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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1179

No Fuel for the Devil

May 10, 2015

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1179 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Do you feel pressed? Do you feel the pull of your old nature and all these things that are part of this world wanting to grab your attention, wanting to control you? Do you feel that? Do you feel the pressure of that? Sure! So did He. You’ve got somebody who knows first-hand. I mean, you think if there was anybody that the Devil was gonna really pour all his energy into bringing down, it was the Son of God.

( congregational amens ).

Oh my! Doesn’t the Scripture talk about Him crying out with loud “…crying and tears unto him that was able to save him from death”? (KJV). And He was heard. I’ll tell you what, it was appropriate for Him to go through all of this in bringing, what? “…Many sons to glory.” (NIV).

What wonderful Scriptures! What wonderful truth we have unfolding in this Word and what He’s done. But this is it! We’re called to follow Him! We’re called to a life of laying down things! But what do we gain? We gain life! We gain freedom! We gain liberty from not having to obey the impulses of this life!

My God, it seems like we’re giving up ourselves! Oh my God! That’s just me! I won’t have anything left if I let that go. And how many of you have been in places where God has put His finger on something and you fought and you resisted and you…oh my God, I just can’t, I can’t, I can’t! And then finally the Lord wears you down and you let go and the result is…misery? No! It’s peace! Thank God! Oh!

And somehow the next lesson comes along and we’re right back through the same process. We have a nature that is relentless, that we have to overcome! And the key to overcoming the Devil is this! Praise the Lord!

And so, of course, Jesus said, “Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? ‘Father, save me from this hour’? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name!” What a picture of what the Lord is looking for from us!

If we’re gonna follow Him, we’re gonna have to come to the place where we say, not what I want, Father, You’ve got the plan. You’re right! It’s Your will, Your plan that I desire! It’s my highest good that You have in mind! You love me! You loved me enough to reach out to me when I was utterly unworthy, no reason that I could account for in myself. You know, the song that Jackie sang…was it this or was it that? Why did He reach out to me? No. It wasn’t any of those things. Praise God!

And so there’s the voice that came from heaven, the Father glorified Himself. And Jesus said in verse 30, “This voice was for your benefit, not mine.” Jesus didn’t need that. “Now is the time for judgment on this world; now the prince of this world will be driven out. But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.” Do you see the connection with Revelation 12 there?

( congregational response ).

There was a war in heaven. Satan lost his place. Jesus said, now is the time for that to happen. You see, that’s the cross. That’s where that battle for you and for me was won! Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

All right? So now He’s facing all of that and you know how He had to go into the garden and just cry out to God, and look to God for strength. But I thought about something that He said before that. Let’s see if I can…there it is. And it’s a familiar scripture to us at the end of chapter 14. Jesus is comforting and explaining what’s gonna happen.

And in verse 30, He says, “I will not speak with you much longer…” Why? “…For the prince of this world is coming.” But then a glorious statement! “He has no hold on me….” Now why? What is it that causes the Devil to find no hold, no weakness, nothing to grab hold of? Because at every point, He had already been tested!

Every single aspect of His nature had been put to the test to where He had to make a choice. Am I going to seek for what I as an individual want, in a human sense, or am I going to do the will of God? And every time He died to the earthly life and said, I want Your will, Satan had no answer.

And of course, we referred recently to the temptation of the wilderness where He was hungry. Okay, go ahead, You’re the Son of God, make bread. Man does not live by bread alone, and so forth. Jesus answered him at every point with the truth of God and He took His stand on the Word of God.

And all this…the Devil had tried every aspect of Jesus’ nature. We’re not told all those details. What we are told is that He was tempted in every point. So we know, somewhere along the line He was tempted in every single point just like we are, yet without sin. Praise God! What a Savior!

( congregational amens ).

We’ve got Somebody who’s been there, done that, and knows how to rescue those who look to Him! But I’ll tell you what, the Lord is looking for a greater freedom in every one of us. Why do we not have more power? Why do we not have more liberty? Why is He not able to use us in a greater way than He is?

You think about, oh the spy business, for example. You know, if you’re working…well, let’s go back to the old KGB or something like that from Russia and the Cold War days. Many of you can remember that. You know, what was it that, say a KGB agent would look for if he was trying to come in here and probe our secrets?

One of the things he would look for is somebody who could be compromised, a weakness. They don’t feel appreciated. They’re not making enough money, or they have this moral weakness and they can be blackmailed into doing what we want. I can gain a hold on their life because this area of weakness is there and they’re not letting it go.

If they’d be willing to give up their love of money, I couldn’t use that. They would be able to say, no, I’m not gonna help you. I’m not interested. But how easy is it in that simple illustration for someone to be compromised?

You know, another illustration I was thinking of is a very simple one. And that’s what happens if there’s a raging wildfire. And I remember one scene, I think it was from the original “Little House on the Prairie” book series. And I think it was in the first movie they made from it. If I remember the scene correctly, the family was on the prairie in Kansas at that time…and thank you, Livera. I appreciate the confirmation.

( laughter ).

My memory isn’t what it used to be. And they had this house, and of course it was grassland…wide open grassland and it was real dry and all of a sudden there’s a fire coming, raging, roaring right toward them. So what do you do in a situation like that?

( congregation inaudible ).

Yeah. You plant a back-fire. You go out and you deliberately, between you and the oncoming fire, you plant fires and you burn up the fuel so that the fire, by the time it gets to you, there’s nothing to burn. And it simply spreads and it goes right around you. Our problem is our lives are full of fuel.

( congregational response ).

And, you don’t just stand there and command the fire not to burn. That’s ‘proof-text’ deliverance. You get rid of the fuel! Folks, our lives are full of fuel.

( congregational amens ).

You’re just bound a determined to live your life, to find somebody to be your mate or whatever, and to have your career. You’ve just got it mapped out. This is how your life is gonna go. Jesus said, come follow me. He knows the path that He’s marked out for us. It’s different than we would choose, probably. But I’ll tell you what, it’s the one that He wants.

Sometimes, you know, God calls us to lay things on the altar and to genuinely surrender, and what He wants is the surrender. It’s not necessarily to take the thing away! Now don’t count on that. Don’t say, well, that’s a little secret, I can pretend. No. But I’ve seen it happen. When God was requiring a genuine surrender of some issue in life…but once that surrender was genuine and it was, Lord, I’m willing to whatever you want, Lord. If it’s this thing that I think I need to have and I want, I just let it go, Lord. If that’s not in Your plan for me, praise God!

( congregational amens ).

It’s gone. That’s what the Lord is looking for from every one of our lives. But you think of the things that flow out of our nature that we think, that’s just part of me. But yet, you follow the stream back to its source, and you’re gonna find the polluted well of self and sin.

You live with a spirit of unforgiveness? Yeah. How many people cannot let things go that happen? Paul said forgetting those things that are behind. But you can’t do that. You just won’t. ‘You don’t know what they did.’ That’s just one example. There’s fuel in your life and you’re never gonna be free until you let that go and trust God.

That goes for every kind of a thing. Is there a spirit of anger that just wants to rise up, and you’re more concerned with the thing that made you angry. God, fix that, and I’ll be okay! No you won’t. There’ll be somebody else.

God’s not gonna fix the fires of this world until it’s time. The fires of this world are going to burn. The world is being turned over—the world system is being turned over to Satan as it has never been before! What is your defense against that? Are you gonna continue to cling to this life and the aspects of this life that are so dear to you that you just cannot let them go? Then you’re gonna have a time with this hour of darkness that’s coming.

You think of what Jesus was facing. Man, he could say, at that point, the Devil’s coming, but he has no hold on Me. God, help us. God, help us to be willing to let go. You know, there’s so many things it could be. But the problem is, are we really listening? Are we sensitive enough to see the hand of God in the circumstances He brings our way? Are we sensitive enough to say, God, you brought me here so I could see this ugly thing that wants to continually rise up and control me, and I just …I don’t even want to give it up, Lord? I know it’s bad, but it’s just got such a hold on me, Lord.

You know, are we sensitive enough to see that that’s God showing us our heart and showing us our need? How else would you know? Don’t be dismayed when those things happens! Say, Lord, thank You. Lord, I was clueless, maybe I was willingly clueless. Maybe I was stubborn and just suppressed the thoughts You were trying to bring to me. Maybe…oh God, help me. Give me a sensitive heart. Give me an honest heart where I quit blaming everybody and everything. Oh, that bad Devil, if he’d just get out of my life. I resist you Devil! And you go to the front door and you resist him, and then you let him in the back door.

( laughter ).

You say, come on in, Mr. Devil. I agree with you. They did me wrong. I’m gonna harbor it! I’m gonna get them, Lord.

( laughing ).

( laughter ).

You look at things you shouldn’t look at, and just sort of hide it, and justify it. How much fuel is there in our lives? But the Lord wants us to come to the place where we just give it to Him.

And you know, we have to say this over and over again, but I’m so thankful that the Gospel is not about me and my strength. It’s not about my strength to get in to begin with, but it’s not about my strength to live it, either. I’m saved by His life. And so the life that He has given me is what I need. It’s not that the Lord is saying, all right fix that and then we will talk. Stop being like you are and then we will get together.

I don’t have the power to stop. Do you? There’s a lot of things that have been so much a part of me that I just need God to fix me! I need God to come in and bring the changes that I need in my life!

( congregational amens ).

Lord, deliver me from this! But it starts by saying, Lord, I need help! I need Your salvation now in my life, Lord! This thing has been a hold in me long enough, and I need freedom, Lord! But I can’t! I can’t fix it, Lord! I need You to come and open…and just give me the strength. Give me the will, work in me. Don’t give up on me, Lord!

Don’t give in to me, like that missionary said and prayed. What an awesome prayer! What an awesome, revealing prayer for a saint of God to say…to be fighting a battle with their own will and saying, God, don’t give in to me! She was feeling the pull and the difficulty of letting that thing go! But she was looking to the right source. Lord, deliver me. I don’t want to be this way and I am, and I can’t stop it! I can’t stop gossiping. Boy, did it get quiet.

( laughter ).

But you know, gossip is listed right along with all those major sins in Romans chapter 1. It all comes out of the same fountain.

( congregational response ).

Oh my. May God deliver us from the fuel that we give to the Devil. Thank God for the blood. Thank God for the Word. But thank God for a Savior who showed us the way and who is willing to take us. He’s not just the ‘way show-er,’ He is the Way. It’s by our union with Him that we have to power to lay our life down and to take up another one.

But it is a lifelong process of letting go and taking hold, letting go and taking hold. Wherever the Lord lets the Devil challenge you and challenge me, the answer is not to throw a proof-text at him. Most of the time the answer is that there is some reason that he has that hold. There’s something he’s probing. It’s real and you can’t blame somebody else. You can’t defend your little patch of grass when the fire is coming. The answer is to burn it up. Get rid of it. Take away the fuel. And so when the Devil gets there, there’s nothing to burn.

Remember that message that the Lord gave me years ago and I wish I had listened to it better. But, “Victory through Surrender.” That’s that the same principle. If the devil comes and he wants to oppress me through a thing, well Devil, I don’t own it any more. I turned that over to the Lord. You’ll have to talk to the new owner. There’s nothing to take hold of. It’s not an issue.

Maybe I was really ambitious! I had ideas about who I was in the world and what I wanted out of it! And the devil was able to have a hold in my life through that! Well, what happens when the Lord works in my heart and takes that away, and it’s okay? I’ve learned that whatever state I am, like Paul said, to be content. Be content with such things as you have.

The devil comes along, ‘don’t you want to be rich?’ I don’t care about that. That’s victory—that’s victory. There’s no more…the life is just…we’re not living that life anymore. We’re living His life. We’re living for His values. Praise God! That’s the pathway to victory. It’s…thank God, like I say, for the blood, for the Word, but they also, “…Did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

There’s one other Scripture that I guess I did…no doubt someone has thought about this. If somebody else wants to expound it more, that’s fine. But I believe it’s in Hebrews chapter 2. This is the one where it talks about his bringing many sons to glory. “…It was fitting…” verse 10, “…that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the author of their salvation perfect through suffering. Both the one who makes men holy and those who are made holy are of the same family. So Jesus is not ashamed to call them brothers.”

Wow! You think of the Holy Son of God. Isaiah saw Him in glory. You think of Him. And He looks at you and me and He says, I’m not ashamed to call them My brothers and My sisters. Wow! I want to serve Somebody like that. Praise God!

So it goes on about the fact that He is a brother, but now in verse 14, it says, “Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil…” Now what’s the result of that? “…And free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death.”

There’s not a person in here who this doesn’t apply to. There are areas in every one of our lives where we are, at this point in time, afraid to die. Because of that, there’s a measure of bondage and the Lord came to set us free, to take away that fear. I ask him to take it away. He didn’t come with a spirit of fear. He didn’t give us a spirit of fear, “…but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (KJV). Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

God, work in our hearts! God, bring Your people to the place where we can be freer than we have been!

( congregational amens ).

Where You can come and inhabit the Body of Christ, and be who You are to us and through us! Lord, help us to enter into the victory that You have won for us so gloriously at the cross! And we saw its power when He was raised from the dead and ascended to the right hand of the Father. Praise God! Now, after all these centuries that Word has come down to us and it’s brought us into that Kingdom.

( congregational amens ).

He went to glory by way of death. That’s the road He calls us to follow, and it leads to the same glory in the end. Because God is gonna bring many sons to glory. Praise God! Praise the Lord!

( congregational amens ).

Let’s just ask the Lord to work in us and learn how to be honest when He does, and to say, God, help me. Lord, the issue is not out here, the issue is in here. The fire will burn. It’s gonna burn a lot hotter before it’s over. But it doesn’t have to burn us if the fuel is not there. Praise God!