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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1170

People That Know Their God

March 8, 2015

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1170 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: And I’ll tell you, the day that we live in, God is not looking for a people who cower! He’s not looking for people who are dismayed in the face of what is coming upon this earth, and it will be coming! He’s looking for people who have such a relationship with God, that they know…they know who He is! They know how they stand before Him! They know that they are accepted of Him!

And so they can have a confidence to say, Lord, You have permitted this! None of this that’s going on is outside of your control! You have allowed this evil that we see, to take over! But You have not called us to be afraid! You have not called us to think that the worst has happened and ‘oh, was I a fool to trust in You!’ You have called me to come to a place where I’m gonna stand and look the enemy in the eye and say, my God reigns—my God reigns.

I’ll tell you, there’s gonna be a people that He lives in in such an hour and God is gonna get His job done. We’re gonna see a harvest of people that are gonna rise up and come to Him in this hour of darkness. But it’s gonna need a people who know their God, who’ve got a positive message that says, God reigns! Jesus Christ saves from sins! He delivers from the power of sin!

May God empower us and God work in our lives to that end! Oh, I sense my need, but I sense His heart, too! That’s the only way I can stand up here. I’m not here to say, look at me. I’m here to say, look at Him. Hear His heart this morning. He longs to reach out!

I mean, you think about a person who is still struggling with guilt! That’s such a basic thing, is to come to realize that Jesus paid it all, that we have the right to come to Him, to lay those sins at His feet, to turn from them, and trust in His power and trust in His forgiveness, and believe it, and go on!

But how mired we are in such things! Afraid to come close because I feel so guilty! Oh, I feel so weak. I feel so…that’s why we need to come! And we can’t leave our past behind.

You know, I’ve run into two different publications recently that have had the same story in them. I thought it was a pretty good one. I don’t know if I’ve told this here, or not. I can’t remember. I’m getting old. But anyway, there was a…I may have. Anyway, that’s all right. But there was a story about a man…I think I did. Anyway, that’s all right.

( laughter ).

A man in England who, as a boy, he would walk through the fields and periodically there would be a fence. And there would be a gate in that fence. And on every fence it said, ‘shut the gate behind you.’ And being a good boy, he did that, otherwise animals would get in and out and things would not be the way they were supposed to be. So he made the habit of going through and shutting the gate behind him, and going on and shutting the gate behind him.

And you know, later on as he began to grow in…he came to the Lord and grew in his relationship with Him, the Lord really kind of brought that back to his mind. And what a picture that is for us in walking through our lives. How many gates do we need to go through and then shut behind us? Think about that.

I have run into that same story in two different publications recently, and how appropriate it is that we come to the place where we realize that the salvation that God has called us to is so great that we can leave the past behind us and go forward with no burden on our shoulders!

( congregational amens ).

Do we know our God well enough to do that? To have confidence, even in the moments of our weakness, that we can come to Him and know that He loves us? Have a confidence in His love, and have a confidence that everything’s all right, that it’s in His hands!

Do you know that God cannot do the work that He needs to in us, unless He brings us to places where we feel that weakness? And the Devil turns that into a club to defeat us! And the Lord means for it to be a glorious gate we go through and we shut the door, and we say, Lord, You’re right. I can’t trust in myself. I don’t have what it takes. I need You. But Lord, I’m gonna call upon Your Name and I’m gonna trust in You!

You think about somebody coming to a time like this and they’re not really quite certain how God feels about them. Folks, we’d better get close. We’d better start taking the Word and saying, Lord, I need you to help me to walk in this. I need for this to be something besides something I know up here. I need to have…I need to come to you and spend time with you. Praise God!

I appreciate the service Wednesday night. I told the men the other night at our deacon and elder’s meeting, I felt like the…I mean, I don’t think there was anything wrong with what I said, but I felt like the meat of it was what happened after I had got down. It was the answer…spending time with the Lord. Because I’ll tell you, if we spend time with Him, if our hearts are lifted to Him in things like worship and prayer and the things that constitute a real relationship, and we’re not coming just as a religious duty, we’re not coming trying to muster something up, but we’re just coming!

I’ll tell you, there is a life that can flow, that can energize, that can change us and can lift us out of our own weaknesses! It can give us a confidence to go forward and give us a strength that we don’t possess in ourselves.

Do you need that? My God, do I! Lord, if we try to muddle through life without…there’s this distance, there’s a sense of…I sort of know He loves me but, I’m…you know, I don’t want to get too close. God, we need to get close.

Sometimes its areas of self-will we just don’t want to give up. It’s like I said this morning in the men’s meeting, there’s a need in us to be able to let go of things, but sometimes we can’t do that. It is not in our nature. But you know, the Lord offers to help with that. It’s not like He’s standing back and saying, all right, come on, I’m waiting for you to get this right and then we’ll talk. We need him for everything—everything!

It’s that simple! That’s what Christianity, that’s what real Biblical Christianity is about! It’s Christ in us, the hope of glory! I bring nothing to the table, but a needy, empty vessel that he loves.

Oh I’ll tell you, those who have reached out to him…you read the Psalms of David. Yeah, you see him go through some deep waters, but you see the heart that knows that God is a good God, knows that He’s on the throne! He was able to write, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (NIV). He was able to write, the Lord reigns in the heavens and the earth, his glory is seen in all of it! He’s faithful in all that he does! Over and over again, you see this heart that’s been so close to God!

And, the testimony of one who’s been close is not one of, ‘oh it was scary, but I did it.’ It was, ‘it wasn’t at all like the devil was trying to tell me. I thought it was gonna be hard work. I thought it was gonna be kind of scary being around Somebody like that, and it was wonderful! He wrapped His arms around me. He loves me! He understands where I’m at! He longs to help me in every area of need. It wasn’t something where I had to cower in fear and draw back.

Boy, like I’ve said so many times, I hope I’m listening to this, because we need it. But there’s a people that know their God. And I’ll tell you, we’re gonna be strong. God is gonna have a people that are strong because he lives in them. That’s the whole idea! We don’t have a life that is capable of this! We have a Jesus who is!

But the problem is that we’re in the way! We’re gonna do it our way! We’re gonna muddle through in our strength. We’re gonna figure it out! We’re gonna do something! Oh, what a rest there is when you realize that’s not how it works, that He gives grace…it’s by His grace that all of this happens.

God help us. God give us the hunger to push through the stuff in us that resists all this. Anybody else know what I’m talking about? I mean, is there anybody here that says, oh, this is easy? No big deal, just roll off the log. No, it’s a battle! But the battle is not to get God to like you. The battle is, we’re afraid! We feel just like Adam and Eve did! We’re gonna hide! We don’t want all this stuff about us to come out! Oh God, not that! Do you think He doesn’t know? I mean, get a clue.

( laughing ).

( laughter ).

Who are we dealing with here? God knows everything about us and He loves us. And He has the will and the heart to reach out and to do something about it. Oh, I’ll tell you, His heartbeat is all about what’s to come, the power that He has to make us into people that could live with a holy God forever and ever and find the greatest joy and happiness that anybody could ever imagine.

I’ll tell you, sin is an addicting power. We cling to the very thing that is our destruction. And we think we can’t live without it and we know best. But I’ll tell you, it takes a power and the grace of God to reach down and to take hold of hearts and to do something about that.

You know, I…Buddy gave me a book recently and it was something that some local authors had written, and, Lord, its textbook level stuff. It’s about the end time and their particular view of how the age is gonna play out, and very interesting stuff. There’s a lot of things in there that I don’t share their convictions about but, I’ll have to say that their spirit was good and I believe they’re brothers.

The interesting thing to me is that when it came down, regardless of what we think is gonna happen—when it came right down to, okay, what do we do about it? Lord, except for the fact that their writing is better, I could have written that chapter. It was exactly the same.

So here’s the Lord, in spite of all of these differences that He’s gonna straighten out, here’s the burden of the Lord for God’s people to get ready. They even used this Scripture and others like it that we have used here, about how we need to know our God. We need to have a relationship with Him that’s real, that’s personal! We need to have a relationship with one another and see walls torn down. We need all of these things to have the sense that we need to be ready to stand for Christ in that greatest hour of darkness this world has ever seen.

But thank God, we don’t have to face it with fear. We can face it with the same spirit that the three Hebrew children stood before Nebuchadnezzar. I don’t know what they were feeling inside, but I know what came out of their mouth…the conviction that they didn’t waver from.

He said, bow before my idol or you’re gonna be thrown into that furnace, that fire over there. They said, our God is able to deliver us from you, oh king. But even if He doesn’t, we’re not gonna bow.

You know, where did that kind of conviction come from? Were they just special people with a very strong will? No! They, in some measure, knew their God. They knew who He was. They knew that He was the One that was on the throne. They knew that nothing could happen that was outside of His will.

So they stood there in front of the greatest emperor on the planet at that time. This was not some…we’re just talking about it. They were standing there looking at the fire over there, looking at this idol and looking at this king.

Think about that. They didn’t know how it was going to turn out. What would you do? It got kind of quiet. Folks, we’re gonna have to have some…we’re going to have to have a different engine than the one we were born with. We’re gonna have to have Christ living and possessing these vessels.

That’s what’s going on in our lives right now. God is getting…there’s a preparation work that is going on, for Him to have a people who will give Him glory, who will allow Jesus to yet live on earth.

See, that is what this is about! Jesus is in heaven, but He’s more…the Christ is more than just the man Jesus! There’s the same Spirit that’s in Him is in His people, is in His Body, and we are yet in the earth. We are the Body of Christ. We are the ones in whom He lives! Oh, we need to let Him live. We need to let Him be the One that lives in us and not be so bound up with our own ways and our own things. Oh God, deliver us.

But we’re gonna have to get close to Him. We’re gonna have to spend time. We’re gonna have to learn and realize how much we need Him. People that know their God are gonna be strong. That’s the burden I have. I just pray that God will…I see Him sharing this. This thought is coming out in so many places that I read about. Do you suppose God is trying to say something? Just maybe there is a revelation of His heart that’s going out in the earth and even though people are in various groups and they have differing convictions, the heart of the matter is the same.

I’ll tell you, we have a God who can straighten out our eschatology. I’ve mentioned before this friend of my father’s, and we were having a discussion about premillennialism, amillennialism and all that stuff. Is there going to be a millennium literally or not? He made the comment, he said well I’m a ‘pan-millennialist.’ What in the world is that? He said, I’m gonna stick around and see how it all pans out.

( laughter ).

Well, there’s some truth to that. I think we can fight about things that…they’re gonna be how they’re gonna be. You know, I have strong convictions, but I’m also want to have a heart that’s open and says, wait a minute, these are my brothers or these are my sisters. We have the same Christ.

Do we serve the same Christ? His heart can be revealed regardless of some of these other issues. Let’s not build walls, let’s build bridges! Let’s have a heart that can be open to His people in the earth, because we are the ones, we’re gonna live together forever, might as well get along down here.

So, I just see that the Lord is doing things that are gonna be amazing to us. But we’re gonna have to…we’re gonna need to be on board. We’re gonna need to have a heart and make it a personal prayer…God, we need You in a deeper way than we’ve ever known You. And we’re just crying out to You to help us to know You and to be willing to know You, not afraid to come close.

He invites us! That was said several times this morning in our men’s meeting. Come to Me! Not, ‘get yourself straight and then we’ll talk.’ Come to Me! Come to Me! You have no power to be what I want you to be! I have the power to make you! But you’re gonna have to let go and trust Me.

Whose life is it? Is it your life? Man, if it’s yours, you’d better give it to Him. He has the power…I mean, he that will keep his life…you’re gonna keep it, by God! He that is gonna save his life, is gonna lose it. But the one who loses his life for My sake and the Gospel’s will keep it for eternity.

Thank God for His love and His mercy to me this morning, and to you. I’m thrilled with what I see the Lord doing and what I sense Him saying. But, doesn’t it reflect His heart and how deeply He loves? Can we believe it? I mean, can we believe it on a personal level? Do you really believe that God loves you? The problem is, if you know yourself at all, if you’ve got any kind of honesty, that gets hard sometimes. How could he love somebody like me? But that is the miracle of the Gospel.

( congregational amens ).

We can all look at somebody else and say, oh, God loves you. There’s no sin too great. You can bring it to Him and He’ll forgive you. He’ll cleanse you as if you’d never sinned before. Oh, why don’t you accept him? And we’re struggling with the same thing.

God, help us to get close enough to where we can say, yes. I can rest in Your arms. We sing the song “Father, I Want You to Hold Me.” There’s a cry for intimacy.

You know, when I talk about this, I’m not talking about trying to seek experiences. Because, you can have somebody that becomes addicted to trying to conjure up or trying to achieve a certain spiritual feeling or even a sensation! There is a lot of that abroad in the world today and that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m not talking about mysticism where you’re trying to contact the spiritual realm through the physical. You know, if God comes, I’m gonna have a certain feeling. You know we need to be willing to serve God and to rest in His presence when we feel nothing! If our relationship with Him is built upon the Word and what He has revealed, we can walk with Him whether we feel exhilarated or not…the other way.

That’s what the Lord is looking for. He’s not looking for me to…you know, here’s the thing. If I’m looking for a feeling, what am I really wanting? Am I wanting Him or the feeling? A subtle trap there. We need to be willing to say, Lord, feeling or no feeling, I just want You. You pick the way You want to come and express Yourself to me. That’s Your business. You know best! But Lord I don’t care if I never have a feeling, I want you, Lord. If You give me a feeling, great! I’ll enjoy it. But if I come to tomorrow and the feeling isn’t there, it doesn’t mean You’ve left me. It doesn’t mean You’ve changed Your heart towards me…because You want me to walk by faith and not by sight!

I need to have that rooted, grounding in the Word where I’m not afraid to experience God, but I know what the truth is and I’m gonna walk in that! God, we need that balance, don’t we? I believe we can have it. I believe God is longing to have a relationship with a people—the people who know their God. He’s gonna have a people that know Him. That’s what He’s calling us to, everyone. I dare say that everybody here has got room to grow in this.

You know, we have the testimony of people throughout history who seemingly reached a place of just freedom and rest and joy, and it wasn’t because they achieved it. It was because they stopped trying and just let Him do it.

Think about the difference. My God, we don’t need to go out of a place like this and think of what God is after as another burden to carry. It’s the laying down of the burdens that we are carrying. It’s leaving them here at Jesus’ feet and saying, Lord, I’m Yours. Help me. Live in me, day-by-day!

And every day that becomes the pattern. That becomes what defines our life, is walking with a living God who loves us, and is leading us down a road that leads to eternity. But while we’re here, He’s gonna call upon us to stand. But it won’t be us, it’ll be Him in us.

He warned the disciples and said they’re gonna haul you before the courts and before kings and rulers, but don’t be afraid. I’m arranged all this so that there’ll be a testimony. Don’t even worry about what you’re gonna say. I’ll give you what you need to say when the time comes. It’ll be something they won’t be able to gainsay.

We don’t know what the Lord may have in mind in the lives that are represented right here, to stand in this hour and to lift up the fact that Jesus is Lord. I don’t care what…which way this world goes, we’re gonna stand for Him and we’re gonna trust in Him for the strength to do it. Because we know in our hearts, we know our God! We know He reigns!

That fire can’t defeat me because, my God is bigger than your fire, bigger than your lions, bigger than your…whatever. Bigger than the grave that held Jesus for three days. But it couldn’t hold Him and it won’t hold us either. There’s no force in this world that’s greater than the power of our God. We need to lift him up, but we need to know Him and not be afraid to draw near.