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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1101

The Gospel in True Marriage

November 10, 2013

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1101 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Praise God for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because that’s what this is really about! It’s about God, through His Son, seeking lost and broken, helpless sinners, setting His love upon them. And not just saying, I’m gonna give you a plan. Here’s how you can fix it. This is a plan that He has to engineer 100 percent of the power to save the best of us, if you want to try to measure it by human standards…there are no best. We are broken sinners.

We are…I’ll tell you, if you don’t think you are, my prayer is that God will absolutely bring you to that point where you see it. You look in the mirror and you just…you can’t believe God would ever love somebody like you because you’re so bad. You haven’t seen yourself unless you’ve seen yourself in the light of God’s holiness and God’s purity.

You look in this Word, and every single time that somebody had a real encounter with God, there was some manifestation of God, some expression of God, they were…where did they wind up? On their face. All sense of goodness is gone! They stopped looking at one another and saying, I’m better than you. They look at God and say, oh my God, I had no idea my need was so great. But you want to know what love is? If any man had ever been in God’s position in that circumstance, what would he do?

( brushing hands off ).

I’m done with you. You have failed to live up to my purposes. You are lost and broken. You are worthless! Into the trash heap you go! But oh, we have a God whose love, whose very nature would not allow Him to do that. He reached out…but what was the cost of that? My God, you think of His Son coming…just living in this world was enough! Just to have to leave heaven and come here!

Every once in a while you hear of somebody who has a genuine experience…I don’t think all the experiences that are out there are genuine, but I believe they are genuine experiences where the Lord has allowed people to see heaven. How many of them do you think want to come back? I’ll tell you, it’s a real act of submission to say…I’ve got more for you to do down there. Tell people what you’ve seen. But to have to leave that, and they’re just looking and just longing, and just trying to take it in. Do you have any idea what God has for them that love Him?

Oh, I’ll tell you what…but Jesus, not only lived there, He was the Lord of heaven. He was the One to whom all the angels looked and honored. This is God’s Son. Boy when He came down here, do you think the devils didn’t recognize Him? Boy, there was time and again, He would confront somebody and the devil would speak through that person and say, are You come, “…to torment us before the time?” (KJV). I know who You are! You’re the Son of God! They were scared to death! They knew who that was.

But there He was robed in flesh and He didn’t come down here to be Mr. Big-shot. He lived a humble, quiet life. He didn’t even go around telling everybody who He was. He showed them by His love, by His actions, His compassion for sinners. He wasn’t like us. He didn’t look down His nose at sinners. He reached out to the lowest of the low. He knew they were caught by a power they couldn’t escape. He didn’t come to condemn, He came to offer hope.

See, that’s what this passage is talking about. That’s what’s imbedded in all of this, where He talks about how He loved us and He gave Himself for us. You know, you can read right over those words and not think about what that means. But to be willing to do what He did, and stand there and take the insults and the rejection of men who despised Him, who tortured Him, who did everything…and to be quiet. And…just to submit to it, like a lamb before his shearers is dumb.

Boy, we’d have been protesting. We’d have been screaming. We would have been threatening…if we’d followed our nature in that kind of circumstance, man, we’d be…’I’ll get you.’ He didn’t do any of that. He said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” (NIV).

You want to get a picture of what love really is about? It is a love that gives and is self-sacrificing. God, help us to just cry out to God and say, Lord, I want to be more like You and less like me. God, help me to move in that direction. Help me not to just accept where I’m at, but to move forward.

I don’t know...there might be somebody here today that God wants to open your eyes and open your heart to the Gospel. It’s real, folks. I’ll tell you, I believe there’s a company of people here who could sing and understand what they were singing this morning. We’re talking about the cross and the blood, and what it represents. It represents a life that was laid down. He didn’t value anything in this life. His life itself…He willingly laid it down, tortured to death. Why? For Him…so He could get something out of it? So He could save you and me, and offer us hope.

There is no other hope, no other name! His very name means ‘God saves.’ See it flows from the very heart of God and it just represents the very nature and the heart of God that’s expressed. That’s what He’s seeking to reproduce in us.

But oh, I pray, if you’re here today, and you don’t quite get this, it doesn’t quite make sense to you…how people could be so excited and be so engaged in singing about the cross and the blood. What in the world is that about? Oh, that blood represents a sacrifice, the death that you and I deserve to die because of our sins, but one that He, who never had sinned, was willing to step in and take our place, and receive all the wrath, all the punishment, everything that sin deserves…He stepped in and He took it. And He did it so that He could offer us hope and a hope of eternal life.

My God, that’s what this love is about. Oh my, you think about the church as the wife here, and our response to Him. Do you think we can come to Him and negotiate? Oh my God, what other place is there but just to submit, and say, Lord, You gave up Your life for me, I give mine to You. I’m Yours, we are Yours. You are the Lord and we submit to You in everything. Come, dwell in this place. Lord, we are Your people now. You have bought us with the price of Your own blood. We are Yours!

You see the picture of how God originally established it? You get those things in balance, you’ve got something that’s real. You’ve got something that is powerful. You’ve got something the Devil hates! He fears it because it’s not just people trying to act religious. It’s Christ literally living in a people!

( congregational response ).

That’s what is needed here! It’s what’s needed in my life! It’s what’s needed in all of us! I’ll tell you, God is giving us a taste of that! But oh, He wants to replicate that in the home as well, so that same Spirit that He has in the congregation is mirrored in the home! And you get a husband that says, Lord, I want to be like You. I don’t want to be an abusive boss. I don’t want to just throw my weight around because I can, because You tell me I’m the head. Being the head is like Christ was the head, and He gave Himself as a sacrifice for the object of His love. Oh God, come and help us.

But I’ll tell you, you’re gonna see wives that have got any kind of godliness about them at all…man, do you respond to that? Any ladies here can identify, and that’s what you’re looking for, that’s what you’d…would you have any problem submitting to that kind of love? I’ll tell you, that’s a redeeming love. “Redeeming love has been my theme, and shall be till I die.” Isn’t that the line from that hymn?

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! I’ll tell you, men, we occupy an interesting position because we’re part of the wife and we’re husbands, too. But oh, God, open our eyes to see what this is about, because if we get it, oh my.

But oh, I begin to talk about how the wife’s position is to submit. Folks, there is no other way to salvation except to submit to Him completely. We don’t come, we don’t bargain, we don’t say, I’ll give a little and You give a little. We don’t say, I know I need some help, so I’ll just find me a church. I’ll do this, I’ll do that. I’ll become religious. I’ll take it on.

No! We just say, Lord, I surrender. If you ever see your need of a Savior…I mean, you really see your need of a Savior, there is nothing you can do but cry out to the only name under heaven whereby we must be saved. That’s the name of Jesus. There is one way. There is one name, and God, Himself, has given it for you and for me. I just praise Him this morning!

( congregational response ).

I want to take that place of humbleness, of recognizing that I have…apart from Him I am lost, I am hopeless. I can’t look in the mirror and find one reason why God would love somebody like me. I don’t care whether you were born in a palace or you’ve lived in the gutter. You’re the same in God’s eyes. I’ll tell you, sometimes sin expresses itself, but the sin is there. What we are is the problem. It’s not just what we do, it’s what we are. Only God has the power to change that.

That’s what love is really about. It’s about giving Himself for us so that we could partake of His very life and His nature and be totally changed. Oh my, what a love He has given to us. And I’ll tell you, we have a Savior who is up to the job. We have One who can do…He can finish what He started. He doesn’t just say, I’ll let you in and hand you a road map…find your way. This is Somebody who is committed every single day until eternity to finish what He started.

Every day we have the privilege of enjoying that love, humbling ourselves before it, submitting to the process by which He puts His finger on the things that need changing in our lives, and then receiving the grace that alone enable us to become what He wants us to be.

Listen to what He says, what His purpose is, why He gave Himself up. “…To make her holy….” Now holiness, to somebody, especially that’s lost, sounds terrible. They think of religious people who are more Pharisees…they’re not holy at all, they’re Pharisees. But I’ll tell you, there is a separation from sin and all the spirit of this world and everything, that God alone has the power to make us, and to fix us.

“…Cleansing her by the washing with water through the word….” I’ll tell you, we’ve got a privilege of listening to Him talk to us. And it’s not just the information. See, we don’t just need information here this morning, we need God! We need the presence of His Spirit in this place. And when we open up our hearts to His Word, that has the power to change us!

You know, James talks about receiving with meekness, and I think this translation says something like, the Word that is planted in us. And that kind of reminds you of what Jesus talked about when He talked about the farmer going out to sow, and the different kinds of soil. Folks, I don’t want to have any rocks in my heart. I don’t want to have any weeds growing that are just choking out that Word.

When I hear His Word, I want to say, yes, Lord. I want to say, thank You for planting that Word. I receive it into my heart. I accept You evaluation of my need. I accept Your offer of help and grace to change me, Lord. I embrace that. Let it grow, Lord. Plant it in my heart.

I’ll tell you, when somebody approaches the Lord that way, God has what you need! He has exactly what you need. He has what I need. And he is absolutely committed to sharing His life with us! And I’ll tell you, as we listen to His Word, as we allow it to wash our minds and our hearts, we’re gonna be changed into His image—we’re gonna be changed.

You know, like Paul said in another place, “…with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord…” (KJV). You know, sometimes we need to see ourselves. But what we really need to see is Him. We need to see ourselves so that we know we have a need. But man, we don’t need to sit there and be bogged down by our need. We need to have our eyes lifted to say, there’s Somebody, that though He is so high and so pure, yet He has reached all the way down to give me hope. He looks for somebody that has that desire to humble themselves and say, oh God, I need a Savior. Do you need a Savior this morning?

( congregational response ).

Do you really need it—need Him, need One? I do.

( congregational amens ).

I do. And I’m glad to confess it, and I’m glad to confess Him. Jesus is the One that has the power to save me…somebody like me! You might look and say, yeah you’re…no, you don’t know. I’m exactly like the worst sinner in the world. You get the right circumstances, I’ll tell you what, it’s in there. But I have One that has promised to save me completely.

( congregational response ).

He has…look what He did. That’s what love is about. “…To present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle…” (NIV). You got any wrinkles in your life? God’s got a good iron. “…Or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.”

That’s what this is about. I just pray that God will touch our hearts and give us a picture of what marriage is about in this, because God is the One who inspired it in the beginning. They’re trying to redefine it and do all kinds of crazy stuff, and just throw out the Word of God, throw out divine principle, throw out the Creator, and just act like a bunch of animals. That’s where we’re at in our society. You are not an animal. You were created in the image of God. He had a reason, He had a purpose, He had a plan when He created this world. I want to be part of His plan.

( congregational response ).

I recognize the destiny of this world, but I’ll tell you, He is creating another. He has promised to save a people out of this world. I want to be one of those people. My hope is in Him. There’s nothing I can do to add to what He has done. His salvation is perfect. When He paid the price on that cross…what did He say just right before He died?

( congregational response ).

It’s finished! God sent Him to do something that gave Him the right and the power to put away your sins. I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done, what you think, or how low you think you’ve been, that blood is able to wash that completely away.

( congregational amens ).

Completely…as if you’d never sinned. We could have no barrier between us and a holy God…because we did something, because we deserve it? No! Because of Jesus! That’s what love is about.

May God help us in our relationships to mirror this, to mirror the love that He talks about, and to mirror the submission that He talks about, and to do it as unto the Lord. And I’ll tell you what, there’s gonna be a home formed, and many homes, where, I’ll tell you, God can make Himself known, God can establish a little microcosm of His Kingdom, and bring forth another generation that knows about Him. It just doesn’t grow up and get a hand-me-down religion, but they come to know this same Lord and Savior.

I pray for our young people. I pray for every one of them that God will open their eyes to see that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is your only hope beyond this life and in this life. But I just praise God. I pray for these that have come. There’s a great joy when I think about them, when I see what God’s done. My heart’s just filled with joy. I want to see that from many others.

You know, I believe the Lord does. He’s not just sitting up there emotionless. I believe these things gladden His heart. You think He’s just sort of like a divine machine or something like that? No, we’re created in His image. His feelings are so much deeper than we could ever imagine. How else can you account for what He’s done for us? That He would send His Son to die. And I just praise God!

All I can do is put this out, but I know, in putting this out, I know that God has the power to open hearts. I know that there’s no words that I can say that will open your heart. But I believe in a God who can open your heart, who can open somebody’s heart this morning to see this, maybe for the first time, to really see it.

But I’ll give you a promise. God said that those who call upon the name of the Lord would be saved. There’s one name. If you have come to understand that you need a Savior, I mean, you really know you need a Savior, there is One. His name is Jesus! And if you will cry out to Him to save and to rescue you, and to come and give you the promise of eternal life, He’ll do it.

( congregational amens ).

He’ll hear your cry. All I can do is put this in His hands. I know He has the power to save anyone who will hear this Word and put it…it’s not the sermon. There’s no power in a sermon. It’s His Words that penetrate the heart.

But oh, I pray for the couple, as we all do this day, that God will just bless them and make them a blessing. I know He will. I know they’re gonna have challenges, but I know God is faithful.

And I just pray that God would just move throughout this church to establish this reality on every level of our lives…we will come to understand our relationships to Him and to one another, and we will become a reflection of His life in the earth. Praise God!