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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1203

Examine Yourselves

October 25, 2015

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1203 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

—Brother Phil Enlow: How many testimonies have we heard over the years of people who are just caught in some obvious form of sin? It could be an addiction. It could be bitterness or hatred or lust or, you name it. And they’re just caught and they can’t break the power of it. And yet, they finally come to the end, and they say, oh God, I need a Savior! Oh God, rescue me! And God comes in and gives them something and changes the heart, and changes the inside and breaks the power! Praise God! I need His power!

( congregational amens ).

Doctrine will not save anybody! Praying a sinner’s prayer, unless God is in it, will not save anybody. But when God comes knocking, there is a power that has the ability to transform hearts and lives. My prayer, and I know I’m not alone, my prayer is that God will move upon hearts and we will see fresh examples of God delivering people from, not just the guilt of sin, but the power!

( congregational amens ).

I need Him to invade! I need…in the moment in which He speaks to my heart and He brings the conviction, the knowledge, the inward knowledge, bypasses all of my reasonings, all of my objections, it shows me what I am. In that moment I am able to say, oh God, I need You. There’s no religious work I can perform. It’s not…believing in Him is not some ‘thing’ you can take credit for. It’s surrender. It’s just saying, oh God, I need a Savior. Come in and deliver me. Do for me what I cannot do.

Oh I’ll tell you what, this is for everyone. This is a message of hope! I don’t care who it is! But the hardest people to reach are the ones that have grown up under the sound of the Gospel, and they’ve embraced the externals. How many times have we seen people just seem to have to go out. They have to find out what sin is all about, the reality of what we’re talking about. I pray that there’ll be people who won’t have to that.

( congregational amens ).

That God will come and talk to your heart, and He will just not let you go, He’ll just keep coming and keep bringing you under the conviction! Conviction is something where God tells you something, and you know it’s true, and you can’t escape the reality of what it is, of what He’s saying about you and your need. And yes, you could resist and resist, and that influence will draw back. What does the Word say about that?

I was thinking about this as Brother Carl was sharing yesterday. Praise God. That was a wonderful opportunity. Today, what does the Lord say? Today, if you hear His voice, don’t harden your heart. Because the Word of God is full of examples of people who had the opportunity…God came down!

Do you realize that our condition is such that if God did not come, if God simply took His hand off the world, I don’t even want to think about what it would be like? Can you imagine people just running loose, expressing their nature and what that would lead to?

But the other thing is, if God took His hand off, there is not a human being on the face of the planet, apart from Him, who would even think about Him, who would care. We would live, and we would die as animals simply gratifying our earthly nature, and that would be the end of it.

But God is not satisfied just to let it all go. God has always been relentlessly pursuing. I mean, is that not an expression of love? That God would look down upon me…I’ll tell you, if you ever get a glimpse of your own heart, what’s really there, and you don’t duck it and say, well, I’m not really like that. If you ever get a glimpse of your own heart, and then you think about that in the light of, God has been merciful to me, to let me know, to deal with me, to reach out after me…my God, that’s shouting ground!

( congregational amens ).

Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

God has to pursue us! God has to invade! God has to come and bring conviction of our need, and when He ever can get us to that point where we realize that without Him we’re lost, then we become a candidate for that word ‘salvation.’ There is a power that can rescue us from the depths of sin. Thank God! It means everything. It means surrender.

I’ve heard testimonies. I think of one that I heard recently, but I know I’ve heard others like it where someone’s life just comes down to the point where they don’t see the point in going on. Everything they’ve lived for and hoped for is just broken, and they realize the emptiness and the futility, and they’re about to end it.

I heard a testimony recently about that. Some of you may have too. Somebody had planned, this is how I’m gonna take my life, and you see God intervene. And the basic message that God brings to the heart is, if you’re ready to throw away your life, why don’t you just give it to Me?

I’ll tell you, there’s a God who has the power to take that life and transform it, and begin to rescue and begin to change and begin to work and to begin to work and to begin to make that life fit to live with a holy God forever and ever. And then you’ll see people sitting in pews saying ‘Lord, Lord,’ who will never be there.

I just pray that God will do whatever it takes, because I know His heart, going forward, is that we will be a people where He lives in us. You know, I’ve heard this said, and I don’t remember for sure who, that a lot of people want a divine visitation. We experienced one a number of years ago, what we called that, where suddenly God just breaks in, and there’s an excitement. There are miraculous things that happen.

But you know, that’s not what we really ought to be wanting. We don’t need to have a religious organization and say, God, come visit us. We need a divine ‘habitation.’ You understand the difference? Where He lives in us all the time, and maybe that’s not expressed the same way all the time, but it’s real.

And we, as a people…there’s at least a core, but there’s a people that are so much in tune with Him, and lives He in and through us, and we share His life, and He lives here. And He’s able to work, and He’s able to convict the lost! He’s able to save! He’s able to do the things that need doing in our lives to grow us up. I know that’s His heart, to build a people where He can live. Isn’t that what He said?

( congregational response ).

He builds us together as a temple. What? So He can visit it every now and then? No, so He can live there. Praise God! And I know that’s the burden of His heart for this work today and going forward. I don’t know. I’m just expressing thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if it’s making any sense or not, but I sense something of God’s heart reaching out.

There’s nothing sadder to the heart of God than to see people grow up who know, and who even say, and who even sing, and know how to raise their hands and know how to act the part, but they never, never, ever, come to the point where it becomes personal and real on the inside for you.

We sing about the glory of the cross, and on the inside, if you’re honest, you’re saying what in the world is that about when you think about it? Yeah, I know what it’s supposed to be about, but it doesn’t really mean anything to me. Does the Cross mean something to you?

( congregational response ).

Oh, praise God! Because in order for God to save me, something had to be done about my sins. Something had to happen. You know, I remember an illustration my dad used to use, and I don’t where he got it. It was a simple one, probably came from vacation Bible school or something. But here I am, and there’s the burden of my sin. It’s on me, isn’t it? So how do you fix that? See, that has to be transferred to another. It’s so simple.

But God was willing send His Son into the world to take my sins, every one of them—every one, and charge Him as if He were guilty. Some of you kids, some of that rebellion that comes out in you, do you know Jesus had to die because of that? Has it ever dawned on you what He did for you? If you continue in that kind of a spirit, and you live that kind of a life, do you know where that’s taking you?

But Jesus took the burden, took the guilt of every sin that I have ever committed, and all the wrath of God that I deserved was poured out upon Him. He did it willingly, and He did it joyfully because He could see beyond…He saw what was coming.

Oh man, when I think about that, when I get the sense of my need, and then He shows me what He did, I want to be free. I don’t want to just be free from the guilt and the record so I can go on and live my life. I want to be free from what I am!

( congregational amens ).

And that’s the other thing that God did for me when He crucified His Son, when He had His Son crucified. He put me into that picture. I died there. It’s a way that I can literally lay down my life by giving it to Him! I become a part of what took place 2,000 years ago. And when Jesus gave up the ghost and died…before He did it, He said what? It is finished!

That means everything that I need to escape the wrath of God, that I deserve, everything that was done by Him. There’s nothing left for me to do but humble myself and hope in my heart to receive it. But oh, the pride that keeps people from doing that. Oh, praise God!

But thank God the grave couldn’t hold Him, could it? Because He had a life that was different from this one that you and I were born with. It was the very life of God. You can’t kill that. You can’t corrupt it. Sin cannot corrupt that life. The promise and the hope of the gospel is not just that I can get rid of the guilt of my sin so I don’t face them at judgment. It’s that I can have a brand new life. I have the power to live another life.

Granted, there’s a lot of learning involved in the process, but I have, literally, there’s something new that changes. How many of you know? I mean, your experience has been distinct enough, that you know that there was a time when you passed from death to life! One moment you were dead, and you knew it! And you knew if you died at that moment, you’d be lost! And the next moment, something changed! Something changed! The barrier between you and God was gone!

( congregational amens ).

Not because you did something, because you let Him do it. You surrendered to the promise of God. You know, I think about something from time to time. There’s a scripture in Hebrews 10 that gives a picture of what really happens. You know, the writer is talking about the law and the fact that it really couldn’t do the job, because every time they sinned, they had to go back and offer another sacrifice, and Christ came to do it once! And it took care of it.

And so, he says, that doesn’t make you…the old sacrifices couldn’t ever really make you perfect, couldn’t do the job. “For the worshipers would have been cleansed once for all, and would no longer have felt guilty for their sins.” (NIV).

What an incredible promise that points to in the Gospel! Because once the burden and the guilt of sin is removed, there is…I mean, you can feel guilty and know that you’re guilty before a holy God one moment, and the next moment, the feeling, even the feeling of guilt is gone! Praise God!

Oh, what a Gospel there is that removes that from our hearts. We don’t have to carry the burden of that! And then to have a new heart and a new motivation to do, to trust God, and to always learn to draw from that life that He’s given to us.

Have you ever experienced that? That’s the question. Have you ever really experienced that for yourself? I pray that God will turn you every way but loose! Because what’s the alternative? Death, judgment! It’s real!

The message and the hope of the gospel is going out in this hour! I believe, with all my heart, God is just reaching out and wanting to plant seeds. I don’t know. You know, the traditional way is to try to get an emotional ending and have an altar service, and have people come down. I want God to take words and plant them in people’s heart so deep that they won’t escape it.

( congregational amens ).

Because my Bible says…I’m gonna read this, because I go back to this from time to time, in Mark, chapter 4. It tells you what the kingdom of God is like. Verse 26, words of Jesus, “…This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come.” It’s Christ’s job to save sinners.

( congregational amens ).

That’s the job God gave Him. He does that by enabling people to plant seeds. The Word of God is the seed. And the Gospel comes to confront people in this world with the knowledge that they are sinners facing judgement, that they have no hope in themselves of rescuing themselves! They need a rescue from Heaven!

And then, Christ comes and says, I have the power to blot out your sins as if they had never happened. I have the power to impart to you a new life! But it will cost you your life. Give up your will and your heart to Me and put your trust in Me. Your life will be turned around. You will going in another direction. You will be as much out of harmony with the world as Noah was in his day.

And I’ll tell you, the Gospel is not a promise that you’re gonna just succeed in this world, in the eyes of the world. It’s probably gonna be the opposite in terms of…as time goes along. Because the Lord says that everyone that’s gonna be godly will do what? Will suffer persecution. In the world you’re gonna have trouble. But cheer up, I’ve overcome the world.

That’s the difference. Everybody faces trouble. But we who face it with Christ in our hearts, we have a solid hope. We have a place to stand. We can look it in the eye, and we can look the devil in the eye and say, the Lord has forgiven me. He has forgiven me.

Devil, you have no right to condemn me, because my sins…I have put my faith in Him. My faith’s no longer in me. My faith’s no longer in religion. My faith is in Jesus. He bore my sins in His body on the tree, and they are gone! And He has given me a new life. My hope is beyond what I see and what I’m experiencing right now. He has promised to take me to the other side. My hope is in Him. All I know to do is to give the words out and just trust God. Folks, we need to pray.

( congregational amens ).

We need to pray that God will sow these simple words. They’re just scattered. They’re almost more emotion that anything else. And I’ll tell you, the heart of God reaches out. He says I’m not satisfied with people just being religious and coming to church. I want people to know Christ. I want people to pass from death to life.

I want people to know personally that their sins are gone, that I’m their Lord and their Master, and I love them, and I’m gonna take them out of this world. I’m gonna rescue them from everything that this world can throw against them. I am their hope.

I tell you, when He comes, everyone will be in one camp or the other. I don’t know how it’s all gonna happen, but I know that there is gonna come a time when there will be no more crossing the line. God will have reached every heart that’s capable of saying yes, willing to say yes. Every other one will be sealed, and He will say, “…He that is righteous, let him be righteous still.” (KJV). He that is unholy, or whatever the language is, let him be that still. And then He’s gonna come, and this world is gonna be in shock.

Part of me longs for that day, and part of me says, oh God, hold off. Give some more time for people, people that we’re concerned about. Give them time, Lord. But I’ll tell you, the Word of God says, today, if you’ll hear His voice. It doesn’t say tomorrow. Because the truth of the matter is, you and I have no power even to respond to the Gospel. Did you know that?

People talk about free will, like I can just…any old time, I can…no. There has to be divine influence upon your heart right at that moment. When He draws near and He convicts, when that happens, there is a power that we can tap into to say, yes! How can I as a sinner so go against myself? I mean, can I look to my own resources and say, I’m gonna stop being what I am? No. But I can surrender to a power that’s able to change me when He’s there.

But what happens when he withdraws that? What happens when He steps back? There’s no power to change. That why He says, today is the day of salvation. That’s why He says, when He speaks, hear. That’s what’s at stake. Eternity’s at stake. This is not how to live a better life and how to get along better in the world. This is about eternity. That’s what’s the gospel is about. It is His power to rescue you from certain destruction.

And it’s to everyone that believes. Believing is not just believing a doctrine in your head. Believing is staking your entire destiny upon the promise and the provision of God for you, and it’s personal. And I’ll tell you, when you really come to that point, when He brings you to that point, you’ll know it. Something will have changed. You won’t have to tell us you’re a Christian. We’ll see it. We’ll see a change in your heart and your spirit that only God can do.

And that’s the longing of God’s heart for every single person who hears His Word in this hour. I pray that if that’s you today, or whenever He confronts you, this Word will spring to life, because He’s the only one who has the power to do it. That’s all I know to do, is just to give it out. That’s my job. And I just pray that God will help me just to do my job and trust Him.

Folks, we can water that with our prayers, can’t we? We can say, oh God, don’t let our kids get by. Don’t let others, not just kids, don’t let anybody slide by and think they’re Christian just because they come here and act like it. God, transform hearts! Break sin’s power!

( congregational amens ).

Take the guilt away, and plant hope, the hope of the Gospel! Help us to see that it was finished at the cross and to find our hope in that! Oh, He longs to fill a heart with a love. Oh, when He comes in, there’s a peace with Him. We can go to bed at night and rest and know that we’re safe in His hands.

Oh, there’s no substitute for that, to know His love in our hearts and to know that it’s real, and to know that we, personally, are loved! There’s no substitute for that. I pray that everyone will experience this. That’s His heart. Where are you at? Praise God!