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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1114

What is God Looking For?

February 9, 2014

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1114 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: God wants us to come to a place of joy and freedom that I need! Does anybody here need that in a greater measure? Yes! God longs to do that if we will get in the place that He esteems highly. God is going to be…God will absolutely breathe life and joy and freedom into our lives!

And what we’ll be free from is self! That awful tyranny of that nature we were born with that just wants its way relentlessly! We’ve got a God who’s able to deal with that. He’s able to help us. And that’s where I sense we’re at, and so many people, as I say, are expressing the same kinds of thoughts. God is dealing with His people. He is calling us back to the simplicity of this life of humbleness and dependence and contrition. Contrition is when we realize we are wrong, but then our attitude about it is, truth, Lord. Oh my.

You think of the spirit of that woman, when Jesus was trying to get away for a little bit of rest. He went to Tyre, and this Greek woman had a daughter who had a demon. And she comes knocking…

( knocking ).

…On the door of the house where Jesus is at. “Jesus, heal my daughter.” The disciples weren’t very happy about it, and they were trying to discourage her. And she just…

( knocking ).

…She continues to persist. And finally, Jesus acknowledges her and said, it’s not fit to give the children’s…”I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (NIV). My mission is not to you. I’m trying to remember the exact sequence of words…this kind of just came to me.

But, anyway, finally He said it’s not fit to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs. Oh my! If you tell that to any modern person in America…people’s skin is so thin in America today, it’s a wonder they don’t bleed to death!

( laughter ).

Talk about pride! But this woman just said simply, “Truth, Lord.” (KJV). It’s true. But, “…the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” You think of the place that she took, just one of total humility.

I’ll tell you, only God can bring us to that, and only as we yield to his dealings with our lives. Didn’t he say, “Humble yourselves…under the mighty hand of God.…” Has God’s hand been mighty in your life lately? Has He done things that have just kind of brought you to that place where you’re having to yield, you’re having to give up your thoughts and your ways and your ideas, and God is just trying to bring you to that place?

And you think it’s like the end of the world! And it’s the place of blessing and peace. I’m just like you, I struggle against it! I don’t want to go there! But I’ll tell you, part of me doesn’t want to go. Part of me longs for it. And I just thank God that He is so faithful to bring these things to pass in our lives.

You know, you think about…this is another contrast I have heard many times, and it’s a very good one. You see the first two kings of Israel, at least the first ones that we actually recognize as kings. There was Saul’s son…they tried to put him in for a while. But anyway, Saul…when Samuel was getting old, and it became evident that his sons were not like him, and the Israelites said, what are we gonna do when you’re gone. You’ve been handling things really well. God’s been blessing you. We need a king. We want to have a king like all the other nations. And the Lord said, go ahead, let them have a king. And so, he anointed Saul.

Well, when you first find Saul, he is a pretty shy guy. He may have been a big bruiser, but he was shy. Do you remember when Samuel was about to try to introduce him to the people, the problem was, where is he? Well, he was hiding. You think of the mentality of this person at this point. But all of a sudden, God began to…God elevated him anyway, and then he went along, and boy, pride just came in and took over. He got the big head.

Every success he had just built up his ego, and this was undoubtedly a period of years, but God gave him an assignment. There were people that needed judgment. You can argue with God about it, I’m gonna tell you how it was. There were people that He said, destroy them all. Don’t leave anything alive, not animals, not anything. And so he went and he fought against them, and there was a great victory.

But, Saul had a better idea. People persuaded him. You know, look at all these animals. We can bring them back, and we can have a sacrifice to God. And so Samuel goes looking for Saul, and somebody tells him, he went to such and such a place to erect a monument in his own honor. This is the guy who was hiding among the stuff when time came to anoint him king. All of a sudden, he’s over in some other town building a monument in his own honor!

And one of the things Samuel said to him was, when you were small in your own eyes, such and such was the case. But now all of a sudden, you’ve got the big head. He had a better idea than God did.

Have you ever had a better idea than God did? You didn’t tremble at His Word, you kind of argued with it a little. You debated it. You thought it was something…an idea thrown out to just talk about. Oh my, God, help us to come to that place. It’s not that we live in fear in that sense, but we take it seriously! We realize we don’t know anything as we ought to know it! He does! And He loves us, and He has out best interest at heart! He knows the plans that He has for us! They’re plans to help us, to do us good, to give us a hope and a future! Praise God!

And so, this guy just…to obey is better than sacrifice, God told him. Is sacrifice really what he wants? No. He wants simple obedience. Here was a man who had gotten proud, and he didn’t tremble at God’s word anymore.

You know, if there’s anybody that hears this, here or anybody else, and that’s your place, God help you. God help me. That’s what happens in a lot of religion. You get somebody that starts okay, and God is blessing. And the next thing you know, the activity, and the initiative, and the zeal takes over. And first thing you know, you’re in charge and God’s on the sidelines. Things are dry and they’re ineffective, spiritually.

You may have…there are people that have built great churches, but what is it? Did God build it? Is it built out of people that have really come to the cross…they’ve heard the gospel and been changed? That’s what God is longing to do. I believe there is a harvest out there. I believe there’s people that God is gonna be reaching.

And so the Lord had to tell Saul, I’m seeking a man after My own heart. And that was David. Was David perfect? No. But when God faced him with the terrible sin that he had committed, of adultery, and murder, and being so spiritually insensitive, he didn’t realize it for more than a year. He didn’t really get, didn’t grasp what he’d done.

But when God put His finger on that, he could have taken that prophet and said, how dare you talk to me? Don’t you know who I am? But, he fell on his face, and he repented from the bottom of his heart.

You think…you contrast that with Saul. One of the things that David said was, it’s not sacrifice You want. If You wanted sacrifice, I’d give it, but that’s not what You’re after. What You want is a contrite, broken spirit. You want somebody that’s just able to let go and say, oh God, I see my need. I just bring it to You, Lord. I’m not gonna try to pretend with You. You know everything anyway. But I bring it to You, because, You’re the one who’s able to do something about my need. And I want to be right, Lord. And You’re the only one that can make it right.

You see the spirit in which that happens? God does not want us to live a life of gloom, and despair, and all that stuff. I believe, with all my heart, He wants us to have a life of freedom and joy. But we’ll never have it without having this underneath it. Whatever God does is right. Whatever He says is right. When He does something, we trust Him. When He tells us something, we believe it. When He tells us to do something, we do it. And that’s our heart, and that’s our spirit, and even when we don’t do it right, we just say, Lord, I’m sorry, help me. And He does!

( congregational amens ).

That’s the glorious thing! Oh my, I think about…my mind goes off into the Scripture in Nehemiah. You remember how God raised up Nehemiah to help the exiles who had come back from the Babylonian captivity, and the city was in a terrible shape. The walls were down. Everything had been burned. It was just calamity. And God gave him a vision of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, and against great odds he rallied the people, and God blessed them, and they did it.

But there came a day when it was time to go back and let’s read what God gave Moses. Let’s read the Law. Let’s read the covenant, because this is the basis upon which we have a relationship with this God. Let’s read it. Let’s go and see what He says.

And they read it. For hours they read it. They not only read it, they gave the sense, they explained it. They did it from a platform. You know, we’ve got a little precedent for this. But anyway, they did that.

What was the response…do you remember what the response of the people was? They were weeping. There’s a time to weep. But what was it that Nehemiah said? He said, this is a time for joy. This is a time to rejoice. This is a time to give gifts one to another. This is a time for celebration. God has brought you to a place of humbleness and contrition before Him. And now He wants to take you, and not just grind you into the ground, and cause you to feel like dirt. He wants to lift you up. He wants to fill your life with His joy. You need to be rejoicing! That’s something I need to remember. Anybody else here join me in that?

( congregational response ).

When God deals with you in some area and you see what you are, and you get discouraged. And you say, oh God, is there any hope for somebody like me? That’s the only ground of hope that there is. That’s what God is looking for, it’s a heart that feels that way about Him, and about the things of God.

But I’ll tell you, when we feel that way, it’s because God has worked! Do you think that you could feel that way if God wasn’t working with you? You wouldn’t care! You’d be just like everybody else…on the road to hell! But we’ve got a God who cares enough about us to deal with our hearts.

This is what I see God doing among His remnant people! Right now they wear a lot of different labels! But God has a remnant, and He’s dealing with us to bring us down to the place where the walls that we have built in our lives don’t matter! Our own pride, our own efforts, they don’t matter! He matters! His purposes! And I’ll tell you, God is gonna have a people in this hour through whom He can work! He can do whatever it is He wants to do, because it won’t be us! It won’t be for our glory, it’ll be for His glory!

( congregational response ).

There are things coming that God longs to have a people that He can share this glory with, not so we’ll be lifted up and made to be something, but so He can share His glory. He’ll call the last remnant of His people out of this sin-darkened world before the fire falls. It isn’t long. I don’t know how long. We’re seeing things unfold pretty rapidly. The headlines every day tell us where things are headed. But I’ll tell you, God is gonna use this darkness to awaken His people.

And what is it that we need to be awakened to? To get our denomination more geared up, get the machinery going? No! It’s to humble ourselves and say, oh God…God, we have lifted ourselves up. We have walked in our own strength. We need You to come and to tear down all the things that we have built in our lives that are from us and not from You! God, do whatever it takes! Search us, Lord!

( congregational response ).

Deliver us from ourselves! Deliver us from our own ways, and bring us into that place where we can be Your people. I’ll tell you, that’s what God is looking for! Do you want to know who God thinks highly of? Somebody like that. And I want to be one of those. Not to be lifted up and think I’m something, because I…you know, that doesn’t work very well, does it? How many times have you felt that way and God reminded you? But He’s so faithful and so wonderful. He doesn’t ever do it to leave us in that place. Like He says, He dwells with people like that. But for what purpose does He dwell with people like that? To revive them, to breathe life! Do you want life?

( congregational response ).

Do we want life? Do we want more life? He’s the only source of life that there is. I can’t bring anything to this equation. All I can do is just say, Lord, You’re the potter, I’m the clay. Take over. Do what needs doing. God, get Your program ready and get me with that program. Help me, because I am nothing but weakness and failure in myself. I need You.

( congregational response ).

I’ll tell you, if we can be that kind of a people, God’s gonna say, now there are people that know what they are. I can do something with them. I can work. And I believe He’s gonna finish the job that He set out to do. And He is gonna get the glory. Oh I’ll tell you, there are exiting things happening. He’s not telling us. You know, we have our ways of envisioning what all that would look like. Oh, if God would just come down, this place would be over-brimming with excitement, and the pews would be full, and people would fill the altars! Well maybe, I don’t know. I want Him to do it His way.

( congregational response ).

He doesn’t need to come and jump in my box. We need to take that box and throw it away, and say, God just do whatever it is You’re gonna do. Do it how You’re gonna do it! We might wind up in prison like Brother Yun…witnessing there, and seeing great things happen right there in prison! I don’t know what God has! But whatever it is, He is gonna be with us.

And boy, we have these testimonies right now of people and what they’re going through in other parts of this world. We need to pray for our brothers and sisters, that God will strengthen them. Oh my. You don’t know what He can do.

I was just thinking of a story that I heard. You know, a few of us, several years ago, had the privilege of going to a house in the area, Tim and Tammy invited Sue and me. And we heard a woman who had been kind of snuck in there, under the radar a little bit. But she was a leader in the house-church movement, had a particular network of churches…many, many, thousands of people, that she was, more or less, the leader of. And she testified.

We had a chance to talk with her afterwards, and she was genuine. But I remember one of the stories she told was of being in a crowded jail cell, just crammed in there, no room to change your mind in there. People were so jammed in there, and they were marching a bunch of men past her cell to be executed.

And her heart just burned, Lord, I wish there was something I could do. And she knew she couldn’t preach or do something like that. And so she just went like this…just held up her fingers in the shape of a cross. And one-by-one, she saw those men just melt in tears.

God can do what He wants to do with a people that are broken, and know what they are, and know who He is. There’s no limit to what God can do. He doesn’t need thousands of fancy sermons. He just needs to contact a human heart and make Himself known. I want to be one of those people. And I believe there are many here who do, as well. May God be glorified. And may He do in us what is needed. Praise God!