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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1071

The Other Side

April 14, 2013

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1071 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: How many times does the Lord begin to convict us, I want you to turn loose. I want you to head for this destination? And we start out and…but Jesus, where are You? I thought You were coming. Do you think He’s not there? Isn’t that a lesson from this simple picture here? Let ‘us’ go to the other side. His hand is always there. When we listen to His voice, when we go His way, I’ll tell you, His hand is always there with us.

And I don’t care what happens, I don’t care what it looks like…and obviously in this story, it didn’t look very good at one point. But Jesus was right there and His intent was to stay with them all the way until they planted their feet on the other shore. He never once left them to their own devices.

And of course, we always understand that, don’t we! We get that, we never waiver in our confidence, we never are afraid, never suppose…Jesus, what did I do to offend You? Oh, why don’t I feel Your presence? What’s going on here? I just don’t get it. I must have done something to make you mad.

Oh, how many stupid, ridiculous ideas do we get in our heads? We need to see the Son of God. If He calls you to something, He will never leave you. He will take you through, if it’s…like I say, if it’s one of these little journeys from here to there, or if it’s a big deal to you…God, I need to be delivered from this. Lord, help me to lay hold of what You’ve given to me. Help me to believe there is another side. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna have to walk through a lot of situations in this case, sail through a lot of situations, to get to there. But Jesus is always in the boat. Praise God!

( congregational amens ).

I need Him in my boat. Actually, I need to be in His boat, I guess that’s the way to put it. But you know, whenever we truly are entering into something that God has said, and God is the one that has called us and dealt with our hearts and imparted to us a faith that yes, there is another side and yes, I’m going with you, and we literally launch out in faith, don’t you know the devil is gonna do everything he can to deal with that? And of course, that’s what he did.

I guess I’m gonna put in one other thing…about the nature of what God does in our lives is simply this. We are called to leave a, what you could call, a native environment. One where we are on the shore, this is our home, we’re used to this. You know, you and I are creatures of the shore, are we not? We’re creatures of the land. Anybody here with gills?

( laughter ).

And fins? No! We weren’t made to live in the water. It’s not like, oh my God, I’ve got to get out of this land so I can get back to my native environment. No! It’s just the other way around. Every time God calls you and me to step forward and achieve something or obtain some kind of other destination, spiritually speaking, we are always gonna leave where we feel comfortable and at home and we’re gonna have to step out into something that is anything but. It is not our native environment.

Now I understand some of these guys were fishermen, but, you know, the Lord took care of their confidence in their ability to be in boats, too, didn’t He? We will always be in an environment that is not native to us.

Is that not how the course went when they went to the Promised Land? They left Egypt and yeah, Egypt was bad, but they were kind of…they had their life kind of established there. Well, where did they go? They went into the desert, didn’t they? They went into a place that was entirely alien territory to them. It brought them into a place where they did not have the resources they needed to do anything. It was a place of trust.

And I’ll tell you, anybody that God calls and imparts that faith, our response is to simply say, yes, Lord. You called me, I will go! And I’m gonna go on the strength of Your Word and what you have told me. And I’ll tell you, was there not a goal when they went to the wilderness? Did God lie to them and just lead them out there for no reason? No! There was another side, wasn’t there? There was a Promised Land. But a whole generation—a whole generation perished because they didn’t believe the Word of God.

Praise God! I don’t want to be like that, do you? I want to be somebody that says, God…I want to be like Caleb. When we get there and we see all the difficulties of actually stepping foot on that other shore, I want to be one that says, we are well able!

( congregational amens ).

Let’s go up at once! Let’s not wait another minute! We can go because God has absolutely been the One that set before us this objective. You talk about the Lord going with us. You think about the Israelites. You think about the faithfulness of a God who would continue to go with that people in the condition they were in, with a continual problem of unbelief in so many of them, that whole generation just absolutely would not believe Him. No matter what happened, every time something came up, they were unbelieving in their hearts. But did God ever leave them? He never left them, did He? Do we serve an awesome, faithful, merciful God?

( congregational response ).

Do you think your weaknesses and your shortcomings are gonna drive Him away? Do you, Danny?

— Brother Danny Phillips: No.

— Brother Phil Enlow: No. I believe that’s what you were saying a while ago. I’ll tell you, God is faithful to stand with us in every circumstance. If He would stand with them, and stay with them, and continue to work until that generation passed and then bring a people into the Promised Land, don’t you think He’s gonna take you through whatever is on your plate, whatever journey you’re on right now? I’ll tell you, we serve a God who is utterly, utterly committed. Even when we come short, He never, ever fails. I mean, you think about a God who would continually work with His people.

You remember when Balaam, the false prophet, came and the king hired him to curse Israel. And he looked at the people and he said, God doesn’t see iniquity in Jacob. Well, there was plenty of it! But God had done something about that iniquity. I’ll tell you, God does something about our need too. Everything that would keep you and me from entering into the purpose of God, He has done what it takes.

That’s what He calls us to do, is to put all of our confidence in what Jesus has done at the cross. Isn’t that what we were singing about awhile ago? Is the blood not enough? Do we have to add something to the blood to kind of make it work? No! It does the job. God has done, in His Son, everything necessary for you and me to go all the way through. Boy, it gets discouraging on the way, doesn’t it? Any of you in that place right now where…

( groaning ).

…The going is getting hard here, I just don’t know? I’m sort of…maybe this is far enough. Have you ever had that feeling in your heart? I guess, you know, this is okay. Maybe I’ve gone far enough. After all I’m going to heaven one day, that’ll just all take care of it. Oh, the Lord wants us to continue to take ground and continue to hear His voice. Never, ever get over the fact that we are on a journey from some place to someplace else, with Someone who is able to take us on that journey.

But you think about the words of Balaam. Not only does he not see iniquity in Jacob, he said the shout of a King is among them. Just like Jesus was in that boat, the shout of a King remains among us. We don’t have to hear that shout. Sometimes he lets us know…reminds us how much He’s here. But He’s here, folks. He’s here in your darkest hour and my darkest hour. He is right there in the boat and He’s calling on us to stand fast in our faith and look to Him. Praise God! Let us go to the other side.

But I started to talk about Satan. If we truly are moving in the purpose, and the mind, and the heart of God, why would you not expect Satan to do something about that? I mean, you think getting in the boat with Jesus is gonna be a pleasure cruise and nothing bad, nothing difficult is ever going to happen, you’ve got the wrong idea! I’ll tell you, the devil knew, somehow he knew, that when Jesus was going somewhere, God had something in mind and he’d better do something about it. He did everything he could do. He made a whiz-bang of a storm.

And you know, I was talking about, a while ago, how the disciples, some of them at least, were fishermen, and so where it truly is not native territory for us to be in the water, yet they knew how to handle it up to a point. They were still relatively comfortable. There’s a lot of people that, you know, are so full of their own confidence, in their own strength that if God says go, they’re half way down the road, fired by human zeal and human confidence.

But you know, God has a way of reminding us that it doesn’t happen that way. We are in the middle of a cosmic war. Now I thank God that it’s not really a contest…that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and He has conquered the enemy! But I’ll tell you, we are in the middle of a cosmic war and we are not simply up against the circumstances of life. There is a kingdom of darkness that is arrayed against you and me, and it is more than you and I can handle in our own strength. We’re gonna have to have some help!

And the Lord knew how to arrange the circumstances, so that these self-confident fisherman, who had been on the water most of their lives, were just screaming and crying for their lives! God, we gonna…look, Jesus, don’t you care that we’re about to drown here?

Praise God! I want to take that place to begin with. Lord, I’m not up for this, I’ve got to have You. I’ve got to have Your strength, Lord. I’ve got to have the same confidence that You have. I want to drink from Your heart and from Your Spirit so that I have the confidence that what You have told me…we’re gonna go, and I know the enemy is gonna try something. I know he is going to mount an offensive against me, and I know my temptation is gonna be to yield to panic and fear, and to suppose that all is lost! But I want to have that same sense of rest and confidence that You have.

But I’ll tell you what, God…if God has called you in any of these levels, at any of these levels, He will put you in places where you are beyond your strength. He’s gonna remind you where it’s at. If we could handle it, we would arrive in heaven and stick our chest out. We’re gonna fall on our faces and praise Him that He has had mercy on helpless sinners! Praise God! Unworthy sinners! Who could not help ourselves! But He has extended all of the help that it takes to get us there.

But the lesson for us in the process is, don’t panic. Don’t get your eyes off of the reality that Jesus is there and He has declared something that will happen if we will continue to trust Him. Of course, they panicked, didn’t they?

But I’m so glad that Jesus didn’t say, well boy, you bunch of unbelievers, you…I’ve had it. I’m out of here! Let me show you how it’s done, and gets out of the boat and starts walking to the other side. No! We have a heavenly Father, we have a Savior who understands, who is full of compassion.

Now, He didn’t miss the opportunity to point out what they needed here. You know, why are you so afraid? Why are you…where is your faith? But I don’t sense…I mean something…in reading this, I don’t get the sense that Jesus was looking down at them with disdain. What’s the matter with you doofuses here? Can’t you just…what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you believe? It was with a compassion that wanted to use the circumstance to teach a lesson that would have given them hope and strength for the future.

My God! We project our own human characteristics onto the Lord so many times. How impatient, how disdainful, how critical are we of one another and one another’s short comings? And we somehow imagine that that’s the way He must be looking at us. Oh my! We have a Savior who understands everything about us, and doesn’t bail when we fail. He looks down and he helps us. He stood right there, and he wasn’t the least bit worried about the wind and the wave. He understood where it came from.

Do we understand that the devil is going to attack us? Then if we understand that, why should we be afraid when it happens? Do we not have the Conqueror of every demon with us in the battle? Yes! We do! Even if He’s asleep, and the things are going to ‘hell-in-a-hand-basket,’ as it were, He’s still there—He’s still there. And all He had to do was to stand up and speak the Word. He wasn’t the least bit afraid of that wind. He said, “Peace, be still.” (KJV). Be quiet. Pouf!

We have Somebody with us who knows how to calm the storm when it’s time. Oh, praise God! Praise God. Thank the Lord. So, if you’re in a storm right now, is your faith more in the storm than in the One who called you? We all do that at times. We are all in that place. We might as well admit it. We don’t have any super-spiritual people here. We have sinners in need of a Savior, need of help, need of encouragement. We’ve got Somebody who’s with us, but He wants to encourage every single person today to lift our eyes.

If God has set something in your heart, if He has spoken a word into your heart, whether it has to do with the Kingdom of God in a broad sense, or whether it has to do with specific areas of need where He’s looking to take you from one place to another. Lord, we need to have our eyes on Him. We need to have our confidence in Him. We need to recognize that the devil is going to oppose you, and we need to be not dismayed when it happens, but know to go right to Him, and look to Him, and know that He has the authority over everything.

So what was the end of the story? Did they all drown? No! They got there, didn’t they? The purpose of God was fulfilled! And if we’ll commit ourselves to Jesus’ boat, His purpose will be fulfilled in us, too. Guarantee it. So praise God!

It’s a simple story, isn’t it? But it’s quite a picture. And you think about the literal story, about the mercy of God who took Jesus—took Jesus from preaching to crowds, to go help one man. That doesn’t fit very well with a lot of religion. I want to be where the crowds are listening and thronging around me! This is glorious! There’s a great work of God going on here!

But the Lord had somebody over there who was the most unlikely candidate on the planet for God to work in. And that was the so-called maniac of Gadara. That’s one way he was described. But that man was so full of demons they couldn’t even bind him with chains. He had the strength of all those demons to break those chains, and he just lived in torment among the tombs.

But God saw that man. And He saw his desperate condition, and He sent His Son through all of that. That was the purpose that God had in that particular occasion. Does that not give hope for anybody? Is anything impossible with God? That was the most, like I said, the most unlikely candidate anywhere in the world for God to have anything to do with. And yet Jesus made a special trip through all of that to get to that one man, and those devils had to go. Praise God! So, if you’re here in a bad place today, you reach out to this One. That man came and he fell at Jesus feet, didn’t he?

( congregational response ).

Oh, I’ll tell you what, with all of this…if we’re gonna listen to the voice of God, we’re gonna have to turn loose. We’re gonna have to be willing to leave the shore and leave everything it represents behind. Our lives, everything that we are about has got to stay behind. We’ve got to go in the boat with Jesus, and set forth for something that He has set before us.

There is a hope that is set before us. Isn’t that what Paul said? The race marked out for us, and he was reaching out for the prize of what God had called us to. They was…all of his life was focused on the promise and the hope that God had birthed in his heart. He was willing to leave all of this behind.

And that’s what God has called us, every one, to. I appreciate His faithfulness this morning. I know that He’s with us, but I just sense that He wants to encourage a whole lot of us right now. If some of you are in the winds and the waves, you’re in the boat, you’re in a place you didn’t expect to be, and you heard His voice, or maybe God just worked in your circumstances, but you’re not in familiar territory. We need to continue to listen, and say, God give me hearing ears to hear your heart and hear your voice, and put my hope and my trust in that, and to know that You will never leave me or forsake me. That there’s nothing the devil can do that can stop what You have promised. Let’s hold fast…let’s hold steady in the boat, as the expression goes. I’ll tell you, the Lord will take us to the other side. Praise God!