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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1180

Surrender Your Heart
Part One

May 17, 2015

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1180 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Timothy Babu: Praise the Lord! I’m not here to preach something. I always enjoy learning from my elders, and it gives me a blessing and it gives me joy to be rejuvenated in the Lord, and when we learn something out of His Word.

The last three days we’ve been talking about various things and I’ve been praying for the Lord to give me something to encourage young folk here. We work with a lot of young people back in India. My wife, Sheila, being the principal of the school, she deals with the academic areas of the children and she works mostly with grown-up girls. And we have a special concern—God has given us a special burden to save, protect girls from various backgrounds and various problems.

Anyway, today I’m thoroughly encouraged to see a blessed woman over there, Sister Margaret Harris. Yeah…I feel it’s an opportunity to meet such wonderful people in the Lord. And, I heard her witness that she encouraged Brother Jimmy when he was a youth to go to church with her. You know, it motivated me a lot. It reminds me about Andrew, in the Bible, being one of the inner circle of Jesus. He has a beautiful character that we can see in his life, bringing people towards Christ. Is that a wonderful job?

( congregational response ).

Yeah! I’m motivated. And I can imagine that now, Brother Jimmy’s career, he might have brought many people towards God. He might have introduced many people to Christ, and he ministered to a lot of people. I think all the elders have had that experience. Somebody introduced you to Christ, sometime back, and you became a blessing in many people’s lives.

It reminds me, in the book of John, I think…Simon Peter and Andrew, when they were fishing, Jesus gave them a call and they just followed. We see, in the Bible, then and there, they left their nets and followed Him.

You know, Andrew has a beautiful habit of bringing people towards Christ. He’s introducing people to Christ all through his career. You know, he was available for Christ in every situation. You know, we see he accepted his call, right away, without any logic or without any objection, and he followed Him. And he started introducing people…when you see the book of John, he’s the person who introduced Simon Peter to Jesus. So, what a beautiful example.

And you can know Simon Peter became a wonderful worker for Christ. You know, you see a lot of transformation in his character. Though Jesus said, you’re Cephas and I will build my church on you, you cannot…Simon Peter was not presented as a rock solid person throughout the Gospels, but when you come to the Book of Acts, he becomes a solid rock. And he was talking to people with a bold heart.

And he could preach to thousands and thousands of people. You know, one time we see 3,000 people turn towards Christ, and the other instance, 5,000 people turn towards Christ. Andrew has a habit of bringing people towards Christ. Tonight I would like to encourage my young brothers and sisters. You’re not just sitting here without any purpose.

( congregational amens ).

You have a purpose in your life.

( congregational amens ).

You need to appreciate that God has a call. God has a purpose in your life. You know, if you’re coming and just sitting casually, without any reason, you need to think of it. There is a purpose in your life. You need to appreciate the truth. And there is a call from Jesus. Are you available?

Andrew showed that beautiful example. He introduced. He was available. When Jesus fed 5,000 people, Andrew was the man who brought that little fellow who has 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. He was available—he was available. He was always with Jesus. When Greeks came to visit Jesus they asked, sir, can we…they came to Philip, can we see Jesus? Can we meet Jesus? Philip came to Andrew and in turn they both went together to Christ to introduce those Greeks.

Andrew was there every minute. He was available. What a beautiful example. He was introducing people, he was bringing people towards Christ. If anybody wants to meet Christ, Andrew was the first man to meet and ask, can we meet Jesus? What a wonderful job he has taken up.

You have a purpose. You have to realize or think…do you have the desire? You know, in spiritual life if you have no desire, you’ve got to think about it seriously. You need to have a desire for Christ. You need to have a desire to do something for Christ. If you are coming to the church every Sunday, and sitting casually, and enjoy the music over here and go back, that is not the thing God wants from you. You need to have a purpose for Christ. You need to ask God, what is the purpose in my life? See, you’re not just present here by choice or chance. You have a purpose. Your parents have prayed for you. You’re not just born just by chance or somebody’s choice. You are born with a purpose.

( congregational amens ).

You’re born with a purpose. Your parents, they might have shared the joy when you were born. Oh, by the grace of God we’ve got a child. Are we not sharing our joy when we have kids? Yes! Because we believe that you are gifts of God. If you are just spending casually without any purpose, you’ve got to think of it. You have a purpose for Christ.

Andrew has a purpose in Christ. You know, he accepted His call, he followed Him and he started bringing people to Christ. Are you motivated? When you have time, when you go back home and have time, try to know more about Andrew and Simon Peter. Simon Peter became a great worker for the Lord and he’s the initiator in the early church. He’s a great worker and he has done…he performed many miracles but he was introduced by Andrew. Are you looking for a good position in the church, to be called an elder or somebody? You just look to Andrew. He never tried for any position. He never tried for any identity—special identity. Christ is our identity.

( congregational amens ).

You don’t have to wait for an auspicious day…or that day, I will commit myself to Christ. Every day is given by God to have a purpose in your life. You need to realize that you have a purpose. If you think, once I’m retired…you know, I have got too many things to do, so once I’m retired then I’ll think about it. Once you’re retired? You sit back in your recliner, well, now I have nothing to do, so let’s think about doing something for God. No!

In Lamentations, I think, in chapter 3 verse 27, Jeremiah says, just a minute. I’m sorry. I rarely use my English Bible. When I visit U.S., then only I use it. Yeah…chapter 3:27. “It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young.” (NIV). It is very clear. God needs the best part of your life. As we respect our elders, we respect our elderly people. But, He wants you to give the best time in your life.

God wouldn’t expect you to do something for Him when you have nothing to do on this earth. When you face Him, at His throne, God will not ask you what kind of a job you performed all these years, what kind of a country you lived in, what kind of a car you used, but God will ask you, what have you done for Me? Are you ready to answer it? Do you have a desire to do something for Christ?

You have a purpose in your life. There’s no blessing if you have no purpose for Christ. You know what is that blessing? It’s not make a list of blessing. It’s a blessing for you to be a blessing for others.

( congregational amens ).

Andrew was a blessing for many people’s lives. If you want to be a blessing for others, you need to have a desire. You need to have a desire. You need to have a purpose. You’re not born on this earth just by somebody’s choice or by chance. You’re a child of God. You have a purpose. Your parents have a prayer about you. They have a vision for you. You need to be a child of God. You need to do something for Christ in your life. You need to have a purpose.

I think God will give you a burden. God will give you a purpose in your life. I want you to encourage to have a prayer. Once you go back, ask the Lord, Lord, what is the purpose of my life? It’s not just…to get a good job is not the purpose of life. God has given you, to support your family or to support yourself, but you have something greater than that. You need to bring people towards God. It’s not just you being saved. You need to introduce the Lord to others. Have you done it?

God will ask you on one day, what have you done for Me? What have you done for Me? He doesn’t care what kind of a car you used. You talk about cell phones, you talk about your iPads, you talk about different software, you talk about electronic things, but have you ever talked about Jesus with your friends? No. Confess. That’s good. You have a purpose for Christ. You should have a desire for Christ. If you have the desire, God will bless you to be a blessing for many people.

( congregational amens ).

God bless you!