve looked to many times is that one at the end of Ephesians 3, “…to him who is able to do…more than…” (NIV). What?

( congregational response ).

“…Than all we can ask or imagine.” There are a lot of people with some pretty wild imaginations, but this goes way beyond that. You cannot imagine what God can do. God may…I don’t know where we’re gonna be, the things that are gonna happen in this world. It’s not gonna be pretty. But God is looking for a people, and out of the desperate circumstances that we may well see, and I think it’s a certainty that we’re gonna see some things that we have never imagined. But we’re gonna have a God who knows how to keep His people. He will give us living grace or provision, or He will give us dying grace, and we’ll get to go be with Him on the other side.

He’s going to empower a people to have a light and a testimony regardless of the desperate circumstances of our world and our society. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna have to have…we’re gonna have to have an attitude not like this guy that looks at the circumstances, so buried and so limited in their thinking as to how could this possibly happen, that he actually says if God, “…should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?”

But you know, when we’re full of unbelief, that’s kind of what we’re saying. Even God can’t do this. So-and-so, this situation is so broken, it’s been there so long, even God can’t fix that! God, help us not to limit the Lord with our unbelief, but to lift up our hearts and say, we have got a Savior who’s provided everything that we need”everything that we need for life and godliness, Paul wrote to Timothy, is it? He’s given great and precious promises, that through these we can partake of the divine nature. That’s what I need. My human nature ain’t gonna get it. I need divine nature. I need Him!

( congregational response ).

But everything, Jesus has provided. Praise God! What a message we have! It’s not laws to live up to. It’s a provision of God’s love and grace that we just give ourselves to! We put our whole heart and our whole trust in what He is and what He’s about. And I’ll tell you, there’s no devil in hell, no matter what is allowed to happen in this world, who can stop what God has purposed to do.

( congregational response ).

And I have long had a conviction that, just based on so many scriptures that it’s going to look like the devil has won before it’s over. If you were to just observe circumstances in this world, you would say, well, the devil has won. But I’ll tell you, there’s going to be a people at that time, in the midst of that who are going to say, no he hasn’t.

( congregational amens ).

We’re trusting in our God. We are standing. We’re not just gonna throw in the towel because things look bad. We’re not gonna say, I’ve been trusting Him up ‘til now, and it hasn’t done me any good, so I’m gonna stop. “…He that endureth to the end shall be saved.” (KJV). And I’ll tell you, God’s gonna empower people to do that. It’s not the strong. It’s not the wise. It’s not people who rely on anything that’s human. It’s people who simply rely on God.

( congregational amens ).

A small child can do that. And I’ll tell you, God has a special place for those who put their trust in Him. Are you encouraged in the Lord?

( congregational amens ).

Yeah. Look at the situations in your life. When they loom up before you, tell your…like the statement was. Don’t talk about how big the mountain is. Tell that mountain how big your God is.

( congregational amens ).

And just look to Him and take a stand in your heart. And I tell you, there’s a God who will bring us through, who will not stop until His purpose is completely fulfilled. Praise God! Praise the Lord!