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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1060


January 27, 2013

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1060 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: We are so full of sin and self and don’t have an idea—don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. That’s where these people were at, and God just persistently…how merciful God was! You know they were still…they were in this condition all this time, and He never stopped sending the manna. He never stopped providing for them. He didn’t say, all right, all you rebels, your clothes are gonna wear out now. He kept sustaining, kept blessing, kept being with them, kept reaching out time after time after time.

He did that with the nation later on. They were constantly running over to idols. God, I’m not satisfied with Your provision, not satisfied with Your leadership. I need something else. I’ve got to go get it from this idol over here. Maybe if I pray to him, my crops will be better, this and that and the other…just constantly running to something else other than God.

Folks, we have everything we need in Him—everything we need! And what we need is to surrender, put our lives in His hands and say, Lord, I’m gonna take it your way! My plan is out the window!

I mean, isn’t that where Paul came to? You know, you think about how Paul heard God’s voice and how he responded. Paul heard his voice in a rather dramatic fashion. We don’t all come that way. But here was a man hell-bent to do what he thought was right in serving God, and God said, all right, it’s time here. This is Paul’s arrest day.

And so he was all ready to go and get those bad Christians, and throw them into jail and kill them. All of a sudden a bright light knocks him off his horse, and he hears a voice saying, Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? Who are you? I’m Jesus. I’m not persecuting You, I’ve been persecuting people down here.

Do you get the connection that we have with the Lord? Man, we’re one with Him if we ever become partakers of Christ. We’re part of something eternal. Man, you want a life that matters, you want a life that counts for something, that’s going somewhere? Every other destiny leads to the grave—leads to hell, except for Christ.

Anyway…but what does the Lord say? He says, go into the city, and it will be told you what to do. So even with Paul hearing a voice from heaven, that wasn’t enough! All that did was arrest him! All it did was stop him in his tracks! And he went in there and he sat there blind, didn’t eat or drink for three days and just prayed. Oh God! Oh God!

You know, I’m sure he was thinking what in the world is He gonna do with me? I am such a miserable rebel. Here I thought I was serving God and I was absolutely His enemy! What is He gonna do with me? But Paul was brought down to a place of humility, of surrender, of dependence.

And when it came time, God sent a man. Now I’m sure Ananias wasn’t a perfect man, ‘cause he was like you and me. But God sent a man named Ananias to him. And he was the one who gave him the message. And told him…told him what the deal was, and what God had told him, and baptized him, and set him on a different course.

Well, what was his…what did he say later on when he looked back at his life and all that he had, all of his plans, all the things he thought were important? How did he evaluate them after that?

( congregational response ).

Rubbish! If you ever come to Christ, everything you have ever thought was important will be put in the trash. Now that’s not saying God will take you out of whatever you’re doing, but he will change the meaning of it. You might be a banker and he doesn’t necessarily say, all right, you’ve got to leave that bank. But He says, you’re gonna be My banker now. You’re gonna live for a different purpose! That may be what you do during the day, but I’m gonna use you there. He might call you out of what you’re doing! But I’ll tell you what, we’re gonna either have His plan or we’re gonna have ours, and ours will lead to the grave.

( congregational amens ).

That’s it. There’s only two ways. Now here’s some people who thought…they were so blind, so arrogant, they absolutely thought they could take this God who had opened the Red Sea and put Him on trial, because he didn’t measure up to their expectations! I guarantee, there’s people here just like that. No matter what is said, you find some way to sidestep it!

No, it’s not quite like that. No…just some little way, some little reason to cling to what you think, instead of saying, what I think is junk. It flows from my nature. It is in harmony with the wisdom of the world and it stinks. It is wisdom that will absolutely lead me to hell if I don’t get rid of it, if I don’t open my heart and let Him come in and teach me what really is—the way it really is.

So, “Their hearts are always going astray, and they have not known my ways.” (NIV). So what was the consequence ultimately? “They shall never enter my rest.” There’s something that I did from the foundation of the world. It’s sure! It’s certain! But they’re not going in. The issue was the heart.

And that’s why he says in verse 12, “See to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart.” That’s what’s happened so many times over the years. We have seen people who are not here now…I’m not talking about any particular person, but I mean, we have seen cases like this many times. People who are not here who were once here, looked like they were part of us, maybe sang in the choir, who knows, but yet, they’re not here.

What happened? They came to a crossroads one day. And God said, go this way and they say, no, I’m going this way. Oh, we sing a song, ‘search me oh, God.’ But under our breath, a lot of times, we say, don’t look too close. You can search here, Lord, but…leave this alone. I’ll tell you, if we’re gonna serve God, there ain’t nothing gonna be left alone.

( congregational response ).

That’s one reason I read this whole thing. “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.” You think those secret places in the heart are hidden from him? You don’t think he knows about all that stuff? His Word probes, not just your thoughts in your head, it probes the hidden motives of the heart. It probes why you think that way. The things that we think are driven by our nature, and the things to which we cling by that nature. And we need God, not to just do a superficial little ‘paper-over’ of our lives, we need Him to go all the way down and root out those things and replace them with Christ and set us free.

( congregational amens ).

That’s the message. “See to it…that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart.” That’s what happens when you see somebody reach that crossroad and go the wrong way. There really was never faith to begin with. They were fellow travelers. They went along when it was convenient, when the sun was shining, but as soon as that issue was touched, that’s it. God, you failed the test.

They don’t say that. They say, those people, I can’t go along with them. They’ll come up with 100 reasons, but the real reason is their heart is still in rebellion against Him. “But encourage one another daily.…” Boy isn’t it awesome that we have the privilege of doing that…encouraging one another?

( congregational response ).

Because even if you are a believer, even if you’ve come to Christ, we live in a world where we need some courage. We get discouraged and we need someone to give us a lift and to give us a hand here. “Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today….”

Boy, you get that word again, ‘today.’ As long as we’re in the valley of decision before destinies are sealed…as long as we’re in this place where God speaks, man, let’s just take every opportunity to point people in the right direction, and encourage each other to stand in the test.

Do this, “…So that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.” Now here’s the thing. You’ve got somebody that God’s dealing with and speaking to, you’ve got a devil that is dealing with them, too! His approach to them is by appealing to their nature. Every one of us has desires, and they don’t go away just because we come to Christ, but particularly somebody who has never entered in…you have got a bunch of desires that pull you the wrong way.

Satan is going to absolutely appeal to them and he’s gonna lie to you the same way he did to Eve. He’ll say, you follow this and this will be your pathway to a better life. Don’t wait on God. God’s not coming across like you think he ought to. I’ve got a better way. There is something appealing to you that is pulling you with the wisdom of the world and appealing to your natural desires that you were born with, to say no, there’s another way. Mark it down. It’s a lie.

( congregational amens ).

It is Satan’s deception and he is a destroyer. He is out to destroy you in hell and he will laugh at you for listening to him! I’m not overstating that at all. But oh what a positive statement he gives here, and this is a real indicator. “We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first.”

Now it almost sounds like the only way to make it is to hang on—hang on for dear life! And if you somehow make it to the end, then okay, you’re in. That’s not what it’s saying. Listen to the verb tenses in there. It says, we ‘have’ come to share in Christ if we continue. In other words, the fellow that has it in him to stand the test and to continue regardless of the circumstances, to continue to trust Christ even when it hurts, that’s the evidence that something happened back here.

( congregational amens ).

Back here, there came a time when I was confronted with the voice of God, and I let go and I surrendered my life, and I became a part of Christ! I became a participant in Him. He came and He changed my heart! He gave me a new heart! The evidence of that is that I’ve got something on the inside that’s gonna go with me all the way.

So you look at somebody who goes along and they’re a fellow traveler, and suddenly they go right back to the world and living like they were, and that’s how it finishes out, nothing ever happened. They stopped short, because that’s the whole point of this. It’s talking about people who come up to the door but they fall short. They stop short of actually, you know, going all the way in.

How many people? I think it was in Luke 13, Jesus told the parable, or answered the question about are there few that be saved? And He talks about putting forth an effort to enter that narrow door. Many are gonna try and not be able. Of course, the reason they’re not able is they’re not willing to surrender and give up.

But He talks about a time when people are going to gather around a shut door! A door that has been closed, the way is now barred, and they are gonna knock on the door and say, wait! We heard you! We walked with you in the streets! We heard your voice! We listened to you! What do you mean we don’t have a part?

Well, what are they doing on the outside? If they had a part, why are they not in? Man, you cannot add Jesus to your life to kind of smooth out this life. That’s not what serving Christ is about. Serving Christ is dying with Him and identifying yourself completely with Him, come hell or high water.

It’s ceasing to be a citizen of this world, letting our life in this world go, putting it on the altar, and saying Lord, it’s no longer my life! It’s no longer my body, it’s no longer anything of mine! I belong to You. I’m just looking to You, Lord. My eyes are turned heavenward. Point the way, and lead me step by step.

Anything short of that is not having Christ. That’s the warning here. “As has just been said: Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.” Then he recounts again the ones that God rejected and why He rejected them. It was because of that persistence of unbelief in the heart.

I don’t know, how do you feel about the message of Christ this morning? Do you sort of look at it as something and you’re considering it a little bit, but you’ve got something…you say, well, I don’t agree with it because…I see somebody and they’re a hypocrite. Or I see this problem, or I see this need, or I want this, or I want that. Something is holding you! Something has become an excuse to not let go! But whatever it is, it is unbelief!

God is not going to talk to you on the Day of Judgment and you say to Him, well, so-and-so was a hypocrite. That’s why I didn’t—that’s why I didn’t believe. Do you think the Lord is gonna look at you and say, oh, okay. Well, come on in? You’re justified. No!

Maybe the Lord allowed it to be that to put you to the test to see if you were willing to serve God anyway. Yeah, this world has got a lot of hypocrites in it. That’s part of the way the devil works. He’s gonna put everything, every stumbling block in your path to keep you from ever surrendering to Jesus Christ. That’s why Jesus said, make every effort to enter the narrow door. You’re gonna have to overcome some things. You’re gonna have to overcome your own very nature that cries out not to go. You’re gonna have to say, no, I’m gonna go anyway! God help me!

( congregational amens ).

Help me to overcome this! Lord, help me not to give in to this temptation, or this objection, or all the different ways. You remember in “Pilgrim’s Progress” how many things that happened before Christian ever got in the gate. All the things that he had to endure, the sidetracks, the slough of despond, the people who ran after him calling him a fool, and the arrows that flew from the castle there as he tried to go in the gate?

That’s an accurate picture, folks. There’s a lot to overcome if you’re gonna turn your back on your life in this world, and follow Christ. There’s gonna be things that will absolutely stop you if you let them. But I’ll tell you, there’s a glory that awaits those who let go and say, Lord, I’m yours. Praise God!

Because that’s what this is about. It isn’t just a…a harangue against people who are holding back. It is a severe warning. It’s a sober warning. It’s a warning that is from God with eternal consequences. But oh, what’s at stake is something glorious! It’s what God has planned from the foundation of the world to have a people who will live with him forever! My God, is that worth everything?

( congregational response ).

What do you have in this world that’s worth more than that? We need to embrace Him with everything we have, and confess Him, and trust in Him with every issue of our lives. God’s gonna put His finger on things in your life that you’re hanging on to, and He’s gonna say, I need you to surrender that. What are you gonna do? Oh, Praise God. God give me grace. But you know, He will.

( congregational amens ).

Because even when we come to Him, we’re gonna go through issues in the process of being conformed to His image. There are real issues! But I’ll tell you, if there’s a foundation of entering into His rest that’s come into our soul, there’s a foundation to stand against that. There is something in here that’s greater and stronger than the pull of this nature in this world. We can look to him for all that we need.

But oh God, if you haven’t entered into that rest, you haven’t got anything to stand on. Another way God has put it is that He has laid a foundation. He has absolutely laid for us a foundation that cannot fail. So one question remains: Are we gonna build on that foundation, or we’re gonna say, no, I’ve got a better idea? I’m gonna build on my ideas. I’ve got my life the way I think it’s supposed to go, and I need this and I need that. You’re not doing it my way, so I’m gonna do it this way.

Your little playhouse is gonna come crashing down one of these days. You may live in that illusion right now, but I’ll tell you, we need to be on Him. We need to put all of our trust in Him. And so the message that those in the wilderness heard of a wonderful land God had promised them…that was a picture of something to come, but still, that was their promise. That message didn’t do them any good. Why didn’t it do them any good? Because they didn’t combine it with faith.

But now listen to the contrast. “Now we who have believed enter that rest.” Now you see he’s looking back to something that’s real. He’s not looking at somebody who has believed in the sense that they believed on the shores of the Red Sea. Oh yeah, we believe you, God. No, this is a real belief in God.

You see, there’s two kinds of belief. One is that I will consider every situation as it happens, and I will decide whether I agree with it or not. And so the Red Sea, yeah, put that in God’s column. I agree with that. Thirst? What’s the matter with you, God? Except they didn’t say that. They said, what’s the matter with you, Moses? Did you bring us out here to kill us? That’s one for me. Every situation gets evaluated. Your mind has become God. Your will has become God. You’re the one making the judgment. But when Abraham came to God, God called him…what was the testimony?

( congregational response ).

Yeah. God gave him a promise. It didn’t say, Abraham believed the promise, did it? It said, Abraham believed God. There was such a confidence in the Person who gave the promise, that from that day forward, it didn’t matter what ‘that God’ said, it was right.

Now the evidence of that came when he was asked to sacrifice his only son. Now that had to be an incredible test. How many of you would have passed that test? Boy, you’d have to think about that one. But, Abraham…it doesn’t say all that he went through. I know it’s evident that he reasoned about it. But the bottom line was that he got his son, he got a bunch of sticks, put them on an animal and they went. And he went so far as to raise the knife, and God stopped him.

Now what’s going on there? Abraham believed God. Abraham was put to a strong test to see whether he really believed God, or not. But he did! And so he became the father of all the faithful. Out of his children, there’s a handful of his children that actually believed God in the wilderness, and most of them didn’t. It’s always been that way.

But there is a people here this morning that I believe are Abraham’s children because they put their faith and confidence in Him. And it no longer matters what God says. If He says it, it’s right! Because He’s God! My confidence is in the Person. I’m not sitting in judgment of every little thing He says to see if it fits with my plans. I’ve surrendered my plans. I have no plans—I have no plans. Do you have plans? Our plan is to get up and say, Lord, what do you want? What is your will?

Jesus didn’t come into the world…if anybody should have had plans and had the capacity to have plans, it would have been Him. He says, Father, I didn’t come here to do my will…or He said to them, I didn’t come here to do my own will, but the will of the Father who sent me. How in the world can we imagine we’re better than that? That we can somehow succeed in life if we choose some other path? There is no other path. Praise God.

And then it talks about, as I said, how, “…His work has been finished since the creation of the world.” And that’s the awesome thing…that what God has called us to is that certain. When God ended the creative acts on day six of creation, that was it, it was done. All of this that we’re a part of this morning was done. Because that’s what he says. All of his works were done from the foundation…all of them were done from the foundation of the world.

So when God is calling people by the voice that He uses today, that’s what it’s about. I’ve already prepared something. The question is are you going to let go of this little temporary, earthly life you’ve got, and all of the stuff that you think is so important. Are you gonna believe in me and become an heir to that? That’s really what it comes down to. Praise God! I want to be an heir of that, don’t you?

( congregational response ).

And so he goes on to illuminate the fact that there still is a rest because, again, this was spoken through David, so many years, so many centuries after the original experience. If what Joshua had given them was all there was to it, we wouldn’t be talking about this. But there’s something else. There’s something that’s real and eternal and it’s for us today.

And isn’t it interesting in verse 11. “Let us, therefore, make every effort.…” You get the same thing that you get in Luke 13. There will be something that will try to hold everyone back who enters the Kingdom. It might be your religion. It might just be your plans for your life. It’s gonna be something. It might be something that again, you see in somebody and it’s a stumbling block to you.

Whatever it is, we’re gonna have to be willing to push past that and say, I don’t care. Having that is more important than any of these other considerations. I need Him. Without Him I will perish. I believe His voice and I’m going to have the prize. I’m not gonna let anything stop me.

But oh what a glorious thing it is when we actually come to that place where we enter His rest. It talks about the fact that we cease from our own works. This certainly comes in two senses. That means certainly that we lay down our lives and quit trying to run our own life and have our own plan. It means my plans are Yours.

But it also applies to the fact that some people, when they think about coming to God, what they’re thinking about is, what do I have to do? Give me something to do so that I can qualify myself to be part of this. And they’re continually trying to be Christians by what they do, instead of understanding that God already did everything back there before the creation of the world! It’s done!

He’s not asking you to do! He’s asking you to surrender and believe! He has the power to do what needs doing! We cooperate with Him as He works, but it is not what we do that earns the place! He has earned it! He has given it to us in Christ! Praise God!

And so we do cease from our own works. And there are people who never come to that place. They are always anxious, always trying, always…and God’s Word to you is, stop trying to be a Christian. God has done everything necessary to save you for time and eternity. You’re just gonna have to humble yourself to come down and say, Lord, there’s nothing I can do.

Nothing in my hands I bring, I simply come to You, and it’s the cross to which I cling. I’m gonna come Your way, Lord. I’m just gonna humble myself, and take the place of a sinner that you’ve declared that I am—that I am…not just You declared. I ‘am’ what You say I am, Lord. I need a Savior. And I recognize that You have done it, and so I embrace what You have done.

How many know that when that really happens, what happens in your heart? Rest. I’ll tell you, don’t stop short of coming to the place where God bears witness in your heart that you’re His, and there’s a rest because the war is over. We’re not at war with Him anymore. We’re not striving to fight for our opinion against what He says. We’re throwing that away and we’re embracing what He says and saying, yes, Lord, yes, Lord. Peace comes. Rest comes to the heart.

And I’ll tell you, we enter in. Oh, praise God for what He’s given to us! Praise the Lord for His Word! His Word is living and active. It’s sharper than any double-edged sword! It penetrates! I pray that there’s something…my words have no power, but I pray that His Words will penetrate somebody’s heart this morning!

( congregational response ).

And it won’t just get into your mind and disturb you a little bit. It will get all the way down into the center of your soul and show you the truth, and reveal to you that you need a Savior, and cause you to cry out for Him until He saves you!

( congregational amens ).

He will! Bu, you’re gonna have to call upon Him from the depths of your being and He will save you. That’s His promise. Praise God! Folks, we need to continue to pray. But we can’t save people. We can pray. We can call on God. We can absolutely minister to a situation, but our job is to preach the message. Our job, like I say, is to pray. God is gonna save the people that He deals with. And I believe with all my heart, there’s a Word in this place. But that’s not because of us. We are nothing, but we have a God who is faithful to His purpose.

( congregational amens ).

That which he did in eternity, we are seeing the unfolding of it here, this morning. What the writer of the Hebrews was talking about in his day applies here just as much. Today if you hear his voice, don’t harden. Don’t resist. Believe Him, and enter into the rest that He’s provided from the foundation of the world. Praise God!

( congregational amens ).