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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1210

Power Through Weakness

December 13, 2015

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1210 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: We have been called out of a world that is corrupted by sin. Every one of us is infected with it. We were born with a nature that’s infected with that. What is the destiny of all of this? It’s destruction. What is the penalty…what is the consequence of sin? Death. There won’t be any of this…the nature that drives this world, the ideas, the philosophies that drive this world, there won’t be any of that there!

( congregational amens ).

Now how foolish is it to suppose that we can bring the resources of this world into the Kingdom of God, and draw upon them to serve God and to build up His Kingdom! That’s ludicrous, isn’t it?

( congregational response ).

We do it! Yeah, we do it because we don’t know any better! We just sort of automatically…it just happens because we haven’t been changed, we haven’t submitted. And that’s…you see that coming out in Paul.

Boy, there’s an awful lot of Paul’s inner life that’s revealed in this book. He really has to bare his soul, because he’s so concerned…not because he wants them to say, wow, what a great saint! It’s because he wants them to see what this is really about. He wants them to understand that…look, when I give you something…yeah, I’m not an impressive speaker, that’s not the point. The point is, I’m giving you something from heaven that can change your destiny! You need to listen, not because it’s me doing it! I don’t care what you think about me! I care what you think about Him! I care about you hearing His voice.

( congregational amens ).

God, give us every one that kind of spirit…where we stop caring about the stupid power games that people play in this world, and start saying, Lord, it’s not about me. It’s about Him. Praise God!

So anyway, you see Paul’s value system. He’s got a measure of revelation about this, that this is necessary for God to constantly remind me that I cannot do what I have been called to do with any natural resources. I’ve got to have Him, every step of every day. And that applies to every one of us.

And so, he goes on and he talks about the ministry that he’s been given of reconciliation and all of that, and how God makes us new creatures. I’m just trying to cherry-pick some of this because I want to get to something that’s really at the end of the book. But anyway, let’s go on down toward the end where Paul is continuing to defend his ministry, and, struggling, like I say, to really deal with the fact that he’s even having to talk about himself.

But anyway, he’s talking about how, at one point…I can’t even…my eyes won’t fall on the Scripture. But he’s talking about the fact that…it’s implied that these guys are just boasting. These guys are just full of boasting. They want to impress you with something about their natural attributes.

Paul says, you know what, you want to know what I boast about? I boast about how weak I am. How many of you people like to boast about that? I mean, you know, to people in the world, that’s stupid! That’s utterly insane! But you know, the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world and vice versa. And I’ll tell you, you and I, the more we are willing to allow the wisdom of God to take root in our hearts and our lives, the more we are going to be effective in the things that matter.

There’s a lot of religious people, like we’ve said many times, that want to use God. They hear about all the great stuff in the Gospel, and man, that’s what I need. I’ve been looking for a source of power. I want to have a way to get ahead in life. I want to live my best life now. And I want to fix all my problems, gain more power and effectiveness in my relationships! God, just fix it all!

You know, God would be working against Himself if He answered a lot of prayers. All he would be doing would be enhancing and strengthening self, so self could be more on the throne, feel more in control!

Is that the road God is taking you down? I’ll tell you, He’s taken me down some roads…and I know He has, many of you, where it’s just the opposite. We feel like, oh Lord, life’s going to hell in a hand basket. What’s wrong? What did I do? And the devil’s got many ways of painting that.

And all God is doing is trying…in His love, in His mercy, to take us down to where we stop trusting ourselves, we get it, we understand why we need a Savior. And then at the lowest point, He reaches His arms down and wraps them around us and says, it’s okay. This is not the end, this is the beginning. This is what you need most. You don’t need me to fill your bank accounts.

Now He takes care of needs. He’s not unmindful of all that stuff. I’m not saying He’s gonna drive you into bankruptcy to fix you, necessarily. But whatever it is that you and I need on an individual level, God has a way, gently, steadily, day-by-day, moment-by-moment, not all at once, thank God…of just dealing with the things that hold us captive!

And this business of not allowing ourselves to occupy that place of weakness and need is a pretty big deal. It was to Paul. He goes on and on talking about how weak he was, and what he’d been through, and how he gloried in that. Then, of course, you come to the point, the passage that we’ve used so many times in chapter 12 where he actually is taught by God.

He’s deliberately allowed to experience an attack of Satan and he can’t fix it. He pulls out every formula he knows, and he prays, and it doesn’t go away until God finally gives him the wisdom to say, I’m allowing this. I have given you so much revelation. I understand the weakness of human nature. I know if I didn’t do something, you would really get proud. This is not something you can handle. I’ve given you something awesome, but you can’t handle it in yourself. So, I’ve got to continually keep you in a place to remind you that you need me.

And a light went on in Paul’s heart and his mind, because he understood. Yes, I’m allowing this, but my grace...I’ve got divine energy that is enough! You are not helpless! Yes, you’re helpless if you’re looking to you! But there’s no such thing as running out of my power.

Look at Isaiah 40. He upholds the universe. You think…he doesn’t get tired. I do! How about you? Yeah, we get tired. He doesn’t get weary. You know, even the youths shall get weary. Young men will utterly fall. That’s your picture of strength. Man, I’ll tell you, some of you young people, just wait.

( laughter ).

Some of the greatest life lessons that you’ll come to is realizing you don’t know everything. You’re not strong enough to prevail, even if you could prevail in this world…for what? Even if you gained the whole world, you’d lose your soul. I mean, what’s the point? God has called us out of this into a place of rest, into a place where there is all the power that we need.

We’re not power-less. That’s what the natural mind would say. A subject like this, oh, God’s gonna make me weak. That doesn’t make any sense to the natural mind! Yeah, we are weak, that’s the thing. It’s just a matter of finding out what we really are…getting it, understanding it.

But you know, God didn’t call many of the powerful, did he…and the mighty, the strong, all those kinds of attributes that men value so highly? He didn’t call the wise. So, to all you foolish people out there today, fellow foolish people, and the weak…I’ll tell you, we serve a mighty God.

( congregational amens ).

Those who wait on him, those who hope in him, will do what? They’ll renew their strength. Praise God! But he goes on after that lesson where he understands when I’m weak, then am I strong. I glory in all that. I boast about it. Why? So that Christ’s power may rest upon me. That’s what it is.

We will never know Christ’s strength until we get rid of ours, until we understand, hey, I can’t do this. Is there something in your life right now that you know you ought to do, but you can’t? Well, what’s your solution? Probably, the same as mine is sometimes. I’m gonna try harder. How does that work out for you? A little question from Dr. Phil.

( laughter )

Well, anyway. Sorry, I had to throw that in. But anyway, he gets down into 13, and you know, there’s a Scripture that often has been used here in past years “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith…” and so forth. (NIV).

But look what he comes to right before it. Because this, when you realize it, this is not simply something that is only for you and for me. We have somebody who has gone before us who had to adopt the same exact posture, life principal, if you will, in order to do the will of God! Listen to what it says about our Lord Jesus.

It says, “For to be sure…” This is back in verse 4. “…To be sure, he was crucified in weakness.” Did you ever notice that? Did you ever wonder what that’s about? Here’s the Creator of the universe…God did it through Him, coming to partake of humanity, to live a life, and when it came time to die, which was the Father’s will, He was a lamb. He didn’t fight. He didn’t do anything.

He didn’t play any of the world’s power games. He didn’t try to maneuver His way out of it. He didn’t play any of the world’s games. He just simply said, God, this is Your will. I accept, I totally embrace the weakness to which You have subjected Me, in order to fulfill Your will. I embrace it. Lord, I’m depending on You. Think about what He’s done for us and the example that He set. Isn’t that amazing?

( congregational response ).

But listen…what does it say? “He was crucified in weakness, yet he lives by God’s power.” So what He did in giving up His body and surrendering His body…He said, I can’t give You anything else, but I can give You this. Let Your will happen. Instead of that being defeat, which it was in the eyes of the world, it became the pathway to total victory. And now He possesses a life and a power that no devil in hell can possibly challenge. Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

So you see where Paul is relating all of this. This goes right back to the Lord, Himself. Crucified in weakness, he embraced weakness as a pathway to God’s power! “Likewise, we are weak in him, yet by God’s power we will live with him to…” What? “…To serve you.”

And I want to come back to this thought. This is not just something for the ministers. This is something for every believer, because every believer is a minister! It’s exactly the thing that we were talking about Wednesday night. Every believer has an individual relationship with God, but a relationship with the Body of Christ. Every one of us is meant to be connected to heaven and to draw down His life and to share that with others. What are we sharing?

( congregational response ).

Yeah, that’s what we ought to be sharing. But, are we sharing? How many conflicts do we have in our lives that are just self trying to play the power game, in the home, the workplace and school? Are we like sheep to be slaughtered, trusting God to fight battles? Are we trying to rise up and make our way and fight our way through the world? Or are we saying, Lord, I’m Yours? I can’t…that’s not what my life is about anymore. I’m Yours, Lord. You fight my battles.

You know, if God can take somebody like Joseph…you talk about somebody who surrendered to His…into God’s hands and became utterly powerless in a foreign land and in prison, with no natural hope of escape. He tried to engineer it one time, that didn’t work. And when God was…but he kept his integrity!

What do you do when you’re powerless when you feel those things? Do you sit there and plot revenge? You think about how Joseph got in that predicament. His brothers sold him! A lot of people, they would have sat there and plotted their revenge. Oh, if I ever get out of this…that’s what keeps me going is this hope of revenge.

But all he did was humble himself and serve God right where he was. God was building a character of somebody who did not depend on his own strength, but learned to trust God in an impossible place and in one day, when it was God’s time, God took him from the bottom of the jail to the throne.

But when he got there, it wasn’t Joseph in his own human nature saying, I’ve got the power now…now, I can…you know. It wasn’t that at all. It was, God has put me here. He told his brothers, you meant it for evil, God meant it for good! God sent me here because he knew something was coming! There was nothing in his heart that he held against his brothers. He saw them as instruments of God’s purpose.

What do we see in the issues in our lives, our daily lives, our work, the people we’re around, the conflicts that arise because self is just wanting to rise up and be angry and fight? See, this is where it gets down to. We love to come in here and affirm all these things, but it gets down to where you and I live.

( congregational amens ).

You know what we need to do is just to humble ourselves and do the same thing Jesus did…just to offer our bodies to Him and say, Lord, I don’t belong to myself. I don’t live according to the dictates of the world any more. I’m Yours. Teach me. Lord, I know I’ve got a lot to learn. There’s a lot of the world is still here trying to hang on, but help me to humble myself. Help me not to be like Paul, who before he knew the Lord, he was kicking against the pricks. God was trying to do something and he was just…

( struggling noise ).

Many times God is our adversary. In His love and His mercy, He’s trying to touch things that really, we think are so necessary to our lives, and they’re just our jailor. They’re our prison, and God wants to set us free. So, ‘Power Through Weakness.’ I didn’t say that earlier, but that would be a reasonably good title. How do we get to the place where we have what it takes to serve God? First of all, it needs to be to serve God, not to serve self.

( congregational response ).

But we humble ourselves under His mighty hand and let Him supply the power to do what we need to do. Ron didn’t need to have it all planned out today for the Lord to use him to lead the singing. And he asked, does anybody know what that…yeah, I know what it’s like! I step up here all the time…God, I can’t do this. But thank God, He’s merciful. But that’s not just…that’s just not Ron and me, that’s you.

( congregational response ).

Every single day with the things God puts in your way, you are a minister of Christ! But for Christ to come through, self has to die! It has to be let go. We have to feel that need. But then we turn…we have the privilege of turning to Him. We’re never without a source of strength. And guess who gets the glory in all of this? The only One who deserves it. Praise God!

So let’s grow up as ministers of Christ, every single one who knows Him. Let’s learn His ways and grow. Let’s translate these things that we have heard a thousand times, more or less, and ask God to help us to allow them to become real, not forget all about it and go back to fighting and squabbling, pursuing the interest of self, you know, tomorrow or this afternoon…we probably won’t wait that long.

Let’s ask the Lord to help us to take that place where there’s peace, there’s a rest, there’s…Lord, I’m in Your hands. Because His hands are able to take us all the way to the other side. Praise God! Praise God!