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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1103

The Battle is the Lord’s

November 24, 2013

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1103 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Folks, whatever God has called us to is a totally supernatural thing that has nothing to do with natural ability. And all we do, when we exercise natural ability, is get in God’s way. And the Lord has a way of teaching us that we need Him, and it’s only in Him that anything eternal can happen.

And so, of course, you remember how they sent out word to all Israel. God has appeared to Gideon. He wants to do something about the Midianites. And so…was it 32,000 gathered? I think it was. And the Lord said, it’s too many. Well, they already didn’t have as many as the enemy. What do You mean, it’s too many? But the Lord was wanting to teach them something. And so, everybody who’s scared, go home.

Well, 22,000 went home. I mean, they came because they felt like they ought to, they had to. It was kind of a duty kind of thing. But you know, when it gets right down to it, I’m really not very confident here, so I’m going home. So they’re left with 10,000. Well, maybe we can do something. You know, maybe that’ll work.

But the Lord had a little test, didn’t He? And He said, go down to the brook, and tell them to drink water. He didn’t give them any instruction. But, there are two ways they drank water. Some of them were looking like, were doing like this. And others, they got right down to it. And 300 lapped like dogs, didn’t they? And, I guess that would make 9700 that did it the other way.

And I’m sure, I’m positive, knowing human nature, that Gideon figured well, okay, we lose 300, that’ll be okay. But the Lord had a different idea. He said, take the 300. Now why did He do that? Who can tell me why the Lord brought it down to just 300?

( congregational response ).

Yeah. What was the lesson?

( congregational response ).

The lesson is that if you mounted a battle, and you’ve got your strategy, and you had a whole lot of people, you’d figure you did it! And the Lord wanted them to understand, you’re not the one who gives victory! I’m the one who gives victory! Even if you do have a big army, I’m the one who determines the outcome. And so, what I want you to do is just do what I tell you to do, but understand, big or little…I mean the little things we go through every day don’t matter! It’s God’s battle! Period! End of story!

And so God gave them a great victory with 300 people…threw the enemy into confusion, and they just turned-tail and run. And you know, what I sort of skim-read yesterday, but it blessed me, but it reminded me of the situation with David. And, particularly when the Philistines mounted a charge and they sent Goliath.

They came up with a strategy, you know, we’ve got a special…we’ve got something special in our army, and we’re gonna challenge them in a special way. We’re gonna send out a champion and we’re going to allow the battle to be determined by one-on-one combat. But guess what? Our champion is almost ten feet tall, and he’s been a warrior since he was young. So we’re gonna send him out and challenge the people.

Well now, suppose they had had kind of a good warrior, but still just one of the guys. What would the reaction have been? You know, they’d have been looking around saying, all right, who’s our best champion here. In other words, it would have been reasonable. It would have been possible. It would have been something they said, well, you know, this is difficult but we can handle this. But not him! How many Goliaths has the Lord sent into your life?

( congregational response ).

And you know, a lot of times we think, when we hear this story, we think about external circumstances. We think about this problem, that situation, this thing here, that’s Goliath. Oh, it’s out there. Oh God, defeat that terrible giant. Do you know where my worst Goliath is?

( congregational response ).

Yeah, it’s in here. It’s things that mount up that just seem like, oh, my God…oh, this is a giant. Lord, I am in way, way over my head! And of course, the Lord turns around and says, well, you’ve always been over your head. You just didn’t know it. But I don’t want you to be dismayed or to give up in the face of all of this, because I understand. I knew about Goliath all along.

And of course, you know the story how David…it wasn’t just a story about courage. It was a story about somebody who understood what was really going on. He understood that it wasn’t the people that were being challenged. This was God. I don’t even know if Goliath really, really understood it. But maybe he did. He defied the armies of Israel. He defied their God. He just stood there and said, you can’t beat me. I defy everything that you stand for! You cannot beat me.

Are there things in your life that are like that right now? Are there any Goliaths that are defying you? Yeah. Well, I see a few heads honest enough to nod. If you’re not right there now, you will be.

( congregational response ).

But David understood that this was the Lord’s battle. He was the one being challenged. There was a battle going on way bigger than just men on a battle field. There was an unseen realm. There was a God who had taken this rag-tag bunch of people—bunch of heathen people and made a nation out of them.

And here was somebody who was not just a man, not just an earthly giant, this was somebody who was inspired by the other side, the devil. The heathen gods, they understood, were not just figments of people’s imagination. There was demonic power behind them. And that was the inspiration that was causing this man to rise up and defy the God of Israel. You can’t…the God of Israel. You cannot defeat me!

But David understood this is not a human battle. You have not defied men. You have defied our God, and I’ll tell you, my God is bigger than you! And folks, I believe with all my heart, God is wanting to remind us that we have a God who is bigger than the biggest Goliath you and I will ever face, and it’s Him that’s being challenged. We may be the ones on the battlefield, but I’ll tell you, the battle is a whole lot bigger than you and me. This is something that’s been going on since Satan rebelled against God in the beginning.

You know, you remember the account of…somebody mentioned this the other night, I think it was Elisha. And this heathen king was wondering how in the world his plans kept getting figured out. I mean, he was opposing Israel and every time he tried to do something, it was like they knew exactly what he was gonna do, and where he was gonna do it, and when he was gonna do it, and he said, who’s for…who’s the spy? Let’s smoke out this terrible spy. And somebody said, there’s no spy. But I’ll tell you, there’s a prophet over there, and the things that you whisper in you bedchamber, he knows. I’ll tell you, we’ve got a great God, don’t we?

( congregational response ).

If we need to know stuff, He can tell us. And that was the case. And so he said, well, I guess if we’re gonna defeat them, we’re gonna have to do something about that guy. Where is he? So anyway, they found out where he was in such and such a city, so while they were sleeping that night, the whole army came in and camped around, and they woke up in the morning, and oh my God, we’re surrounded.

And you remember how the servant reacted. He was looking at it as we often do, natural understanding. We are in way over our heads. We are against a foe we can’t possibly defeat. What are we gonna do? Oh, master! And he said, Lord, open his eyes. There are more for us than there are against us. And all of a sudden, he saw things in a different light. God did open his eyes and he saw.

Wouldn’t it be something if the Lord opened our eyes today? We could see how things really are. Oh my! Would it change your perspective? But yet, we have a record of a God who cannot lie, who has told us these things over, and over, and over again. And so, when his eyes were opened, he looked and he saw chariots of fire all surrounding the other army, and he realized…oh, Lord, ‘they’ are in trouble!

( laughter ).

You know, what a different perspective. They have set themselves against God. This isn’t just about me! This isn’t about me, and my little life, and my little problems. This is part of a cosmic battle between Heaven and Hell. And, of course, the Lord gave them deliverance. God blinded the army and said, he’s not here, and led them right smack into the capital of Israel. And all of a sudden, they opened their eyes and realized what was going on. Anyway, the battle was won. The whole situation was totally diffused.

I’ll tell you, it is the Lord’s battle. You think about the big picture here, because I believe many times this is what we need. We get so mired in the details. We get mired in our situation—our feelings about our situation, all of those things! And, we forget what’s really going on. Just like the Israelites when they were looking at Goliath. They didn’t catch on to what was going on.

But I’ll tell you what, we are part of a race that has been totally taken over by Satan! Through the power of sin and darkness, men, apart from the intervention of God, we would absolutely live and die as slaves in darkness! Don’t you suppose that there are good people out there that would just…that God would recognize their goodness? Folks, we have no goodness.

( congregational response ).

You look at the prophecy of Isaiah that talks about the condition of the world into which Jesus came. He said, “…darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people.” (KJV). But then he says, upon you there’s a light coming. There was a light that entered into Israel in that time, and God meant for that light to begin to expose and defeat this darkness, and it wasn’t just sent for the benefit of Israel, it was meant to go to the ends of the earth, as it did, ultimately.

There’s a light that’s come into the world. But that’s the only answer to darkness! If you did not have God intervening, concerning our situation, every one of us would die in darkness and that would be the end of it. We would have no clue what life was about. So this is God’s battle to begin with.

You see God did invade. God sent His Son to the cross to take our sins upon Him, and that was the beginning. There was a tremendous battle. Oh, wouldn’t it have been something to be able to see that battle, what was really going on…not just the physical stuff, not just a man dying on a cross, but to see the forces of darkness and the forces of light? You talk about the battle of the ages, it was fought that day and it was won! We have a Savior who absolutely, utterly defeated the enemy, and the enemy didn’t have a clue what was going on. He thought he was winning! And he absolutely engineered, in the purpose of God, his own ultimate defeat!

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! And then three days later that became obvious when Jesus came out of the grave and he couldn’t stop it! I’ll tell you, there was a…the war was won that day!

( congregational amens ).

And you know, you see this pictured in the book of Revelation in symbolic terms of the rider on the white horse riding forth with a sword that says, the Word of God…or the sash, whatever it was…it’s pictured different ways. And I’ll tell you, there has been a war going on ever since.

And it’s a war where God is absolutely reaching into the clutches of Satan, the prison houses of sin, and He’s calling out a people for His name! Jesus said, “…I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” You see, men are enclosed inside gates and Satan is holding onto those gates. He’s got them locked securely. Those are prison gates, folks. But I’ll tell you, God has sent His Son with authority to breach those gates…to go in and to rescue prisoners from the prison houses of sin.

This is God’s battle. That means the battles that affect you and that affect me every single day…they’re not just our battles, they’re His battles, because He has set Himself to fight for you and to fight for me. I need Him to fight for me.

( congregational amens ).

I need…it’s not just that I need Him to fix my life, and make it pretty, and make it comfortable. I need Him to conquer me. There’s stuff in me that doesn’t want to let go. And I need Him to conquer me. I need Him to fight that battle. I need Him to just…Lord, just do what it takes to rescue your people.

But I’ll tell you, when God brings us up against a Goliath, you think of the effect that it has. If we’re looking at it naturally, we will be dismayed. But if we look at it as we ought, God will use that as a reminder of just how helpless and how dependant we are upon Him. And He doesn’t do that to make us feel like dirt. He does it to exalt His love, which has reached to us anyway, and has offered us a door of hope. But it causes us to say, oh God, I can’t.

You know, I mentioned this the other night. I’ve had this experience more than once, where I have literally, on the way up to this pulpit, I have said, God, I can’t do this…and had Him say right back to me, yes, I know, but I can.

( congregational response ).

But that applies to everything in every life. That’s not just about preaching, that’s about living.

( congregational amens ).

Because the reality is, I don’t care what it is in your life, you can’t! I mean, if it has to do with serving God, and making progress in the kingdom of God, and walking the path that God has laid before us, running the race, whatever illustration you want to use from the scriptures, we can’t do it! We need Him in us, and with us, and upon us.

We need to be a part…He’s the commander! He’s here with Heaven’s armies, and He’s here on our behalf! We didn’t ask Him to do this! He did it because of His character and His love! He shed it upon somebody who is utterly unworthy of any of the least of His mercies, but He’s done it! And He’s here to fight.

And I’ll tell you, He is a commander who will not lose! But oh, we need, every day, to lift up our eyes, and when you’re facing Goliath, you need to say, thank You Lord for reminding me that this battle is bigger than me, that there’s no Goliath that’s too big for You. But You’re doing it to remind me to turn my heart to you, and just surrender and stand in faith.

And the other thing is this, we like the five-minute battles where we proof-text the devil away. But there are battles that last years. It’s whatever God’s purpose is in a given situation. There were cities, you know when they were conquering the land, where they had to lay siege, walled cities. The Lord just didn’t make the walls all fall down every time. It wasn’t a formula. There were times they literally had to lay siege, and wait, and just hold on, and stand.

Is anybody in a place like that right now? Well, don’t be dismayed. Don’t think there’s something wrong. There’s no formula. Every battle is unique. Everything is different. But I’ll tell you, the same Commander is here, and He’s with us, and it’s not your battle alone. It’s His battle! It’s part of something that God has purposed from all eternity to rescue you and to rescue me from the devil’s holds, and the strongholds of the devil in our lives. And I just praise Him today!

As I thought about some of these things this morning, I said, Lord, I can’t preach this. I’m in the middle of something.

( laughter ).

And He said, well, so is everybody else.

( laughter ).

Let’s just at least point them in the right direction. Lift Me up! Because the point isn’t that, hey, I’ve done it, you can do it too. That’s not the point. The point is He’s done it!

( congregational amens ).

And He’s willing to work in every one of us to make us strong, not in our strength, but in His! And you look at a little young man…well, he wasn’t a boy. Sometimes David was pictured as a boy, but obviously, I believe, he was a young man. He could have been twenty, I don’t know. Whatever it was, he was…but still he was no natural match for Goliath. But he said, you come against me with spear and sword and whatever, I’m coming against you in the name of the Lord. The battle is the Lord’s.

And folks, whatever you’re facing right now, it is the Lord’s battle. Don’t you forget that it’s the Lord’s battle. Don’t you say, if you fall in the mud, oh well, He’s through with me now. That’s part of the Lord’s battle, is you getting up and saying, oh God, I just look to you. I’m trusting in you, God, to give me the strength to fight. Give me the courage. Minister the faith to me to stand.

Lord, if there is a word where I can just dispel this thing, great! That’s wonderful. But if not, help me just to stand my ground, and trust in Your name, and look back to the cross, and continually go back to the victory that was won there. That’s where our victory comes from.

It will never come from you being smart, from you having a strong will, from your own natural determination. You might as well chuck that in the trash right now and say, we’re in way over our heads. The simplest thing is way over our heads. God wants us to live a life that looks to Him in everything, and looks to Him based upon His Covenant and His Word. And we have a God who will back up His Word and not fail! Praise God!

( congregational amens ).