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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1042

Under God’s Mighty Hand

September 23, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1042 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: If God was using His mighty hand in any sense against us, we’d be squashed like bugs! But His mighty hand is one that rules over the powers of darkness. There’s not a thing the devil can do that God doesn’t permit. Everything comes from that mighty hand, but it’s on our lives.

And I’ll tell you, if there is a fussing, a fighting, a strife, an anxiety, a restlessness about you, it’s a good time to step back and say, why do I feel that way? Does that come from the Lord? No. Where does it come from? You say, oh, they did it. They did this and they did that. No. It comes from in here. God is exposing things that you and I are not as aware of as we ought to be. And He longs to fill that place with His peace. I need that.

I am more conscious of that as far…as far as I go with the Lord, I’m conscious of how desperately I need to just let go. Oh, Lord, there’s so many prideful things that rise up. I’ll have one reaction. I’ll say, okay, I won’t be that way and BOOM it just kind of turns around and comes at the same issue from another angle and it’s pride still!

Oh, Lord! I’m so glad the Lord doesn’t do it to discourage us, to beat us down, to condemn us. Let me tell you one thing that’s come to me on more than one occasion, and I think it’s an insight that we need. You know, I mentioned about how when we fail we….oh, how could I do that…that that’s pride? Do you know living under condemnation can be a form of pride? Does God convict us of things that are wrong in our lives to condemn?

( congregational response ).

What are we saying when we’re living under condemnation? It’s like we’re trying to live under laws. God’s told me this and I’ve failed yet again. Oh, I’m so bad. That’s just pride…not willing to take the place of a sinner who just needs mercy, and then rejoices in that mercy and can go on with a free heart. Oh, we want to carry the burden of that guilt. Oh, I should be better, I should be stronger, I should…no, you’re not…that’s why you need a savior!

( congregational amens ).

Oh, what a blessed place of peace God desires for us and that He has for us. “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God.…” (KJV). He’ll lift you up in due time. There’s a lifting up that is not gonna be in pride. It’s not gonna be for the sake of putting you on a throne and making you somebody big, so that you can do your thing. It’s so that He can be lifted up in our lives.

I’ll tell you, you talk about lifting up…you look at the end of the story…you look at what God has for His own. We will be robed in white…whatever…however that visually, actually plays out. We’re gonna be radiant with the glory of God. There will be none of this left in us. God will have defeated every enemy. Every enemy will be brought under his feet. That means the ones you and I face today. Those things that whelm up in us that cause us to strive and struggle in all of that. We’ll be able to let go.

Do you think Jesus walked around like that? And yet the Scripture says, as Don mentioned, He was tempted in every point just like us, yet without sin. Praise God! But it also says he learned obedience by the things that he suffered. So there was a learning. Now, obviously learning to obey doesn’t mean he ever disobeyed. It simply means that there is a difference between someone who is in heaven with the Father and there is no other contrary will operating. Nothing…no other pull of anything that is operating that would cause him to differ from the Father.

But now, all of a sudden he’s got a body. He’s living in a world. There’s a whole lot of stuff coming at him that would have said, oh, let me go another way. Let me do this. No, I don’t want…you know there was something that was absolutely contrary to the will of the Father that he felt just like you and I feel. And so he had to learn every day to humble himself under his Father’s mighty hand. It’s exactly the same process.

And he knew, just as we can do nothing without him, that he could do nothing without the Father. How many times did he go and pray and spend time with the Father? You think he was just pouring out words all the time? No. There was a fellowship. There was a communion. There was a listening. There was a sense of Father I just need you. I have this burden right now. I know I’ve got to do something, but oh God, I’m bringing it to you. I cannot handle this. I’m dependent upon you.

Just like Peter said, casting all your burden, your cares upon Him. He cares about you. The Father had a perfect plan for Him to walk in. He had stuff for him to do that required immense expenditures of spiritual energy and strength and yet God was with Him in every bit of that. Where did He get his power to do what He did? He got it from the Father. Where do we get the strength to do what we do? We get it from our Lord Jesus Christ. Ultimately it’s the life that comes from the Father.

As I say, He was dealing with bad situations the whole time He was here. Just like us and worse. Don’t you know the devils were taking every opportunity they could to pound negative thoughts in His mind, to send contrary people against Him. He sent the religious people out time and time and time again to oppose Him. All the stuff that He did—the opposition of sinners that was referred to in Hebrews 12, and yet there was something in Him. There was a reservoir of peace that possessed His heart that enabled Him to have a Spirit that was able to do the will of God, to have peace, to love people, to find strength to do what He needed to do. That stuff couldn’t get in and the problem is with you and me, it gets in. That’s what the Lord has got us in school for. That’s what our life is about.

As I say, when I hear people like Corrie Ten Boom talk about all of the struggles that she had and you know, as a saint of God, seventy or eighty years old, whatever it was, walked with the Lord all these years and yet she’s just fighting against this and fighting…have feelings whelm up about this situation and feeling whelm up about that and having to deal with it, having to say, all right Lord, I surrender. Lord, I know that’s there. You sent that situation so that I would know what was in my heart.

Isn’t that what the Lord did with the Israelites? He said, I led you this way to know what was in your heart. I mean how [would] we have seen what was in their hearts if God hadn’t deliberately, for example, right after coming out of Egypt, led them into a place where there was no water? Now you would think, looking at it logically, that they would say, wow, look what God just did. He brought us out with all those wonders and he opened the sea and we walked between walls of water and just looking at the fish swimming by. I don’t know if they did that or not.

( laughter ).

But what a deliverance we just experienced and then we turned around and Moses went like this with his rod and the whole…the greatest army in the world drowned. Not a single one of them survived and we were safe and God did all those wonderful things. Oh, all we have to do is just come to this wonderful loving God and say Lord—Father, we’re thirsty. We sure would appreciate it if you could show us some water. They didn’t do that did they? Moses, what did you do? Bring us out here to kill us? We should have stayed back there. Lord, have mercy. But are we so different?

— Congregation: No.

— Brother Phil Enlow: Don’t we so readily complain about circumstances the Lord brings to bear in our lives instead of saying, Lord, you did that so I could see what was in me. Oh Lord, it’s not pretty. That’s not my problem. That’s not my problem. This is what you’re concerned about. Oh, God, I just humble myself.

Of course, the same thing a few days later. They ran into no food and they were ready to stone Moses. Moses said, Lord, what am I going to do with these people, they’re ready to stone me. The Lord just graciously started sending manna every day. Later on they complained about the manna. You know, I’ll tell you, if you’ve got a condition in your heart, it isn’t gonna matter what your circumstances are.

( congregational amens ).

I don’t care, God could set you up on a tropical island with plenty of food and nothing…no responsibilities and you’d complain.

( laughter ).

You’d find something to complain about, because the problem is not the externals. Then you’ll turn around and you’ll see a saint of God living under incredible circumstances, in prison, tortured for their faith, and praising God and looking to him and finding strength and grace and God helping them right where they’re at. Yet we belly ache about all of our circumstances and don’t trust God with them. You see how this plays out in the Israelites. They’re looking to man…some scheme of their own for their answers instead of in repentance. Change your mind—change your attitude.

Peter says humble yourselves. Now see, that’s something that we’re supposed to do. Now I understand that God will give grace and all that, but I’ll tell you, we have got a responsibility to make choices in our lives. That’s our problem. God is going to do the work but He’s not gonna make the choice for you or for me. You’ve having a rough go right now and you’re angry about this or upset about that. Start looking in the mirror and say, oh God, I choose to humble myself under your might hand and recognize where the real problem is. The real problem is me—self wanting its way, trusting itself, wanting to go its direction.

It says repent—turn around, change your mind. That we can do! You know, many times I’ve had…including this morning…I’ve had to look to the Lord and say, all right God, I feel this…I know it’s contrary to you, Lord. I just recognize it. I confess it. I surrender it by faith, but I do so knowing that I don’t have the power to change this, Lord. You’re gonna have to do it, but I can choose to say, Lord, I am what you say I am. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend to be some spiritual giant. I need you. Lord, every…just like Paul, every impulse that originates in me is gonna be contrary to your will and way, and you long to deliver me and to bring me into that place of peace.

You know, we sing the song, and I think it just is one of those songs that we sing, and we don’t get ‘there is a place in God where rest is complete.’ How many of you believe that there is such a place and that God wants to bring us there.

( congregational amens ).

See, this is describing the process by which we get there. We stop reacting in self-will and pride to the things that God brings in our lives. We choose to humble ourselves and I’ll tell you, God gives grace. And it isn’t like some magic switch where there’s suddenly no more battles. It’s every day, and God’s gonna bring things to cross your path.

Of course you know, it’s like we said Wednesday night when we become aware of our needs, sometimes, and the depth of it, it’s awfully easy to get overwhelmed. And we just see the future unfolding with impossibilities for us. Oh, I could never do that. But God is not requiring all that. God deals with us moment by moment, moment by moment. All I’m responsible for is to deal with the thing that God is bringing me to right now. If He’s content with that, shouldn’t I be?

See, that’s part of being dependent upon the Lord. If there was something that we could just do, some experience that we could get where suddenly we had everything that we needed and we could rock along, we wouldn’t have any dependence upon the Lord. Jesus is the greatest example of one who lived in complete day, by day, by day dependence on God.

Folks, we need to be seeking the Lord. We need to be recognizing that we cannot do what we do every single day without the Lord. And for many, that means spending time with Him in the morning, looking to Him— not as a religious duty, but as a sense of, oh, God, I need you.

( congregational amens ).

I want to please you. I don’t have the power. But, oh Lord, speak to me. Help me to have an ear that’s…so I can understand what the real issue is and all the stuff that happens in my life. I want to know what’s really going on. I want to be able to see my circumstances through your eyes and not through mine so that I’m not spending all my time reacting to this and reacting like it’s just some natural thing I’ve got to deal with. I’m seeing it as your hand that’s trying to…that’s seeking to bring me to a place of dependence and I’ve got to learn to humble…recognize that and humble myself and receive the grace. And when anxieties arise, and they do for every one of us, we have that privilege of casting our care upon him. Praise God!

“…In repentance and rest is your salvation....” (NIV). That’s day to day salvation that I need. Is God touching things in your life, things that you’re thinking about right now? God wants us to change our mind about a lot of stuff in our lives—quit making excuses, quit blaming this, quit blaming that. Look in the mirror and say, thou are the man or thou are the woman or whoever or whatever is appropriate and say, Lord, I need you this day. I want to experience what you’re talking about. Bring me to that place of rest.

Look what…how he describes the place that the Lord desires to bring, “…in quietness and trust is your strength…” Do you need strength? How many times do we think we’ve got to…

( groaning ).

…work up this feeling of, okay I’m strong, you know. Sing some fast choruses. Let’s dance around a little bit. Let’s get the blood flowing. Let’s…okay, now I feel full of faith and power. Did Jesus have to do that? No. There was a quietness. There was a reservoir of peace in a sense that God was in control and He just yielded to the Father and power happened.

Oh, how much…you know, Matt was talking the other night about this very thing in prayer meeting. Sometimes we think we’ve got to have a feeling. Before we can have power we’ve got to feel the power somehow. It’s got to affect our emotions in a certain way. We have to feel a certain way. Okay, now I’m full of faith. I can do…I can move mountains or what have you.

God just wants to bring us to that place where our confidence and our strength comes from just resting in Him. Every issue is one that we can safely put in His hands and know that He can give us the ability that we need to deal with it and to be the kind of people that He wants us to be. I want to find that, because I am guilty as anybody of wanting to feel a certain way—full of unbelief because I don’t feel a certain way.

I’ll tell you, God can bring us to a place where that rest and that peace…how many have every tasted that? You know that there is such a thing? I want to experience it more and I believe the Lord longs for us to do it. I mean, look at the…I’ll just look at this quickly in Isaiah as he describes what’s gonna happen if you do things your way.

Then he comes down to 18 and see what the Lord is saying. This is a people who were rebellious. They persistently went against God and yet look at His heart toward these people. He says, “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you....”

Think about that. If you’re His child and you’re seeking to serve Him, don’t you think He longs for you to experience all of this that He’s given you? We act like if we don’t measure up somehow He’s mad at us and He’s standing there…when you get right we’ll talk, you know. Oh, God. He knows what we’re made out of. He understands. He’s the one who brings us through this school. His mighty hand is there, not to crush, but to teach.

Jesus said take my yoke and learn from me. He didn’t say I’m gonna beat it into you. He said, learn from me. I am gentle. I am humble. I’ll tell you, we’ve got a God who’s gentle and even humble in this sense, with us. If we learn from that we’re gonna experience that same thing. He “…longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion.”

My God, you think about that. Here we are in a place of need and the Lord is sitting there and He doesn’t stay seated. He rises. He says I’ve got to do something. I’ve got to reach out. I’ve gotta help them. I love them. Understand that He is talking about you this morning. This is not just some special people. He’s even saying this about a bunch of rebels. The Lord loves you. He longs to show you His mercy and His strength today, and to show me. Praise God!

“…For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!” You can go on and read some of the blessings that come, but I don’t know, I just sense this need in me to…as we go on, that we’re not going to be able to do a lot without God doing something is us. We need Him. We need to come into that place where we have quietness and confidence and He is our strength. We don’t have strength because we’re strong. We don’t have strength because we’re, you know, rising up to contend with this or rising up…but because we trust in Him.

These enemies that Israel faced were real. They were kings that oppressed them. They came in, they were real armies. The Lord said your answer isn’t to go to Egypt. Your answer is to humble yourself and put your trust in me. I can take care of them. I’m concerned about you. Can anybody here identify with any of this?

( congregational amens ).

Yeah. Is this is where you’re at? We need to get off our high horse and realize how much God loves us and how…the place of blessing that it is to let go and let God have His way. I desire that. I need it. I believe God is seeking with all of His heart. Everything—every fiber of His being is reaching out to us, here, this morning, whatever you’re facing in your life, to bring us into a place of blessing where we understand His peace and we experience it in our day to day lives. Praise God!