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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1049

A Vision for the Future

November 11, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1049 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: You know, there may come a day when many of us will pass off the scene. Well, I’ll tell you one thing: that does not affect the promise and the purpose of God. That endures to the end of time. There is something coming that we need to be living for, and focused on, and understanding. It needs to define what we are about. And that is the promise of God—the hope that God has set before us as a people. That’s what drove these people.

Okay? So they were living by faith when they died. “They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them.…” (NIV). See, God can give us a vision of something that hasn’t happened yet. He can give us an ability to see it and to know that it’s real, and to know that it’s coming, and for it to be so real that we stand against whatever the darkness throws at us. Now you read through some of this and you’ll see that a lot of them paid with their lives.

Okay, it says, “And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own. If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return.” Where’s your heart today? A lot of folks are…well, they feel their need in some sense to seek after God, but their heart’s really, really back there. That’s not a good thing. God’s gonna give you a chance to show where your heart really is. Sooner or later it’s gonna happen.

What do you think is gonna happen when conditions change in our world — and they will? I promise you that. It’s not always gonna be like it is right now. We’re gonna have to have something on the inside. We’re gonna have to have an anchor for our souls, a reality. God’s gonna have to become personal. Christ is gonna have to be a real, living Lord who reigns, for you and I to be able to stand against the things that the enemy is gonna be allowed to bring upon the earth.

All right, “Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God.” You know, it wasn’t that they were such perfect people. They were very human. Just like us. But yet they had the faith and they had the confidence to say, God, I believe Your promise. I’m gonna serve You no matter what it costs.

He, “…is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.” Praise God! Think about that. God did not call Abraham to go build him a city. That’s kind of what religion does. We’re gonna go out and we’re gonna build God a kingdom. Well, God is quite able to build His own kingdom. He’s given…the Father’s given the job into the hands of the church. He says, I will build my church—I will! It’s a definite promise.

Our only place is to simply bring ourselves to His feet and say, Lord, we don’t know what to do. We’re not gonna simply carry out the pattern of the past. We’re not gonna be tied to anything one way or the other. We’re not gonna chuck it all in the trash either. You understand what I’m saying? We need to absolutely be free to do one thing. It’s to look to Him, and listen to Him. Find out what He wants us to do. Find out how He wants us to do it, and then absolutely depend upon Him for the ability with which to do it.

We need people who have a revelation of Christ, whose hearts have been indwelt and transformed by the grace of God, and to learn to walk together in love and look to Christ as the active Head, and not simply conserve a religion. I’ll tell you, as long as God has a people like that, He can do anything. He can work and He can do just what He needs to do to finish his plan! It’s His purpose! He has a city that He’s promised to build.

They looked for it. They were looking for the coming of the Savior, but I’ll tell you, there came a day when the Savior came! You know, we sang a song this morning, “That We All May Be One.” Well, did not Jesus pray that? Do you expect that to happen? Do you expect that when He comes, we’ll be like Him? Do you expect that when He comes His bride will be made ready? There’s a lot of stuff that only God can engineer, only God can do.

I’ll tell you, I don’t want to ever lose sight of that vision and continuing to point to that, and asking God, God make that real. God, right where we’re at now, help us to move in the direction, in harmony with what You’re doing. And Lord, if generations pass, help us to be able to hand the torch in such a way that they will know how to walk with You and that they will also keep their eye on that vision and expect it!

You know, I see a lot of things, I feel like I do, just…I mean I can…first of all, what kind of a world is prophesied? What does the Word teach us about the end of the world? You know, you’ve got some folks out there that expect a carnal church to suddenly evaporate into mid air and they call it the Rapture. Well, I believe in the coming of Christ, but not like that. He’s gonna come once, openly, and it’s gonna be curtains for this world when He comes.

But you’ve got other folks that are so enamored with a victorious church, man, they don’t want any of that kind of stuff , that rapture stuff, they want a victorious church that’s gonna take over the world! Well, folks, we’re not gonna take over this world. God has allowed…He has taken His hands off, to a very great degree, of the devil. This world and the system of this world, and the men and the women that are in it who have resisted truth and embraced the lie that Satan has told them, he absolutely rules over the kingdoms of this world.

You know, we can see the fruits of it. We look at the political arena and we say look at the trends. Look at the trends in our society. Look at thought, and the way the court decisions, and a gazillion things. We can look at all that stuff and say, oh, isn’t it terrible. Isn’t that person terrible, this one terrible? I’ll tell you who is terrible. You look behind the scenes and you’ll find Satan. You’ll find Lucifer. And this battle is not just among political opponents. This is a battle between Lucifer and Jesus Christ. And it is Satan, like an octopus, tightening his grip, or like a boa constrictor, just ever continuing to tighten his grip upon this world system.

So what kind of a world should we look for? I understand that we need to stand up for the truth as we have opportunity. I’m not saying we just lay down and just let everything roll over us. But I’ll tell you what, no matter what we do in standing up for Christ, this world is going to be a dark, demon-controlled place. But I thank God that our message is not one of doom and gloom and fear. I don’t see the things that are coming upon this world as obstacles to God’s purpose. I see them as the very means by which God is going to fulfill His purpose, because he is a supernatural God.

( congregational amens ).

It doesn’t matter if His children are slaves in Egypt, He can destroy the mightiest army and bring them out with victory. God can do what He has promised to do. Just as Abraham looked for the coming of a Savior, we have been called to look for the coming of our King and for the finishing of His work.

( congregational response ).

And He is going to unveil a work only He can do, and it will be radiant, and it will be shining with the glory of God. Folks, if we ever get buried in our little religion and just conserve that, like I said, we are dead. But I believe with all my heart, God is absolutely planting seeds in lives. We don’t have to go down the path everybody else has gone. We can grow. We can become more alive tomorrow than we are today. But we’re gonna have to live like these people lived. We’re gonna have to live with a sense of hope and a purpose. Thank God that He has promised to be with us to the end of the age, hasn’t He?

( congregational response ).

You know, I said that I can see some of the trends, and I think many of you can too. You see where the world is going. But you look ahead and just imagine a world that’s quite different than it is now. I have no idea how that’ll all play out or when, for that matter.

And people have got to stand up for the Lord. I can see a lot of God’s people who will absolutely take a stand in their hearts and win a martyr’s crown. Does that frighten you? Does a one way ticket to heaven frighten you? I’ll tell you, God’s gonna ransom and redeem a people who will make a choice of life and death based on one issue. Are you gonna serve Jesus Christ or no?

Who was the little boy in a place in Africa? They dragged him out in the street. It was a teenager. They said, you deny Jesus Christ. He said, I can’t deny Him. I don’t want to die, but I can’t deny Him. I mean, he felt the natural fear that many of us would probably feel in those circumstances. But the bottom line is, he said, I cannot deny Him. They cut off his head. Do you think he’s sorry about that?

( congregational response ).

Oh man, the moment he opened his eyes, this world was gone forever! How can the devil possibly win? I’ll tell you, I see a great company. It’s pictured in Revelation. There’s a great company of people who come out of great tribulation, and they are standing there and their robes are white, washed white by the blood of Jesus. Praise God!

Every time persecution has overtaken the church, it has been purified! It has been made…false believers just fall right away from it. And those who absolutely choose to look to God, they find God, and they find a strength in God that just carries them right through. How many testimonies have we heard and read?

It’s not only that there’s a purification, there is an opportunity that will present itself that will be unprecedented. I’ll tell you if things really, really got bad and broke down this nation, you think of how many people’s lives would just be, oh my God, what’s happening? Everything I’ve lived for. Do you think people would feel a need?

( congregational response ).

Yeah. You know, I mentioned recently the testimony of Darlene Deibler Rose who was interned in…well, they were the East Indies at the time. It was either Borneo or New Guinea one. But it was in that region of the Japanese…they suffered incredible cruelty. It’s a miracle of God that she survived.

But the miracles that God wrought in that camp, in that position, in all the things that were going on, God reached hearts who were just broken and needy, and everything had been stripped from them. Everything they trusted in the world was gone, and they had nowhere to turn but to God, and God met them right there in that extremity.

When she first…when this particular camp commander came there, he was a wicked cruel man. Somebody dared to say something that crossed him and he just took and literally beat the guy to death right in front of the prisoners. He beat this…it might have been a woman, I don’t know…just beat somebody to death.

But somehow through her life and the life of others that loved God, God began to soften that man’s heart. He had to break to her the news that her husband…this was somebody who was like twenty-three years old, just married a short time. Her husband was interned in another camp, and he was partly responsible for letting her know that her husband had died.

She was a widow and she goes in and of course she says, sure, I’m sad. But she took the opportunity to tell him about the hope that she had in the Gospel, and why they’d come, and that it was okay. She was gonna see him again. That Japanese commander just wept. And he went into his office and closed the door. And she could hear him in there weeping.

And toward the end…his treatment of her was different from then on. He was actually instrumental in saving her life when some of these people thought she was a spy, and were trying to torture her to confessing that she was a spy. He was instrumental in getting her out of that. Later on, there’s very strong reason to believe he became a believer…he and many others.

There was a Japanese chaplain actually, who was a Christian, right as the war was ending. Victory had come and now they were trying to process everybody out. And she had contact with this man and this man said to her, you know, I’m Japanese. I love my nation but I’m glad we lost the war. He said, we’re a proud people. We thought we knew all the answers, but we need Jesus. God has done this to our nation so that he could reach his people. I’ll tell you, we serve a God who knows how to take the circumstances of history and turn them around and win every one that He has purposed to win.

( congregational response ).

We serve Christ who is on the throne. I don’t care what the devil does, Jesus Christ rules and He reigns!

( congregational amens ).

He can do what He wants to do. And I see opportunities coming. I don’t know how and I don’t know when. But God’s gonna use a people in that hour. And he’s looking for someone, He’s looking for our young people to get…to catch fire, to catch the vision of that day that’s coming. I’ll tell you, some of us—some of us may be there on that day.

Can you imagine standing in the face of all that and having God…and just seeing it look like everything’s about to crumble and fail? Then all of a sudden Christ appears in glory. The world is just in a terror and a panic, but an angel flies up to you and takes you by the hand and your feet leave the ground. And you rise up shining in glory, and you know that it’s over.

I’ll tell you what, this is not some fairy tale. You prove to me that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, and I’ll say okay, maybe you’re right, maybe it’s a fairy tale. This is reality, folks. This is the world you live in. This world…I’ll back up and just sort of paraphrase part of something that I’ve heard Carl say. I’m gonna have to paraphrase it because I can’t remember it exactly. But he said that we are spiritual beings passing through a temporary world. But we’re passing through to eternity. And what happens here, seals destinies.

That’s what it’s about. If your life is about something else, it’s about the wrong thing. Destinies are being sealed by what happens in this world. And I’ll tell you, those who are a part of this world, married to the system here, blind under Satan’s power, this is gonna burn up and you’re gonna go down with the ship. But oh I’ll tell you, there’s a message of hope in the midst of all of this and that’s what we need to be about.

I don’t know what the Lord has for us in terms of doing. But I’ll tell you, we don’t need to limit God. We need to be crying out as a people. We need to be realizing that prayer is the engine that determines everything. If we are going to be effective in what little we are doing, and thank God for what He’s enabled us to do, it’s gonna come from that. It’s gonna come from crying out to God and God empowering us, and letting the flow of His Spirit just come through us.

You know, we are reaching out, and there’s people that are writing in and calling and just expressing what they…you know, they see the young…they see the choir. I was gonna call them the young people, they’re not all young anymore. But they hear the choir sing and they’re just so blessed to see people lifting their hands and worshipping God, and they just drink it in like it’s the water of life. Folks, it’s a dry place in this world.

I don’t know, I had…it seemed like I had more on my…you know, to say, but maybe that’s all I need to say. But I just have a burden that we need to have the vision. We need to have an understanding of where we’re at, and where we’re headed, and what’s coming down the pike. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna see some momentous times that we’re gonna see God do things that you have not imagined. A people that believe God, there’s nothing He cannot do.

Did Jesus not say the things that I have done, you will do also and greater things will you do because I go to the Father? We all sit here and say, yeah, right. That’s what we say emotionally, isn’t it? But, I’ll tell you as we seek God, God is gonna raise the level of our faith. We’re gonna see more and more answers to prayer. I believe the meeting we had yesterday was an answer to prayer. I believe the devil would love to have just sown controversy and trouble and difficulty. It was wonderful. God blessed. He was there. There was a unity.

I’ll tell you I appreciate my brothers. I appreciate the Lord in them. God is putting us together—God is putting us together. But every member of the body of Christ, you have a place. You have a purpose. There’s something…your life is about something. God wants to give you spiritual abilities to contribute to the life of the church! You may not do it up here, but God wants every member of the church to really get what we’re talking about this morning.

You know, talking about God at work in extreme situations, you think about the testimony of Corrie Ten Boom, and how God brought them to an incredibly difficult place, a flea ridden barracks, and because of the fleas the Germans wouldn’t even go in there. So they had freedom every night to open the Word and to have services and God brought ladies from every background you could think of. People who would have never been together under any circumstances—like other circumstances, and there they were in that extremity needing God, needing strength, needing help and finding hope in Him.

God used that situation to take Betsy on to be with Him and to leave a testimony behind. Her sister came out and said, no matter how deep the hell you’re in, God is deeper still. Then to be able to travel around the world and tell what God had done, not in spite of, but through. Everything God brings us through is part of the fulfilling of His purpose in our lives. If He brings…you know, right down to where your life is today, if God brings something out of you that’s ugly, well let me say it differently. When…

( laughter ).

…God brings something out of you that’s really ugly, He’s doing it so you can just bring it to Him and say, Lord, deliver me from this. I acknowledge it. I need you and I need Your deliverance right now. You see that’s bringing it right down to the personal, day-by-day level. But you work that process out, you yield to it. You look to God expecting that God is gonna fulfill the vision just like he fulfilled Abraham’s.

God’s gonna fulfill the promise that He has set before us. And I’ll tell you, we’re gonna be pointing toward that. Our lives are gonna be about Him and we’re gonna be in a position to help people. We’re gonna be part of the solution and not part of the problem. And that won’t be because we are anything. We are nothing. But it’s because we’ve got a glorious Savior who reigns on a throne who has been given a sure and a certain promise and a job to do, and there’s no devil in hell that can stop Him. Everything that Satan engineers in this end will only serve to fulfill the purpose of God. It’s gonna bring the Church to a glorious end.

And I’ll tell you, we’re gonna stand there in white and we’re gonna glorify…you’re talking about praising Him, we will…I mean we’ll be completely set free from all the limitations we experience here. I’ll tell you, you can talk about the future…and react fearfully, but I react with joy and thankfulness.

But I also am conscious of the world that some of our young people are gonna be living in. You need to be ready. You need to take a sober look at what your life is about, and just give it into God’s hands. You’re gonna be on one side or the other of this. Be on the Lord’s side. Give Him your heart and give Him your life. And I’ll tell you, He’s gonna take you and use you in ways that are way beyond what we know now.

I pray that people from this next generation will stand on our shoulders, as poor as they are, and they will reach far beyond us because of Christ. They won’t just go down this downward conservative path. Oh we’re just gonna conserve what we’ve got. You haven’t got anything if you conserve it like that. That’s like yesterday’s manna. We need something from God today.

I’m so thankful that we have what we have. Thank the Lord! But He’s not the problem. What do we want? Do we really want Him? Are we willing to really cry out and seek Him expectantly to be with us now, so that we can do what we’re supposed to do today, and still live in the reality of that vision of what is to come. I believe we can, don’t you?

I believe the Lord is doing that for us and I pray that He will just burn this into my heart first. But I pray that He’ll burn it into the older generation, folks, we need to be living this. And I pray that the younger generation will get it. Whether we do or not, I pray they’ll get it…and rise up and be mighty men and women of God. They will, if they look to God. God doesn’t need great people. He’s a great God. He just needs people. He can do anything. Praise the Lord!