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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1044

It’s the Lord’s Battle
Part One

October 7, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1044 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: You know, we are in a lot of battles aren’t we? And I have mine, you have yours and they take all kinds of forms. Many of the battles are with circumstances that are like this, that are kind of out there in the open. But I’ll guarantee everybody here who knows the Lord is having some kind of a battle.

And a lot of them are not the kind that anybody else knows about. They just go on in here and you’re struggling with this and the enemy is pulling on that and you’re fighting off every kind of opposition that there is. Anybody this doesn’t apply to here this morning? Yeah. I believe the Lord is wanting to encourage us because this is not unusual. This is normal—this is normal Christianity. We are called to fight. We are called to a warfare.

And you know, I believe we need to take encouragement from the Word of God. I appreciate the Lord’s presence in the service this morning. How wonderfully He lifted up the victory of Christ, the certainty that we have in Him, the fact that it’s not based on our righteousness. Thank God!

( congregational amens ).

Lord, I don’t have to look at what I…you know, all the weaknesses and failures and say, oh, God’s through with me. I have no right to expect anything from Him. I have every right to go to Him based upon the covenant, because there’s nothing else He will accept.

You know, I was so blessed yesterday, it really came at just the right time, but, one of the things we try to do for those who want to access it, is when a broadcast goes on we try to provide a transcript on the website. And you know, we have some faithful ladies who do these transcriptions from the broadcast and they…I wind up with a copy, basically. And so I was editing the one that’s going on April 1st and it was the service from almost a year ago now, on the Lord being a curse for us. And boy did it hit the spot with me. Boy I needed that! That was just fresh for my heart, what the Lord did for us.

And it was that Sunday where I had just heard the testimony of that minister who had gone for years and years as an evangelist. Do you remember that—that story? And just never could find peace in his own heart and finally the Lord really showed him. He kept praying, Lord if I’m lost, save me. And finally, the Lord said, you are lost. He says…and here is the key—He said, I am completely satisfied with what my Son did to pay for your sins. And when you’re satisfied with it, I’ll save you.

( congregational amens ).

That’s profound isn’t it? But, doesn’t that affect us in our Christian life? How many times do we try to earn our way back into God’s favor, “make up for it,” all those kinds of things? But you know, I was just coming this morning and thinking about the service and…didn’t really have anything. I just thought of something that we’ve heard so many times and a principle that I feel like we need right now—I need. And it’s illustrated several places in the scriptures, but one of them is 1st Samuel 17 in the case of David and Goliath, the account of the battle there.

As I say, we fight many battles and many of them are personal. Many of them are ones that nobody knows about. Some of them are out there to where other people know and they can join in, in prayer. And then, others are like this, you know, very difficult, obvious circumstances. There may be a stronghold of the enemy that we’re concerned about as a people. And God wants us to be able to fight effectively and to fight in a way that we will actually see victories. Wouldn’t that be nice?

( congregational amens ).

There’s a lot of things we’re praying about and we’ve seen some. I don’t mean to belittle any of that. But, I believe there are victories that God wants us to win. Not just keep, you know, beating on the—beating on the wall, but actually see that wall come down. And see God break through in people’s lives. There are strongholds of Satan. There are strongholds of Satan in individual lives. We need Him. We need to be able to come to Him in faith and see God make changes in us.

( congregational amens ).

And I’m certainly beginning by talking to me this morning. I’m keenly aware of areas where God is working. And He’s…what happens is, we get in places…God brings us into places where there is difficulty and that difficulty…one of the things it does is show us what’s in us. If you and I walk in the sunshine, yeah, we can be sweet and lovely and everything’s great and grand. But all you have to do is get under a little bit of pressure and then you find out what’s really in you. And how many of you are just jumping for joy when you find that out?

( laughter ).

It’s discouraging sometimes isn’t it? Oh, God! And we want to hide, we want to pretend, we want to cover up, we want to excuse, we want to do any…make up for it. We want to do everything in the world except say, yes, Lord. Truth, Lord. Lord that’s exactly…that’s in me. I didn’t know it. Thank you for showing me.

But you know, the Lord doesn’t show us those things to defeat us and to discourage us. How else could we be delivered if we didn’t know something was in there? And so I…you know, through tears of regret sometimes I have to say, thank you, Lord. But oh, God, You also know that there is no strength that I have against this. Lord, you’ve shown me my enemy, and my enemy is me in this case. But you’ve also given me the way to victory. And that victory is not through anything I can do. It’s through completely abandoning all trust in me, looking to you.

( congregational amens ).

But, of course, here was David and you remember how the Philistines had set themselves against the Israelites and they gathered on opposite sides of a particular valley, and they decided on a battle strategy of sending this great champion, this giant, Goliath. And we have every reason to believe he was something like nine feet tall or something like that. There was still a few of those folks around in those days. You can imagine why they’re not around now. Wouldn’t they be kind of targets?

( laughing ).

But anyway, at that time they still had some of these folks around and so they sent him out there and said, I’ll tell you how we’re gonna settle this battle. You pick your best champion, he’ll come against us. We’ll come together in the valley. We don’t have to go make this general war. We’ll let it be decided by a single combat.

Well, that didn’t…that left the Israelites shaking in their boots. They didn’t have any idea how this was gonna go. But you know, David came to the battle and he had a different viewpoint, didn’t he? And this is a viewpoint you and I need to remember in all of our battles. And I’m not just talking about people you’re praying for. I’m talking about the ones that come up in here. Because we think and we feel so keenly the strength of the opposition, the strength of the difficulty, our own inability. We look at situations and say that’s impossible, and we just…it looms up before us like the giant Goliath.

But David understood something and David said to the Philistine…I’m gonna skip through the story, which most of you are familiar with. But in verse 45, “David said to the Philistine, You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” (NIV). He said, you didn’t defy the armies of Israel, you defied their God. And you know, we need to remember every single day and every single circumstance that when the Devil attacks us, when the Devil sets some impossibility in front of us, he is not defying us. He is defying our God!

( congregational amens ).

If we are His, then God takes it personally. It’s His battle! And that’s what David said when he went into this. He said, “This day the Lord will hand you over to me.…” Man that was confidence wasn’t it? He didn’t say, you know, I’m gonna go in there, I’m gonna hope for the best.

But how many of us fight our battles like that? We say brave words but on the inside we’re not so sure. You think God might be wanting to give us a greater confidence, a greater foundation for that confidence, so that it’s not just, you know, trying to work up a feeling. I mean, how many of you fight your battles that way?

( laughter ).

Yeah. I’ll raise my hand for you because I know you’re embarrassed to do it.

( laughter ).

But isn’t that the way we do it? You know, I lack confidence here. Okay, come on.

( panting and blowing ).

We pump it up.

( laughter ).

We get our emotions—try to get our emotions on a fever pitch and…you know, it’s good to sing songs of victory but sometimes we can do that on an emotional level and that’s all we’re trying to do is ‘feel’ brave. God wants us to have a solid foundation for confidence.

And I sensed in some things that I was feeling this morning that God did not want me to get my dander up in that sense or get myself worked up in that sense, but rather to rest, to remember where my strength comes from, to remember whose battle it is, and to say, Lord, I’m going to…instead of trying harder, I’m gonna rest more. I’m gonna put my confidence in you and just find that place of rest and confidence. “…in quietness and in confidence…” the prophet said “…shall be your strength…” (KJV). Oh, how often we forget that. We think it’s in…

( growling ).

…We think it’s in this kind of thing. And the Lord just wants us to remember who He is, to lean upon Him, to give Him the praise and just simply face what we’ve got to face in His strength and know that it’s His battle. And the time that I have the hardest doing that—hardest time doing that is when it’s something that’s wrong with me because immediately I think, well, I’m not worthy to do that. And around and around we go.

And you know what the answer to that is? We’ve got to go back to the Word. God is…let’s go back to what the Lord said to that preacher. I am completely satisfied with what my Son did to pay for your sins. But we get in places where we’re not quite satisfied with that. That’s not quite enough.

We sang the song this morning, “It Was Enough.” Well, was it or do we just sing those words? I’ll tell you, God is gonna put us in situations where we’re gonna have to have what we know here [pointing to head] become reality here [pointing to heart], something that really gives us genuine victory, not just a grand theory to tell people. We need to be in a place where we can say, I was in a tough place. I had nothing to stand upon but the Word of God. I was not worthy by any human measure to stand and to put my faith in God, but I did based upon the covenant of God and He was faithful!

( congregational amens ).

Now that’s gonna reach out and touch people who are needy sinners because that’s what we all are. That’s lifting Him up. Because we are nothing, but we have someone we can lift up in the midst of this. And that’s what David understood. Said, this guy has come out here, he doesn’t know what he’s up against. That giant has no clue. He has set himself up against the God who made the stars. What a fool!

What a different point of view from the rest of them. But you know, don’t we need to have that kind of a sense about the things that come against us? Devil, you are a fool! You’re coming against the living God! You are defying Him! Now you’re coming at the weakest point, because we’re still in the flesh and we still are cumbered about with a lot of unbelief and a lot of weaknesses. But…so that’s the only place the Devil can attack. He can’t go up to heaven and mount a frontal assault. But he can sure come against us.

But God is going to use every battle if we will learn to stand on this. He’s gonna use every battle to build our faith, not to tear it down but to build it. Isn’t that what He did with David when He sent…He allowed the lion and the bear to come out? I mean, why would a lion and a bear…you know, you think about that. You think about a God who is over all. Did He not prepare David through those simple things?

You wonder why you go through some of the things you go through. Do you think the Lord might be preparing you for something down the line that’s of much greater importance? Faith is not something we just suddenly…David didn’t suddenly acquire this faith here. He had a track record with God. He was willing to walk with God in the small stuff. Are we? Or do we think it doesn’t matter? God doesn’t care, we’re on our own. See, that’s how the Devil wants every one of you to feel today, and me. But we are not on our own!

( congregational amens ).

Praise God! We are never out of His sight. We are never out of His love, never out of His care! Praise God! And so he made this positive statement, “This day the Lord will hand you over to me, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head.” (NIV). Wow! The giant is standing there, yeah, you and what army? “Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air…” Now he’s not just talking about the giant, he’s talking about the whole army “…and the beasts of the earth, and the…” And what was going to happen as a result of this? “…and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.”

That’s what God is wanting to accomplish. He wasn’t trying to make David into some kind of a hero. He was trying to lift up Himself, His greatness. How many things did He do in the nation of Israel in spite of their condition? And everybody in the world heard about it. Man, don’t you know that the whole world of that day heard about what He did when He brought them out of Egypt, destroyed the armies, opened the Red Sea, marched them out of there, delivered them from the greatest army in the world? You know they all heard about it. Man, the caravan…did you hear what happened down in Egypt? I’ll tell you, I want God…I want people to be talking about what God does in lives in this place.

( congregational amens ).

Not so that people will be lifted up but so that His name will be lifted up.

( congregational amens ).

Don’t we have a right to go to God in that kind of a spirit with that kind of a confidence, knowing this is His battle, not ours? That’s what he says, “All those gathered here will know….” He’s talking about the rest of these supposed people of God, the Israelite army. “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all…”—all of you “… into our hands.” He will do it!

You know, I just…even walking up here this morning, I had to say, Lord you see the things that are here, the weaknesses that I have, that I have to battle. I said, Lord, first of all I acknowledge them. They’re real. But Lord, you know I can’t beat these things, I can’t overcome in myself. But Lord, I just give it to you. It is your battle. You are the one who has undertaken to save me. I need saving. I need mercy. I need grace right now. Lord, it is your battle and I simply…I give it into your hands. Anybody here relate to that?

( congregational amens ).

Yeah. Isn’t that what we need to be doing instead of letting the devil defeat and discourage and fill our minds with negative stuff? God help us! You know, if we’re like that, how can we fight for people like Spencer? How can we fight for these other battles if we’re just falling down under the load of our own needs? We need to be able to take hold of this and know where we stand.

( congregational amens ).

This isn’t make-believe. We have a contract. We have a covenant with a God who cannot lie. We need to start standing on it and believing what He said, and praising Him, because it is His battle! We are His people!

( congregational amens ).

This wasn’t our idea. He sought us! We were lost and helpless and headed for Hell. He came after us. He knew what He was getting into when He saved you. Praise God! If you’re here and you haven’t ever really come to this I’d cry out…I pray that God would just open your eyes to see where you’re headed without Him! You’re lost! You’re headed for the fire. I’ll tell you what. You need to have your eyes open to see the desperation of your condition and your need. But you need to know there’s a Savior who is up to the job. Who is committed…if you put your hope in Him, He will “…save completely those who come to God through him…” Praise God!

I mean, what a simple word, “…the battle is the Lord’s…” Don’t we need every time we sense a battle, whether it is in here or whether it’s out there, to remember, it’s your battle, Lord? It’s yours. You’re the one who has allowed me to come to this point in my journey where I am being opposed in a way that is filling me with fear, filling me with doubt, filling me with anxiety and struggle. But you didn’t do it so that I would fall under the load of those things. You did it so that I could bring that battle to you and understand what is really happening here, so that I could stand upon your Word and give the thing to you and in your name and in your strength I can do things that I cannot do in myself.

David had no power in himself to do what he did. Did he? Neither do we. And he was a man of like passions—everybody in the scripture, we’re all the same. We have the same need but we have the same God.