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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1136

Fighting God’s Battles

July 13, 2014

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1136 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: What an awesome picture of a victory that was won by somebody else. This is not one where the Lord is standing back, giving us instructions, saying, now go out and go for it. I expect you to go out and defeat this devil. He’s already done it.

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! This is the reason we can be here this morning and have hope! There’s not a one of us here who would have a bit of hope except for the fact that Jesus has paid it all! He has won a complete and total victory!

( congregational amens ).

But here’s the thing that drew me to this passage in this context. How many of us think of this pretty much from an individual, defensive standpoint? This is about me. This is about my standing. This is about me overcoming. This is about the Devil coming against me, and me having a solid ground for defense against him. This is spiritual warfare, but it basically is centered…it’s a defensive war on my own behalf. Anybody tend to think about it that way?

( congregational response ).

I always have! Sure! Hey, this is my victory. This is about me having a means to stand and not be condemned! And I’ve got something I can fight against the Devil with. And when he comes, he talks to me, and he’s ready to take me down and defeat me. I’ve got some way to fight back. It’s all about me. Do you suppose that just maybe, this might have a larger dimension?

( congregational response ).

If Jesus has done what this says, and if He intends to build His Church and bring the captives out, in spite of the gates of hell, if He has told us to love one another, then maybe, just maybe, this warfare is not just about me. Maybe I’m meant to participate in the warfare of Christ for everybody else.

I’m not a cancer cell sitting here trying to draw nourishment to me…it’s all about me. I am one who has been united to Christ. I’ve become a partaker of His Life. What is in Him flows into me and it’s not just so I can sit there and…well, it’s like what Robert said. His Light doesn’t come in so it can reflect back and make me feel good like I’m full of light, and the rest of you all can go to Hell. That’s an extreme way to put it, but it almost gets to that. I’ll tell you what, His Life is meant to flow into us and to one another.

( congregational amens ).

And you talk about the Church bring brought to the fullness of the stature of Christ and being able to be presented to Him in the kind of glory that He describes. It ain’t gonna happen with a bunch of us fighting defensive battles. It’s gonna happen as we learn to join with Him in fighting offensive battles.

Not just for one another here in the building, but I mean the same thing is being emphasized, that God would take us beyond the walls and absolutely give us a faith that we can make a difference because, I’ll tell you what, the devil is very good at paralyzing us, with a sense of fear, with a sense of unworthiness, with a sense of our inability and all of those things!

If you’re simply looking at us, all of them are true. I’ll tell you, if you go on with the Lord and you discover your own weaknesses, that’s because God wants to help you and be with them. But the devil will flip that around and say, you are so full of need that you are not in a position to do anything for anybody else! You’ve got to get past this.

Well, you will never get past ‘this,’ because once you get past ‘this,’ there’ll be another ‘this.’ There will always be a ‘this’ as long as we are in this world. If Paul had waited until he had overcome everything, he would never have gone out and done a thing. But Paul’s message was, hey, I’ve made it and you can too. His message was always Christ and Him crucified.

And the fact that we, everyone, have a measure of the gift of Christ in us, we have the power to help one another. So, I’ll tell you what, the devil will, you know, he will use any argument that he can. Fear is certainly one of them.

You know, you think about the ground that we have to stand upon, I thank God that I can stand upon that ground for me. Because left to myself, I have no claim upon a holy God…none! Not only do I not have a claim, there is nothing I can do to gain one. No matter what I do, I will always fall short if it’s me trying to win His acceptance by something that I do. My religion…the gospel is not about my doing. The Gospel is lifting up and magnifying and shining a light on something that Jesus has done in our place for us!

But that same righteousness, not only enables me to stand before Him, it enables me to look you in the eye and pray for you and encourage you! And the devil will absolutely tell every one of us, you’re not worthy to do that. Well, depends how you look at it. If you’re talking about, am I doing this because I think that I’m somebody and I can be worthy? No! It’s that I know ‘Somebody,’ and I believe in that ‘Somebody,’ and I want to lift up that ‘Somebody.’ This is not about me. Let’s look at it a different way. Is He worthy?

( congregational response ).

Based on what He did, is He worthy for someone else to receive the benefits of what He did? That’s where the worthiness comes in. Of course, I’m not worthy to have any part in this, but He is worthy that His Word should go! He is worthy that His Life should flow into the dark places, the water that needs to flow! He’s worthy that that should go forth! Who am I to stand in the way and say, oh, I’m not worthy…poor me.

God, help us to rise above that kind of paralysis and to be able to say, we are His people. We are an army, not because of what we have done, but because of this very passage, because of what Jesus has done in our place! There is not one of us who cannot come to Him and absolutely receive complete cleansing and forgiveness, and stand before His presence as if we had never sinned!

Does he not tell us to come when in the time of need? Oh, but I got to do something about that. I’ve got to do penance. I’ve got to put in some time here, and just…I’ve got to grovel first. I think we’ve all been pretty good grovelers at times, haven’t we?

( congregational response ).

Oh, thank God, we don’t have to do that. Doesn’t that make Him sad that we are so full of unbelief? We are so focused on trying to be good, and trying to be something that we don’t accept that it’s by grace. It’s His Life that…it’s His forgiveness. It’s what He’s purchased. It’s perfect.

And if we stand in that, we can look the devil in the eye, just like that song says, and sing, “He has forgiven me.” Devil, I don’t care what you say, I have every right, not only to stand here myself, I have every right to bring my brother, or someone that the Lord has laid on my heart before You and expect You to work!

( congregational amens ).

And stand upon that! I am not standing in that place because I am anything! It is purely because of who He is and what He has done! There is no other ground upon which I can stand! But this is not just a defensive war, this is a war that we have the right to fight!

( congregational amens ).

We have the right to stand for each other, and to stand against strongholds of the enemy! And just to stand until God works, and to expect Him to work, and not to receive all these little doubtful things…’who are you, it must not be God’s will,’ a thousand and one little ways he has of putting us back in our little hole, where we say, I’m sorry Mr. Devil, I didn’t mean to bother you.

( laughter ).

God, help us to enter into the warfare that he’s talking about. There’s been a lot said about warfare lately. Well, we are in a battle. And that’s the thing, this loving each other, this command that God has given to us does not take place in a vacuum, does it? It takes place on a battlefield! It takes place in the face of an enemy who will do everything in his power to break the connections that exist in the body of Christ, to turn everything inward and cause us not to fight one for another.

I’ll tell you, there are victories that God wants to bring. I believe with all my heart that we’re gonna see victories if we’ll…many times, if we will turn our attention away from whatever is going on with us, and start focusing on somebody else and their need. You know, we change from being a Dead Sea to being a conduit of water, a river of living water. It starts flowing, not just to, but through.

You know, what is the promise that John gives us in his letter? He said, “We love…” (NIV). Now I know the King James adds the word ‘God’ in there. The word is not in the Greek. It’s not wrong, but it’s not there. It says, “We love…” Why? “…Because he first loved us.”

See that goes to our position, but it also goes to our ability, or our inability. How is it that I can fulfill the great commandment to love one another? I don’t have that ability. I don’t have that power. I do not have that inclination. Neither do you. If we did what we were inclined to do, we would live at war with one another. But I’ll tell you, God has given us Himself. He has poured His love into our hearts, and because of that we have the ability then to take and express that.

And you know, John says, that’s how His love is complete. It’s not complete simply because I bounce it back to Him. It’s complete when it flows to me, and then out through me. You know, the picture that you see in Ephesians chapter 4. I’m not gonna turn there, but you remember. That’s where it talks about the function of the body of Christ, and the ministry that is there.

Who was it…Josh? Somebody, the other night, mentioned the fact that the center of that is not that the ministry does everything, but the ministry equips the people to do! That’s their job is to bring them to a functioning order to where every member of the body of Christ is in a position to fulfill their place in the body, as Robert was talking about. They’re able to function in that, just as the parts of my body function. They’re able to take nourishment. They’re able to perform the function that they are given.

Because every member of the Body of Christ has a right to the life that comes from Christ, and as they experience that, that life is gonna go out to somebody else, and it’s gonna nourish them. And it’s as all of that interaction happens, the Body of Christ grows up to a complete expression of Christ in the earth. That’s what God is doing.

There is such an individualism…there is such an individualism in what purports to be Christianity. God, deliver us! God, bring us to a sense of community, but also of getting beyond just defensive battles and ‘woe-is-me’ life, to where we’ll say, even in the middle of our battle, we’ll be able to say, Lord, there is somebody else!

Give me Your strength to pray for them. Lord, I can’t pray. I don’t even know how to pray, but I lift my heart to You, and ask You, Lord. You’re the one who’s told me to do it! If You’ve told me to do it, then You are the One who will enable me to do it! I can’t do anything without You!

Everything God has commanded us to do is a promise of how He means to help us! And so I have a right to go to Him and say, someone is in need, or there is a bondage in somebody’s life! They’re blind! They cannot see! They cannot escape their prison! But I come against that prison! I bring it before You, Lord, in faith! You have the power!

You know, that testimony, or that service that I transcribed, was the one where Dawn got up afterwards and gave her testimony about how it took 22 years. There had to be a lot of discouragement in that 22 years for Jim and Pat, but they didn’t quit. They stood on the promises of God and they prayed, and God answered that prayer! Thank God!

( congregational amens ).

Thank God! I’m so glad that He’s brought her, that she’s one of us! She needs to know the Lord is with her in all of her battles. And she has the same privilege of praying for others and seeing God work.

There’s not a one of us here who doesn’t have your own battles. But there’s also not a one of us here who doesn’t know about some battle…there’s some battle that’s right in front of you that is not just a defensive battle, it’s one where we have the right to take hold of what Jesus did, and make a difference in that life. Let that water flow. Let it…it has to be supernatural. Here I am struggling myself, oh God, but yet I trust in You to…I’m concerned about them. Lord, I pray for them.

Oh, I’ll tell you, he who waters, will be watered. Could it just be in some cases, that’s the issue? Could we get in such a state that we are so focused on our own situation that God is wanting to break us out of that by giving that to Him, and reaching out to somebody else? Isn’t that the very nature of God Himself? Isn’t that the nature of our Savior? Think about what He went through. He didn’t go to that cross saying, ‘oh, woe is me.’ Why do I have to go through all of this, oh….

( moaning ).

There was a focus. There was a joy. I’m doing this for a reason! God has a purpose! God has a reason, and I am just excited. I am filled with joy at the prospect of what is gonna…of the good that’s gonna come out of this! I’m willing, whatever it takes, Lord, that I have to endure to see Your will done! I’m willing because I value that above My own life!

Isn’t that kind of what he says? “They did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” But I just pray that God will do something in me. I see the need. I see needs that go back my whole life. Anybody here?

( congregational response).

Yeah. But I see a God who has laid a foundation. He’s not dumping on me the requirements of fixing me. Jesus did everything that was necessary at the cross! And when He arose from the dead, I arose. He gave me a new life.

And the devil will do everything in his power to diminish that in our minds, and to make us think we are powerless. We can’t do anything. We’re not worthy. Oh my God, I’m so…when I get through with this, then I’ll do something.

God is wanting us to rise up and start fighting the battles of the Kingdom of God. And I’ll tell you, there’s a God who will back us up and be with us, if we’ll be willing to stand there like David did and proclaim the Word of the Lord! It’s the Lord’s battle!

That’s something else that was quoted the other night. The battle is the Lord’s! Goliath, I’m gonna take your head off today. You have not defied me! You have defied my God! This is not about who we are, and this is not about my ability. This is about God! And it’s in His name that I go, and I’m gonna take your head off!

God, give us that kind of conviction, that His Word really is true, that we have a right to stand, and even when time passes, and time passes, and time passes, to continue to stand. I believe we’re gonna see victories beyond what we’ve seen. I thank God for every one we’ve seen. But we’re gonna see…there are things that God is longing to do if we will stop being islands of self-pity, to the extent that that’s true.

Let’s start saying that God has called me to be a soldier. He’s allowed me to experience this challenge and this difficulty because He wants me to rise up and exercise myself. But I’m not sitting around waiting for something to happen so that I can reach out and begin to help somebody else, because they’re struggling, too! And if we, every one, did that, I’ll tell you, the life of Christ would simply flow through the body.

( congregational amens ).

There would be water flowing in some dry places. Anybody here in a dry place? God longs to…He has everything that we stand in need of. I don’t know, I just had this sense, and I know it was kicked off by what Candy said. I appreciate that. I believe the Lord laid that on her heart. Let’s stand with her. God is going to deliver. God is going to do something in the process of deliverance.

But oh, what a simple lesson it is to reach out, and to change our focus from inward to outward, and say that this battle that he’s talking about right here, this overcoming is not just about me. “Okay, I’ve overcome, now what about you? Go on and do it.” This is about a joint, a sense of the community of Christ, the Body of Christ, that no one is satisfied until we’re all set free and delivered.

You think of the simple lesson of the folks when they conquered the land, the folks that already were settled into conquered territory in the east side of the Jordan. You remember what happened with their men? They marched ahead of the rest of the nation across the Jordan River to do battle, and they weren’t going home until the rest of their brothers had gotten their inheritance.

Simple lesson in that. If we will rise up in faith and simply start taking God at his Word. Accept the fact that we are worthy because He has done…we’re clothed with His righteousness! It’s not about my worthiness. I’ll never be…I’ll never measure up to that. But I have Him. I have His righteousness because He died in my place.

I have His Life. I have His promises. I have His Word. And I have a right to stand upon them, not just for me, not just so I’ll feel good and be victorious, this is so I can actually be a soldier helping somebody else. God’s got so many things that He longs to do, and He’s gonna do them. And He’s gonna get the glory, isn’t He? Praise God! To Him be the glory!

( congregational amens ).