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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1145

The Two Kingdoms

September 14, 2014

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1145 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: If people have not completely given their hearts to Him and been partakers of His life, they are living under the dominion of Satan, and they’re not gonna like it very much on the Judgment Day. That is real and that is coming. And the thing is, people don’t know when it’s coming, either. Oh my.

This is a sober…it’s a sober truth. I don’t know. The Lord knows what this is about. But I’m burdened that there are people who can fool themselves. You know, it’s like Donald has said, this goes many places so this Word may be for somebody in Kalamazoo, for all I know. But I don’t believe it’s confined to that. My God, there are people who need to just come to a place where they have let go and let God have their life.

You know, what did we just sing about? “The Potter’s Hand.” The potter doesn’t have his own plans and tell the potter to…or the clay, I’m sorry…anyway. The pot doesn’t say, hey, I’ve got my own plans, but I need you to smooth out a few rough places here. Help me fulfill my dreams. Oh no! The picture everywhere is that if we’re gonna have His life, we’re gonna have to give up ours. There is no other way.

We have no idea—we have no idea how sinful sin is. We have no idea how unlike Him we are. Again, all you have to do is look at Isaiah and a few others that saw him and they got it instantly. But oh my, our life is so different from His. Our motivations, as we’re born into this world, are so desperately different.

And what is it that’s driving all of this? It’s the cravings that we have! God invested in us glorious gifts! His gifts were a capacity for pleasure, a capacity for creativity! I mean, we were made in his image! We were invested with tremendous gifts and talents and abilities and capabilities!

But what happens when self gets in charge of those…it’s hell! There’s no other way to put it. It’s a destructive thing. It takes people down and destroys them. And here’s God in His mercy coming and offering us a brand new kind of life. Something that’s totally different! Oh my. You know, he doesn’t picture this exchange of our life for His as being something that well, we just instantly…

( snapping fingers ).

… Become full-blown saints. But I’ll tell you, there is a fundamental change that happens in the heart. That’s why he goes on and says, “…They loved not their lives unto the death.” (KJV). There’s a willingness day-by-day-by-day to let go. God is calling every one of us today, to let go of things so that we can have more of His life.

But, there’s a reason, I believe I went back to this passage. Let me go ahead. Back in Ephesians here is another one of those wonderful ‘buts.’ But God, “But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved. And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him….” (NIV). Where?

( congregational response ).

Do you see the connection between this and Revelation? “…Seated us with him in the heavenly realms….” There is another realm. There is a spiritual realm, there is a spiritual kingdom, and it’s real. People of the world do not see it. Satan has blinded their eyes lest they see that. But oh, folks, we need to be rejoicing this morning.

( congregational amens ).

We need to be thankful because, we didn’t earn this. God reached out to dead people and gave us life! “…Seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus…” Why? “…In order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of his grace, expressed in his kindness to us in Christ Jesus.”

You know, the Lord has allowed some people to actually visit heaven. I don’t believe every account, but, there are people who have actually been there and they come back and they talk about how impossible it is to describe. Do you think God is against pleasure?

( congregational response ).

Do you really think God, who invented the capabilities we have for pleasure, is against it? What He’s against is something that has been turned inward, become selfish, become just all about me. Man, it’s like cancer. You think about cancer cells in the body. Man, they are all about community, aren’t they? Help the body out?

( congregational response ).

No! They are absolutely 100 percent selfish! They are all about taking from the body, growing, doing whatever they please, whatever damage is done, that’s too bad. It’s all about me. That’s what the life of Adam is in you, no matter how you dress it up. It is a destructive force.

And folks, anybody that is caught, is enslaved by the natural desires just to live for that, to kind of chase the rainbow that’s always just a little out there. You can’t quite get it but you can’t stop chasing it. Oh, I want to tell you, there’s a God who has something better. There’s a God who has made us to know Him! He made us to live in Himself! I don’t know how to put this, but He is the atmosphere. He’s the source of life that we were meant to be animated by.

The devil will lie to you and tell you that your highest happiness is to pursue your own dreams, and do what rises out of your own mind and your own heart, or do it your way! But I’ll tell you, we serve a God who has such incredible plans for His people.

Do you imagine—can you imagine this, for example? That there is somebody that is born with great natural musical talent. It’s just something that’s born into them, and we recognize that people have different gifts and abilities. But can you imagine them going to heaven and God sitting on that and squashing it? Or do you imagine that they will be so filled with the glorious life of God that music that we can’t even dream of, will flow out of them?

( congregational response ).

Things they’ve dreamed about. Can you imagine being in a place where there will be no such thing as a wrong desire? Think about that. That’s what Jesus died and rose again to give us! That’s the life of this kingdom we’re talking about! Man, I want to get rid of Adam, thank you!

( congregational response ).

He’s called me to something! He’s given me just a little bit of a glimpse of what He’s called us to! Folks, it’s incredible! To be so transformed that we are filled with his life instead of our own, and we’re set free from the tyranny, the slavery to these earthly passions that want to rule over us! Oh, I want to be free, don’t you?

( congregational response ).

When the Lord puts his hand on stuff, I want to be able to say…I want to be able to let go and say, oh God, I thank You. This is not stifling me! This is setting me free from something that would own me! You know, Jesus said he that commits sin, as a practice, He’s talking about there…it’s an ongoing thing. He who commits sin is the…

( congregational response ).

…Servant. There’s a lot of folks that would think slavery is a terrible thing, and they’re slaves and don’t know it. Oh God, the things that He has set before us. Can you imagine people who are gifted in poetry, gifted in art, gifted in so many ways, teachers, you name it, and they’re set completely free to be filled with the glory of God and give complete unbridled expression to those abilities forever?

You want to live for this and die? That’s the deception that holds this world in captivity and darkness. It is just that…the opposites there are just that stark…the difference is that stark. There’s only two ways. It’s either we’re gonna give up everything and just serve Jesus and be willing in the process to let go of things, or we’re gonna cling…we’re gonna find some mechanism, some way of hanging on to our way and our will, and either just pursue that and glory in it, like Paul said in Romans 1.

There’s people who, not only they do the wickedness that they know brings judgment, they get to the point where they boast about it! They glory in it. That’s where so many in our world are today. Oh, I praise God that He has given us a hope where we can have something so much better.

I’ll tell you what, this is real. This is not just doctrine. When Jesus warned the people…you know, Jesus used similar language, didn’t he? He talked about the glories of the kingdom and how people had to…anybody that wants to hang on to his life, he’s gonna lose it. But he who lays down his life, he’ll get to keep it forever! Life eternal!

But didn’t He look at the religious people and say, ‘woe to you—woe, woe to you’? It’s as though, you don’t have any idea what’s coming. It wasn’t joy that caused Him to do that. It was anguish of heart that caused him to reach out and say, man, something terrible is coming. Don’t you get it? Don’t you know? Don’t you understand? This world needs to know. Woe! You have no idea the power that rules this world. The only thing I can pray is that God will somehow awaken, somehow He will awaken those who have a false hope!

You know, there are a lot of folks in Matthew chapter 7 who went through a gate expecting to go to heaven! They went through with a big crowd. They all expected to go to heaven! They were busy all their lives serving God, doing religious things, building churches, starting missions, doing all kinds of stuff!

And they got to the end, “…Depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (KJV). “…I never knew you.” What was the problem? He was never their Lord. They’d never really laid down self. They never gave it up. They found a way to be religious. They learned the language. They learned the ideas and the behaviors. Oh, God.

God’s gonna make a difference. God’s gonna bring about a work of separation in this last hour. And I pray, I pray that those who have a false hope, that God has never been able to pin you down and show you what a rotten sinner you are, and how desperately you need Him, I pray that God will wake you up while there’s time. Just stop kidding yourself and thinking you can find another way.

But I pray for God’s people. I pray that God will make this kingdom that He has given to us so real that we’ll be full of that life that He purchased for us, that we will continually look back to the glory of what we have been given! I didn’t earn that blood! I didn’t shed it! I didn’t make those…I didn’t come up with those promises! All He asks of me is that I let my life go, give it to Him, and let Him remake it. That’s all. A child can do that.

He is faithful. Oh, the hope that He has given to us. Do you see what the issue turns on? It’s our life. What are we gonna do with it? Whose life is it? Is it really still ours? Are we still got a death grip on part of it, and we’re trying to live it, and trying to claim ownership of it, and trying to somehow make it okay? Or, have we just said, Lord, I surrender?

Boy, what a difference of rejoicing for a kingdom, and woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because there’s gonna come a day when men’s hearts will be failing them for fear. We’re seeing some of that now. There’s gonna come a day when people will be crying for the rocks to fall on them, the mountains to fall on them. I want His life, don’t you? But in this, in the middle of this, I pray that that life will be so real in us that where there are those that God is dealing with, they’ll have something to see.

( congregational response ).

And that gets down to where you and I live right now, because one of the characteristics of those people is, “…they loved not their lives unto the death.” I believe God is putting His hand on every one of us. There’s not one of us that, even though we’ve given our hearts to Him, and He’s given His life, and we’ve been born of His Spirit, that doesn’t have battles that we face every single day. Oh, what a glorious foundation we stand upon. We stand upon something that’s already been done.

You know, Ben reminded me of something I said in a recent service in the men’s meeting this morning about the fact that victory is not something that’s out there somewhere. Victory was won back there!

( congregational amens ).

And we have but to stand upon that victory, and believe it with all of our hearts and claim it, and the devil knows that he has no answer for that!

( congregational amens ).

Whatever the issues in your life are, realize what’s going on in the world. God has called a kingdom together. He has laid a foundation and He’s calling people out of darkness into light. He’s rescuing them from the power of darkness and bringing, translating, bringing them into the kingdom of the Son He loves.

But I’ll tell you, the people of this world need to hear the warning. Woe! “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth.” That’s people who live down here. Their minds are earthly. Their interest is earthly. They’re controlled by earthly desires. That’s their life. They’ve got blinders on.

God, there is a warning in this hour. It’s a late hour. If there’s anybody who has any capacity to hear the voice of the Son of God, bow to Him. Open your heart and live. He will give you life the moment you say, yes, from the bottom of your heart. He will do it.

You know, you feel…sometimes you feel the desires, you sense a little bit of His heart in this, and you just wish, oh God, I wish I could do something. But all I can do is just give out His Word as best I can. It just feels like such a poor effort, but God knows. It’s not the effort. It’s whether His Spirit works in hearts.

You know one of the emphases this morning in the men’s meeting, over and over again, I think in the prayer meeting as well, is the fact that God has called us to a warfare for souls. And Christians cannot stand on the sidelines and expect sinners to get saved. They need to be…I mean, there are strongholds of Satan that need to be attacked by God’s people.

And we can attack them, not by preaching at people, but we can attack them in prayer. We can attack them with a stand in our spirit. There are people right here that are in bondage and darkness, and don’t know it. There are people out there that we know. We have the privilege of being His people, living in this kingdom.

Which kingdom are you living in? Are we sleeping, are we sleepwalking through the end of the age? God help us to wake up and lay hold of the victory that was won at the cross. But not just for us, so that we can say, hey, I’ve got it. What about you? We can say, God has put a sword in my hand. I have the ability to fight for somebody else.

( congregational amens ).

Jesus fought for me. I was in need. I wasn’t looking to Him. But He came down for my rescue. He laid down His life so I could have life, and He did the same for you. That’s what He calls His people to do.

The door is not closed. It’s getting late, but the door is not closed. I believe God, with all my heart, God is looking to fill a people with His life so that He could demonstrate to the world the reality of His kingdom. And as this society deteriorates, we’re gonna see opportunities. We’re gonna see people who come into a place of distress and they realize that this world is not worth living for, and they’re gonna be looking for something. Where are they gonna find it? Where are they gonna find it? God help us. I want them to find it in me.

( congregational amens ).

I want them to see and sense something about me and you that draws them, not to us, we’re nobody…but that draws them to Jesus Christ, draws them to the One who won that victory, who was willing to come down and give His life for us. Oh I’ll tell you, the armies of heaven are engaged in this and God wants us to be as well.

It was kind of a scattered message in a way, but it’s a word to two categories of people. People who live in the heavenly realms, who have been called there because of Jesus, have no other reason to claim it except that they’ve surrendered their lives to Him, and been born of a different life. That’s the life that can grow up and completely fulfill the purpose for which you and I were created. The life of Adam can never do that. As long as we cling to that, we are going to perish with this world. So it’s a two-fold message. It’s glory and it’s woe. Praise the Lord! As scattered and crazy as it is, I hope the Lord got in it a little bit.

( congregational amens ).

But folks, God help us and wake us up, every single one of us. Whichever category you’re in, whichever kingdom you’re in, wake us up so that we realize where we’re living and what we have in Jesus Christ. We have every reason to rejoice this morning. If you’re in Him, man, we’re on shouting ground. We are on shouting ground, because Jesus has paid it all, opened heaven’s door for helpless, unworthy sinners.

I am so glad to take that place. I don’t glory in the sin part, but, I’m so glad to say, Lord, I don’t have a single reason where I can look to me and think that I am anything, that I deserve anything. You did it. I’m glad to pray, “God be merciful to me a sinner.” But He is. He is. There’s hope for anyone that will hear His voice and turn their hearts to Him. So, let’s give Him glory and praise. Praise the Lord.