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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1070

The Other Side
Part One

April 7, 2013

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1070 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Well, praise God! Happy ‘heat wave’ to everybody.

( laughter ).

I guess the Lord puts us through all kinds of times and situations in this world, but I’m glad He’s with us regardless. I was kind of doing something very unusual for me at my office. I was actually cleaning up, and organizing files, and going through my ‘piling’ system to see if there was anything useful there. Most of it wasn’t and wound up in the trash. But I happened to stumble on one thing that…I had a notepad and I had made a couple of notes and observations on a passage of scripture and it just kind of jumped out at me. And, that’s what we need. We need something fresh. It doesn’t have to be something new so much, as it has to be fresh.

And, it’s the simple story that we know so much and have heard so often from Mark chapter 4. And this is a passage where Jesus spent quite a bit of time teaching multitudes, and He was…I think in one of the passages we find that He’s actually so crowded there on the shore of the Sea of Galilee that He actually had to get in a boat just to have room to avoid being pushed in the water. He was out there where He could be seen, and where He could talk to them, and that became His platform. It sounds pretty good right now. But anyway, that was the setting of this story.

And then He comes down in verse 35, it says, “That day when evening came, he said to his disciples, ‘Let us go over to the other side.’ Leaving the crowd behind, they took him along, just as he was, in the boat.” (NIV). See, He’s already in the boat.

“There were also other boats with him. A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boat, so that it was nearly swamped. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion. The disciples woke him and said to him, Teacher, don’t you care if we drown? He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, Quiet! Be still! Then the wind died down and it was completely calm. He said to his disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?’”

You know, that sounds like a crazy question to us. What do you mean, why am I afraid? We were just about to drown there. But boy, that does give us a sense of perspective, doesn’t it? How the Lord sees things, and how we see things. “They were terrified.…” And of course, this made them all the more unsettled. “They were terrified and asked each other, Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

But you know, I was thinking about this passage and there’s so many lessons in it. It’s such a picture of so much of the way the Lord deals with us, not only in the big picture, but in the small picture, as well.

And, the first thing that really jumped out at me as I was thinking about this is, there is another side, that when the Lord says, go to the other side, there is one. There really is a goal! And of course, you see that on the large scale. The Lord said to His disciples, don’t be afraid, I’m getting ready to leave you. But don’t worry, I’m going to prepare a place for you. And so, one day where I am, you will be also. There’s plenty of room there. Don’t worry, I’ve got this all handled.

But you know, that is a picture…time and time again throughout the scriptures, you see that. You see that in the life of Abraham. When he was called, God did not call him to stay where he was, did He? There’s always a ‘going’ involved in serving God. And so he was called to leave his nation, his family, his friends, the idolaters that he lived among, and to listen to the voice of God who told him to leave your family, leave your home, go to a place…go to a place I’ll show you.

So it wasn’t even something where he was able to say, Lord, You give me a map, You explain it all to me, how this is gonna work out, and maybe we’ll consider this. I’ll talk to my friends and we’ll see what we say. He went, didn’t he?

( congregational response ).

And that’s the nature of true faith. It’s hearing the voice of God and it being so convincing that we’re willing to step out in faith, not knowing the destination, but simply believing that there is one that is worth attaining, simply by listening to His voice.

And you know, Hebrews paints this picture in chapter 11 when it’s talking about the so-called Heroes of Faith. It’s describing real faith in this way…that they lived for, they searched for a City. They had no continuing city here. This was not their home. They understood that. They lived in tents and that was a picture of being here for a temporary period of time. How many of you really, really understand that? We’re not here forever.

( congregational response ).

Nothing you see in this world is forever! Nothing you are experiencing is forever! We are here for a time; we are here for a purpose. We’re on a journey. There is a destination. And so it says…the scripture says that they searched for a city, “…whose builder and maker is God” (KJV). They were looking for something beyond, and it was so convincing to them that they were willing to let go of this world and set out on a journey to a place that…well, God said it was there, therefore, it’s there!

And I’ll tell you, when God works in a heart…it’s not just hearing the words of a preacher that matters. You’ve got to hear more than just some convincing preacher. I mean, there’s a lot of very eloquent preachers out there who can really spin the words and stir the emotions, and inspire people to follow Him and all of that.

That’s not it. I’ll tell you what is it. And that is the Spirit of God getting a hold of your heart, dealing with it, and opening the eyes, the inner eyes of your understanding to make heaven so real, that you are willing to forsake all to follow Him! That’s the nature of it. But that’s the thing. When Jesus said, let’s go to the other side, obviously that implies, there is another side. There is something worth having that we need to let go of this side to get to that.

But you know, it’s not just true on the big scale, is it? Many times it’s true within the scope of our life, and you can bring it right down to today for many of us. I’ll guarantee there’s plenty of people here, because I know there’s folks here that know the Lord, and love Him, and you’ve been called according to His purpose—His purpose, by the way, not yours…His purpose…that He has called you to let go in some area of your life, and He has something for you. If you will only let go of this, I will take you here.

And it might get right down to personal weaknesses…something in your life that the Lord is trying to get you to let go because He has something better for you. But He doesn’t say, all right, there it is. Let me paint the whole picture here. This is what it’s gonna be like. He’s called you and me to let go and trust Him. This is a walk of faith. This is going because He said to go! This isn’t going, because it makes sense to the carnal mind.

And the thing about this is, it means leaving something, doesn’t it? It means leaving a place that we are familiar with, maybe even sort of comfortable in, for something that we don’t know and we can’t quite visualize. How many of you…let’s just take a man that has a bad temper, for example. It could be anything. And the Lord says, I’ve got something better for you if you will just trust me and let go, I’m gonna take you to a better place.

Well, how hard is it for some of you, for any of us, to visualize and really, really believe that there is something different? But Lord, I’ve always been this way! Lord, I’ve tried! Well, that’s not the way, is it? No one ever gets to the destination the Lord has for them by trying! We get there by abandoning all trust in self and committing ourselves to get in the boat with Jesus, because His Word has declared there is another side! There is something else that I’ve got! But you’re gonna have to leave this!

You know, we have a tendency in our nature to say, ‘better the devil we know.’ Do you know what that expression means? I don’t know what’s out there. It sounds pretty scary to me. I’d rather stay here, in spite of all the bad stuff, ‘cause I’m kind of used to that. I’ve sort of accommodated…I can live with the bad stuff, because I’ve got it all worked out. This is my life. I’m kind of comfortable and settled in here. I’m just really not sure about that.

But the call of God to His people is always—always to get in the boat with Jesus and go somewhere. So it gets right down to you and me and the things we’re gonna be in this afternoon, let alone tomorrow. But I’ll tell you, when Jesus is the one doing the calling, there is another side. And if we are willing to let go and trust Him, He will take us there. That’s the whole point.

So that’s a simple thought. You probably never think about that, just reading this. But the first time I read that, well, a while back now, and then again this week, it just jumped out at me. There is another side, folks. How many of you believe there is another side for you?

( congregational amens ).

Yeah. Kristen, did you ever believe there was another side?

— Sister Kristen Phillips: Not for a while.

— Brother Phil Enlow: Not for a while.

( laughter ).

But there was. But you know, your life and mine, and all of ours is going to be one of…there’s going to be more and more ‘Seas of Galilee’ to cross! Because we’re not there yet! Within the scope of this grand picture of going through all of life and heading for heaven, and then the new heavens and the new earth…praise God! This one’s gonna be burned up. If you’re living for this one, you’re living for something that’s just gonna be gone.

But…where did I start that sentence? Anyway, within the grand scope of that, we have many of these little journeys that God has called us to. He calls us as a people to journeys…to not stay like we are, not stay where we are, but be willing to hear the voice of God that says, I’ve got something better for you, and if you will just turn loose, just start believing me, get in the boat, and quit trying to do it all yourself, I’ll take you to a better place.

And I just want to say this morning, if the Lord is calling you, don’t yield to fear. Don’t yield to that voice that would hold you there. You think of what is pictured…I guess the Israelites are always a pretty good picture of some of these things. Every time they ran into difficulty, what did they say…just about? We were better off in Egypt! Yeah, we were slaves, but we had gardens. Our life was defined. We were used to that. We had sort of settled in to a certain kind of life, and it wasn’t great, but we got through, we muddled through.

God doesn’t want His people to muddle through. God has better for all of us. There is new ground to take. And, as always, I need to preach to myself. But I’ll tell you, God wants to tell us that there is, regardless of where you’re at, and what you think is possible or impossible…remember everything is possible with Him. There is another side. Praise God!

Well, another thought that jumped out at me as I was looking at this simple statement. You step back from this and you realize there is a diving purpose being expressed here, because Jesus did not simply follow whatever whims came into His mind, did He? He didn’t say, this looks like a great day for a boat trip. He didn’t say, you know, I’ve always wondered what’s over in that place. I’d kind of like to see it. Let’s just…we’ve had a busy day, let’s get in the boat and go for a ride and see what the other side is like. Everything Jesus did was an expression of something that reflected eternity!

Do you really believe that we live within the context of something that God has planned and purposed from eternity past that will have a fulfillment in eternity future? You know, it lends another dimension to the things that God does in our lives. When we listen to the voice of God, when we are willing to cut loose and put our hope and our trust in Him when He speaks…let go and go forward, we are stepping into and cooperating with the eternal purpose of God!

Let that sink in. You, not just the Apostle Paul and some handful of great Bible saints, You! God had you in mind. He knew your name. He planned for you. He has everything in your life, all the wonderful things He longs to give and bring about in your life, they’re all there in His heart, and He’s looking for us to trust Him. And understand, when He speaks, this is not just a nice suggestion, this is an expression of God’s eternal purpose.

You listen to what Jesus said to the Pharisees. I think it was in John chapter 5. He had healed somebody in a way that they didn’t like. I think it was on the Sabbath Day. And He said something like this. The Father is always doing His work, and I work. And I forget all the dialogue there, but He’s talking…in some way He conveyed that He’s My Father, and I’m doing what I’m doing because it’s a part of His work!

He’s always working! God is always at work in our lives with respect to our lives! It’s not just this grand scale! It gets right down to the nitty-gritty of what you and I go through every day. God is always working! But Jesus was not simply coming down and doing whatever came into His head and trying to figure out how to help God out, He was literally looking moment by moment to His Father and doing what His Father said. If His Father didn’t say something, He didn’t do it! He didn’t have all kinds of plans! His one job in life was to simply say, Father, what do You want Me to do? Period! End of story!

My God, we are so full of zeal! We are so full of all kinds of…some of us are just wired that way. We are going to help God out. We’re gonna get the job done. How many of us would have gone to the pool at Bethesda and seen all of those people there and healed, how many?

( congregational response ).

One. But that’s mean! You know, we would have had all kinds of humanistic judgments of that, but God had a purpose in reaching that one man. And Jesus was absolutely submitted to the will of God. I’ll tell you, there is a sense of divine purpose in what He did. He did not do this for any other reason other than that His Father said, get into the boat, go to the other side, I’ve got a job for You there.

And Jesus actually was occupying the same place that we are called to occupy. I don’t know how far ahead the Father showed Him, but just as the disciples had to be willing to trust the voice of Jesus, Jesus occupied that same position with respect to the Father. Father, just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.

You see that same principle comes right down to us. Oh I’ll tell you, I want to be part of what God is about. This world is full of people running around doing their own thing, have no idea why they were created, no idea that we were created by Him and for Him! Oh my, I want to be part of what He’s about.

“Let us go over to the other side.” (NIV). But oh what a glorious word that second word is. Don’t ever forget that He said, let ‘us’ go to the other side. What does that mean? He didn’t say, get in the boat and go to the other side. He said, let ‘us’ go. At every point in your life and mine, Jesus is there. He is in the boat. He said to His disciples, go to the ends of the earth, for what? Lo I am…

( congregational response ).

With you always. How long? Even to the end of the age! The Lord never calls you and me to embark on any journey, whether it’s large or small, but what He is there with us in that! You know, think about that. Just meditate on that. Isn’t that an awesome truth?

( congregational response ).

Oh how terrible it would be if He just turned us loose and said, here’s My plan for you: go for it. But for Him to say, I’m gonna be right there in the middle of it with you. And you think about who this is that’s saying that. This is somebody Who’s been here. This is somebody who has been tempted in every point, just like you and me, who understands our weakness.

Oh my, do we struggle with that. We don’t even want to admit our weakness! But He understands it completely! When you and I mess up and fall in the mud, He’s not the least bit shocked! That doesn’t mean He’s happy about it, but He’s not shocked! But the problem is, who do we think we are? Oh, praise God!

I think some of the most spiritually significant things that have ever happened to me have been a revelation of my own weakness and how much I need His presence. You think about it. Because if we don’t get that, if we don’t understand that we’ve got to have the Lord with us in every situation, then we are just…my goodness, I’m gonna…the other side, yeah…I’ve got it nailed! We know how to run boats. We’re gonna get over there, we’re gonna…just tell us what to do, Lord!

Oh God, I need Him. I need His presence. And the thing is, how many times does He allow us to be in situations where we can’t feel His presence? What does He say? What do we walk by?

( congregational response ).

By faith and not by sight. Oh, are we dependent creatures. And you can sort of see that in the fact that Jesus went to sleep. Now there’s many things I guess that implies, certainly His trust in His Father’s plan. He wasn’t a bit worried about whether they were gonna reach the destination or not. But the fact is, He was sort of, in a sense, out of the picture. They weren’t sitting there conversing with Jesus, and talking about the day and all of that. He was kind of out of the picture as far as their senses were concerned. There were up there dealing with the process of crossing the lake and all that was going on, and Jesus was back there asleep, to the point that when they had problems, all of a sudden, Jesus, where are You?

But God, do we need to remember. How many times does the Lord begin to convict us, I want you to turn loose. I want you to head for this destination? And we start out and…but Jesus, where are You? I thought You were coming. Do you think He’s not there? Isn’t that a lesson from this simple picture here? Let ‘us’ go to the other side. His hand is always there. When we listen to His voice, when we go His way, I’ll tell you, His hand is always there with us.

And I don’t care what happens, I don’t care what it looks like…and obviously in this story, it didn’t look very good at one point. But Jesus was right there and His intent was to stay with them all the way until they planted their feet on the other shore. He never once left them to their own devices.

And of course, we always understand that, don’t we! We get that, we never waiver in our confidence, we never are afraid, never suppose…Jesus what did I do to offend You? Oh, why don’t I feel Your presence? What’s going on here? I just don’t get it. I must have done something to make you mad.

Oh, how many stupid, ridiculous ideas do we get in our heads? We need to see the Son of God. If He calls you to something, He will never leave you. He will take you through, if it’s…like I say, if it’s one of these little journeys from here to there, or if it’s a big deal to you…God, I need to be delivered from this. Lord, help me to lay hold of what You’ve given to me. Help me to believe there is another side. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna have to walk through a lot of situations in this case, sail through a lot of situations, to get to there. But Jesus is always in the boat.