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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1119

Living the Life We’re Given

March 16, 2014

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1119 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Do you really trust Him? Do you really know that He loves You and has your best interest at heart, and that if He allows something, it really and truly is with eternity in mind, and His glory, and your ultimate glory and awesome end? That’s part of understanding.

God wants us to have an understanding heart, so that we can react properly. We can relate to Him. We can grow in our appreciation for Him and the relationship. It’s not just, I know there’s a God somewhere and I know some stuff about Him, but you begin to know Him. You begin to have a rest and a confidence where you can cast your cares upon Him.

You know He cares about you. You know if He’s brought something in your pathway, you know it’s good and you can say, Lord, help me with this. You’ve promised that You’d give me strength. Lord, if You want to, You can make this go away. But if You don’t, if it’s Your purpose for me to experience this, I know You’re here with me. I know You’ll carry me, if it comes to that. But I know Your strength is here. I don’t have any, Lord. I’m depending on You. But I am gonna rest. I’m gonna praise You! I’m gonna trust You!

Do you think there’s maybe some understanding coming into play there? That’s what God is longing to do. You take a small child…that’s a process, isn’t it. For years and years you kind of have to just tell them what’s what, and sometimes enforce it. And…are you doing it because you’re mad at them, and angry, and want to throw them out the door? No! You do it because you love them, if you’re the right kind of a parent. You love them.

But you know, as they grow older, it’s not enough just to say do this or else. And you don’t do it in that spirit, either. Forgive me. But now you start to say, here’s why. I want you to know why this matters. I want you to have…I want you to understand. And the older they get, the more their own understanding needs begin to take over. What you’re getting is growing up in maturity there. You know, in spiritual wisdom…it’s not enough to know and understand, you need wisdom to know how to apply that to your life.

God wants us to be able to walk with Him with an intelligence, with a growing maturity to where we are able to take what we know and use it in a way that glorifies Him! We don’t use the things we know in God to be a club to go around and beat people with. Some people do that. They’ll learn some spiritual fact and man, they’ll hammer people with it.

But we know we learn how to be like our heavenly Father, who is patient, who is kind, whose very nature is love. Yeah, He stands uncompromisingly for truth but, it’s not with a mailed fist. It’s not with anger. It’s not with contempt or disgust.

I guarantee there are plenty of people in here who have looked in the mirror this week and been disgusted. I see a few heads that are brave enough to nod. But I’ll tell you, our heavenly Father is not disgusted. He knows. He just wants you to take in the wonderful provision that He has for you and for me to live the life He’s given to us, every day to reckon on that, to say thank you, Lord, for taking…not just for dying for my sins, but taking me to that cross, Lord. I was a slave and You set me free from that. I don’t have to listen. I don’t have to obey these things that still…yeah they still pull on me, but I don’t have to obey them, now. I’ve got a different life in here.

Not only does it want to go a different way, but there’s strength in there, if I will believe in it and take my stand, God will back me up. I can begin to take the knowledge and the things that I know and in wisdom, I can begin to gain some victory, and gain some ground, and grow up.

If you’re looking for a magic carpet ride to heaven, you’re in the wrong kingdom. There ain’t no such thing. God is going to build spiritual muscles in every one of us. I’ll tell you, the farther I go, the deeper the sense that I have that we are in a society, we’re in a world that is…well, I used the expression with Carl the other night…we’re circling the drain. Men have made moral and spiritual choices that are to reject God.

They’re doing the same thing that you saw in Israel in Jesus’ day, the nation as a whole. Thank God for the remnant of people. We’re seeing the same pattern repeated today. There are people that God’s gonna reach in the middle of this, but judgment is absolutely on God’s schedule.

But what is it that you and I need in this hour? We’re gonna need divine strength. You read a little bit about what our brothers and sisters are going through in other places like China, in Muslim countries, and many other places. It takes spiritual knowledge. It takes an experience with God. It takes a faith. It takes a very practical application of things that we’ve sat here in our comfortable church and talked about. It takes knowing our God.

Do you sense…does anybody here sense with me what God is seeking to do right now? He’s getting a people ready because it ain’t always gonna be like this. Even if it is for a while, we need something that’s more than just Sunday-go-to-meeting comfortable religion. We need a real relationship. We need a knowledge of the kingdom to which we’ve been called.

( congregational response ).

We need spiritual strength and we don’t have it in ourselves! But He has everything that we stand in need of. God is getting a people ready to stand in earth’s darkest hour. He is gonna get the glory and it’s gonna be His strength!

( congregational amens ).

Do you know God has never called the first person to live for God? It got real quiet. God’s not looking for people to live ‘for’ Him. He’s looking for people ‘through whom’ He can live.

( congregational response ).

Do you get the difference? That fellow that reforms and goes to church, he’s trying to live for God. It’s ‘him’ trying to do it! God knows we can’t! God is looking for a vessel! Think what Jesus did when He went down to the waters of baptism. Did He say, Father, I’m here, I’m gonna live for you? No! He surrendered His vessel! Everything He did from that moment on was His Father living in Him doing the work.

That’s what God has called you and me to. Our Creator came down and lived among us to show us what it’s about. Man, if you’re trying to live for God, give it up and give it to Him and say, Lord, I’m done here. I can’t do this. Live in me. Let that soak in. But that is an absolute sea-change in one’s thinking.

And, even if you know that, it’s another thing to walk in it, because, by nature we were…it’s gonna be my effort, my effort, my effort, instead of coming to that place of rest in Him where we say, Lord, just give me strength to do what You want me to do. Not give ‘me’ strength. You know, even in that, sometimes it’s God, I’m trying real hard if You’ll just help me out a bit here. But, it’s still us! Instead of abandoning our strength and saying, Lord, live in me. Don’t you think maybe we need to be asking God to teach us that?

( congregational response ).

I feel the need of it. I’m saying the words but, it’s like I got a glimpse. I see it in a measure. It’s like Carl expressed the other night, you get a glimpse in the door, and what the Lord is really wanting, what He’s really done for us. He’s given us a brand new life! What the Christian life is about is learning how to live that life, and leave the other behind, and leave all the garbage that’s attending that other life.

It’s “…asking God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.” (NIV). Now why would he pray such a thing? It says “And we pray this in order that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and may please him in every way.”

So, put this together now. He starts out by saying you’re saints, you’re holy. That’s a given. That’s taken care of. We don’t have to achieve that! But now, having been given that, now God is looking for us to live that life in such a way that He is pleased with that. It doesn’t make you a saint, it simply is a case of living in accordance with what He has done.

Is this something that needs to get said, and re-said, and said over and over again, because we can sit here and hear it, and then we go right back out and live the same way that we’ve lived? I sense God needing to really burn this in our hearts, to where we begin to think His way. We begin to see His heart toward His children.

Oh my, if we could get one glimpse, one eye-opening experience with God, and yet you don’t depend upon that. We need to walk by faith, but, if we could really see, as our brothers and sisters who’ve gone to the other side see, it would just blow us away to see how we’ve lived at such a low little level, when God has given us the riches of heaven. And He’s given us a Savior to live in us who is everything we will ever need. It’s been given to us. Oh, praise God.

So, “…we pray this in order that you may live….” This is the objective. You’ve got the standing. The standing is taken care of, but now we need to grow. It’s just like Baby Johnson is a Johnson, no matter what happens! But he does need to grow! He needs nutrition. He needs something that will feed that life. He needs time, needs a lot of patience, needs a lot of cleaning up at times.

But it’s a natural process, and the parent understands the process, and rejoices at every stage, and is able to say this is exactly what Baby Johnson needs to be at this stage. I’m not expecting them to be like this. I’m expecting them to be learning and growing, dealing with three-year old things, four-year old things, five-year old things.

Oh, I thank God that He is able to look at me and know where I’m at, and love me unconditionally, and just long to help me to learn the next lesson. He doesn’t throw life at me all at once. He doesn’t tantalize me with the notion that there’s a magic button I can push, and thereafter I will be catapulted into this high realm where I will just fly like an eagle above life!

Paul never found that, did he? You read some of his later books…2nd Corinthians is well on in his ministry, and he talks about all the difficult things he goes through, and has been through. Oh my, death works in me but life in you. I’m crushed but not destroyed. You know, all these things in chapter 4 that he goes through in order to carry out the ministry.

Paul never found this realm where he just never contended with any difficulties. He contended with the difficulties in order that something would be repressed, something would be held down.

You know, something I’m just getting a glimpse of, and I’m just gonna think about this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. When it comes to the death of our old nature, God does not ask us to put our nature to death. Think about it. What he does ask us to do is to put the deeds that pertain to our old nature to death. Does that make any sense? You might need to think about that one. Does not the Word of God say that He put us to death, that we died in him? Did we?

( congregational response ).

Did we really die with Him?

( congregational response ).

Then we don’t have to do that. He doesn’t tell us to do that. He tells us to reckon on the fact that it was done! See that puts you and me in a different position with respect to the needs and the desires that try to rise up in these bodies, because they’re still infected with this lost world condition. They still want what they want. Our bodies have all kinds of desires that rise up and try to demand our attention.

But God doesn’t say, put yourself to death. He says, I’ve already done that. Reckon that I have done that! Believe it. Now operating from that position, now you deal with the individual things. It’s if this desire wants to rise up, I have the right, I have the strength, I have the power to say no to that thing. I can put the deed away!

Now yes, that deed, there was a time when I was enslaved by that! It was my master! I did not have control! I was not able to deal with that! God did that! God put me to death so that now I can stand there and say, no, I have power over you. I reckon on what He did for me, and I take that life that was given to me, and in the strength of that alone, I say, I don’t have to listen to you. I have the power to live the new life that He has given to me.

Think about that. Do you get the subtle distinction there? The devil puts us in a place where we think we have to do something He’s already done. I’ll just throw that out there. That’s something I’m chewing on, but I tell you, I believe it’s real.

Ben read a scripture the other night from Romans 8. It talks about…I’m trying to remember how it is in the two different translations, but it’s ‘putting to death.’ What are we putting to death? The deeds of the body. You don’t put your own life to death. You put the ‘deeds’ to death. How do you do that? Through the spirit. Chew on that.

That’s what life is gonna…always there’ll be something thrown at you, always there’ll be some pull from this world, or from your own nature, or from the devil that’s gonna say, hey, I own you, you have to obey me. And we have the right to stand up and say, no you don’t own me. I died.

( congregational response ).

What’s more, Christ lives in me, and I have the right to say, no, and to take my stand upon that. It becomes a fight of faith rather than of self-effort and will-power. It becomes believing in what He did instead of what we have the power to do. Chew on that one awhile. Ask the Lord to make it real.

But, I can’t find a place where he says, put yourself to death. He says, He did that. I believe it—I believe it. He has given you and me a standing, given it to us, and we have the right to stand in that, and to live the life that He purchased for us. Praise God!

So he’s praying that we might be able to live the life that He wants us to live. “…Bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.” So there it is. You don’t know everything right now. He gets that. He understands that. He doesn’t expect any one of us to be more than we are at any one given time. But He longs to impart more.

Do you hunger for more? Do you want to know more? Do you want to experience him in a deeper way? Well, praise God! He hears that! He sees that heart! Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for what?

( congregational response ).

They will be filled! That’s the words of Jesus. God sees. His heart roams through the earth. His eyes roam through the earth. He sees what’s going on. But He’s also looking for certain kinds of people. And it’s not that we’re something, it’s just that God has done something in the heart that creates in us a hunger and a desire for Him.

And as we give expression to that desire which originated in Him…but we give expression to that and He answers the cry that rises. There’s something, there’s a spiritual transaction that’s going on in your life and in mine. There’s a sharing of life. God wants you and me to grow from where we’re at right now. He is more than willing.

( congregational response ).

Folks, we don’t have to overcome God’s reluctance! We just need to learn to walk by faith and trust Him with every step. We don’t have to live in the frustration of ‘I am not that!’ How many of you live that way? Oh, if I could only be that.

Well, if you were that, you’d be looking down the road a little further and be frustrated that you weren’t there. The Lord loves you right where you’re at, but He doesn’t want to leave you there. He accepts you, right where you’re at. But He doesn’t want to leave you there.

If we’re living with the frustration, that’s a trick of the enemy. We just need to say, Lord, I know You love me. Help me right where I’m at. I accept it. I’m longing for You to take me further. Help me, and He’s gonna bring, step-by-step, day-by-day. If we’re conscious of Him, there are things that are gonna be happening in your life and mine every day that we’re gonna have to cope with. And as we cope with them by drawing upon His strength, we’re going to grow. But we can do all of that with a sense of rest, of confidence, of knowing that He is with us, and that He loves us.

( congregational response ).

That’s a different stance than saying, oh God, if I could just get there, then He’d really love me. That’s what we say emotionally, even if we don’t assert that with our minds. That’s what we’re acting like. That’s like the Johnson who was kidnapped, and is still trying to be a Johnson, when he was born that way. It doesn’t work, does it? It’s a lot to overcome.

“…Strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and joyfully giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in the kingdom of light.”

You see that theme over and over again. Paul is always operating, not from what we ought to become, but from what we already are. And what we already are is something He has done. He has given us that standing.

We are complete in Him. Every obstacle to God’s purpose was dealt with by Him! The Law was removed! We were put to death! Satan was defeated…and life came forth—eternal life. All of those things are just given to those who come to Him, just as they are, and say, Lord, I need a Savior. I believe in You. I want You.

Oh, if there’s somebody who hears this here or elsewhere, and He’s reaching out to your heart, you are a blessed person. You look around in this world and you see where it’s going. If God is talking to you, you say, yes! You run to Him and let Him make you a brand new person! Praise God!

You know, you can go on, and on, and on in this book. It just goes…it’s endless, but the message is the same. Read it. Everywhere you go, the message is the same.

I’m gonna just read one thing, and I think I’ll just end this. But in Colossians chapter 3, you go over, and I’m gonna sort of back up that one thought that I gave. Again, he is operating from a standing that has been given to us.

“Since, then, you have been raised with Christ…” See your foundation is there. Now, since that’s true, “…set your hearts on things above…” There’s a response from us. “…Where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died…” Over and over again you get the same thing. You died! You died! “…And your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”

You know, the biggest trouble we have with believing in that is that we still feel the pull. If I died, why do I feel the way that I do. Well, that’s the world we live in. But there’s something fundamental that has changed. And it’s the question of ownership. It’s the question of being enslaved by something. There is something real that God did that I believe He longs for us to reckon on, and to really get.

I see the need in me. It’s something that I’m just…the Lord has tantalized me with seeing it. But I want to get hold of it in a way that just changes everything, and I believe it’s happening. I believe it’s happening for many, to really come to see what He did. You died! Paul is treating this as a fact! “…And your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.”

All of this is a glorious provision of God! It’s a certainty. It’s a fact. You don’t have to attain to any of this. But, given these facts, God does long for us to live and to grow up into this. “Put to death, therefore,…your earthly nature.” Do you notice the subtle difference there? It doesn’t say put your earthly nature to death. It says, “Put to death…whatever belongs to your earthly nature.”

Now you’re dealing with the stuff. Now you’re dealing with the details of, ‘my body wants this.’ Who’s in charge now? Am I gonna have to listen to that, or am I in charge? Paul said of his body, I make it my slave. Before, it was his master. Now he says, I make it my slave so that I can live for God and glorify Him. Praise God!

This is a bunch of scattered shot this morning in a way, but I believe God longs to deepen our understanding of these simple truths, so that we will learn how to live for Him. But, the central thing is that our foundation has been laid. You can’t lay any other foundation than Jesus Christ, and who He is, and what He’s done for us. If you’re born of His Spirit, you are His child.

( congregational response ).

You may be a little child, you may be a little baby. You may not know much. You may make a lot of messes. But you’re His child, and He loves you. And He just wants to feed you, and enable you to grow, and come to an understanding, a maturing understanding, of what He’s looking for, knowing that the very life that He’s put in you is all the power, all the energy that we need to, “…grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ…” as Paul says in Ephesians 4.

So, praise God! It’s a lot to chew on. I hope this hasn’t been too rambly. But I need Him, don’t you? I believe Him. I believe in what He’s done for me, and I want to get a hold in a deeper way of the reality that I don’t have to try to ‘be’, I ‘am.’ Just saying that, doesn’t that give you a sense of rest?

( congregational response ).

Do you think maybe that’s what the Lord wants? It’s not to just sit back and say, oh, well then it doesn’t matter. No! What that does is take away the burden from you trying to build yourself into something that you are not, instead of being what you already are. Don’t let the devil twist that around.

I believe God is doing a heart level work in our lives and I believe it’s growing. I see it. I see it in so many, I just rejoice. And I believe God is absolutely preparing us. He knows what we need. He knows when we need it. He is faithful who promised. His Words will never pass away. That needs to be the thing that governs my mind and your mind, and if it does, we’re gonna have…our peace will grow. Our ability to live the life that He’s given us will grow, and He will get the glory, who alone deserves it. To His name be glory! Praise God!