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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1027

Special Delivery

June 10, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1027 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Praise God! I’ll tell you, the Word of God is the most powerful thing in the universe.

( congregational amens ).

And we need to recognize that God wants to plant His words in our hearts. And it’s not just a knowledge of the Book, it’s something that is very personal, because you and I are unique individuals. We each have our…it’s amazing when you think about it…we each have our own characteristics, our own purpose…in the mind and the purpose of God we are unique. God made us for a special thing in His kingdom.

And yet our lives are so intertwined that God knows how to speak and He knows how to deal with each of us right at the point of need in our journey. I mean, how many times do we come in here and the Lord gives a word, and whoever…it doesn’t matter who’s speaking, it’s not something they’ve thought about or planned, or said, well, I think this would make a good sermon…there’s something that is just quickened—it’s made alive.

And afterwards — man, have you been walking with me? This exactly what I’ve been dealing with. This is exactly the question I’ve been asking God. God’s speaking. He’s sending a word to you and yet…though that word goes out to a great congregation, yet each one in their individual place in the journey that word just ministers faith and hope and strength. Man, God’s Word is awesome!

( congregational amens ).

And talk about special delivery, you need to hang on to that with all your life and take ownership of it! Isn’t it crazy that we so readily take ownership of what the Devil sends and so fearfully and reluctantly… “oh, that couldn’t be for me” …when God would speak and minister faith? And all we’re doing is continuing to listen to that negative voice of the Devil that just wants to paint a black, dark picture about where you’re at.

I’ll tell you, you’re the very one that God sent His Son to redeem! Christ Jesus came into the world, Paul said, to save sinners! But he didn’t stop there, did he? He said, “… of whom I am the worst!” Boy, why would God do something like that? He said, because he made me an example. In other words, Paul’s saying if God can save me, God can save anybody that will come to Him and humble themselves and just come in simple childlike faith, lay their whole on the Savior.

I’ll tell you, we have a God who wants to talk to you and to me. Now, of course, anytime you start talking like this the devil will try to push people into the other ditch. And all of a sudden they’ll try to start living by conjuring up voices and living out in the ethereal realm out here somewhere and pretty soon you get off in a realm where you’re totally unbalanced and the devil operates, and he can talk and pretend to be the Lord. Does anybody know what I’m talking about?

You know I remember one poor fellow in college…best I can remember he had been shell shocked, so he had a bad go of it from the word go…but he had gotten into this mode of living where he was “led by the spirit”. But he had to be led by the spirit to go to breakfast or to go to class.

( laughter ).

I mean it got down to this…it was such an ethereal “I’m waiting for some kind of voice to tell me what to do.” For God’s sake, go eat!

( laughter ).

That’s not the way it is. There’s a reasonable balance there and the thing is if you get so anchored to feelings and experiences and thoughts and visions and whatever, then you can get away from the simplicity of this, too. You know Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman and He said, the hour is coming…well, she was talking about, the Jews say you ought to worship in Jerusalem and our fathers worship in Samaria. What’s the deal here? He says the hour is coming and now is when the true worshipers of God is neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem. But the true worshipers of God shall worship Him in…

( congregational response ).

…Spirit and truth! Now the thing is, you’ve got to have a balance between the two. God has given us an objective measure of truth. This is real. God…I mean, how much did Jesus Himself honor the Scriptures? He said, not a word, not a jot nor a tittle that’s been written will pass away until all be fulfilled. I mean, different ways that it was expressed. This is done that the Scripture might be fulfilled. The Scripture cannot be broken, he said in one place. So, God has given us something that is in black and white.

But you know a lot of people’s religion is confined to the black and white. Pretty soon they’re just digging through it with their man-made intelligence and trying to figure it all out. That’s not it either. You’ve got two extremes there. God wants us to seek Him, to read His Word, but at the same time…how many of you know what I’m talking about? I know many of you do.

You’re in a dark place. You’re in a certain point in your experience and you’re reading the Word and something that you’ve never even thought about just jumps off the page. Yeah, God just makes His Word alive and it could be just a phrase and it’s just like what John Bunyan experienced. It just brings life. It brings peace. You were perplexed about something. You were feeling condemned and uncertain and unsure, and all of a sudden God just drops a word in your mind, but it comes right out of the Scriptures.

How much do we give God opportunity to speak to us? See we can read the Word out of a sense of duty and it just becomes ok I’ve got to read. No…or we can read it as a love letter and as an opportunity for God to communicate with us. Yes we can get our minds wrapped around the objectivity of our faith and what it is we’re about, but we’re also coming with an expectancy that God, You called me into a covenant work. We know each other. We walk together. My ears can be tuned to actually hear the voice of the God of the universe, talking to me personally about where I am. And you think, oh my God, somebody like that, I’m afraid of that. Where does that come from?

( congregational response ).

You just opened the wrong package there. You need to return that one to sender. I’ll tell you, we have a God who sends all kinds of messages of hope and love if we can hear…if our ears are tuned, I’ll tell you, you know a child could walk up to you and say something and it’d be just the thing that you and I need if our hearts are in tune and looking to God…. Like I say, don’t you live looking for some magical experience and trying to find a voice for every little thing. But I mean, I’ll tell you, God wants to train us and teach us to be able to recognize when He’s talking to us and when He’s trying to work in our hearts.

I’ll tell you another thing that trips up a lot of folks. It is that not every thing that God says is something we want to hear. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You know that God’s got a lot of work to do in you and me. I’ve got a lot of mess here. And I’ll tell you, a God who loves me, loves me enough to not leave me like I am. He loves me enough to shine a light, but it doesn’t come across like the devil where he’s just beating you over the head and taking away your hope. It’s like, what about that?

Do you know what I’m talking about? Has anybody been there where you’re walking along and all of a sudden the Lord puts His finger on something. What about that? Ooh…and suddenly you’re just…do you know that’s God’s special delivery, a message of love to you and to me? Do you know we need to sign for that and take ownership of it and bring it before the Lord and say, thank You, Lord? Praise God!

God has some special delivery packages for every single one of you. Not just today, but this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow and the next day and as long as we know Him. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna be…this is gonna carry on right through eternity, folks. Knowing Him and growing in our knowledge of Him. Man, there’s no end to this. But oh, we’ve got to have a heart that longs to hear His voice. “How lovely is the voice of the Lord?” Praise God!

( congregational response ).

“How blessed…”

( congregational response ).

“…To learn of his Word.”

( congregational response ).

“How thrilling to know…” Well the Lord must be taking this out of my mind ‘cause He wants you all to participate.

( laughter ).

“How thrilling to know, as I walk here below; that He will guide me each step of the way.” But you know, is this just a song that we sing that sounds nice and sweet? Or is this our experience, folks? You know we get so busy…many of you remember will the story Brother Thomas use to tell quite often. He was a bit of a maverick and a rascal, and he would…

( laughing ).

…Say things in the most unusual circumstances. This was not all that bad, but he was walking around at some place near the beach, I think. And there was this teenage girl who had a big radio on her shoulder. Now that would look ridiculous in today’s world. We’ve gotten beyond that, but in those days that’s how you listened to music. You had a great big old box and you set it on your shoulder. Man, it was a-going and she was just into it. And Brother Thomas just…it got next to him and he walked over and he said, what if the Lord wanted to speak to you, could you hear Him? Just trying to make her think.

But isn’t that a little bit true of us? Don’t we get our ears so dull and so tuned and so not expecting Him to talk to us, not really walking with Him close? Kind of arms length…okay, Lord, I’ve got my stuff to do now, I’ll see you on Sunday. Is that the kind of relationship that He wants? No, of course it isn’t. God wants us to get to know Him. But you know it’s like I said, the special delivery packages the Lord sends are not always the ones we’re looking for. Another story you’ll remember Brother Thomas telling many times was the lady who came to the pastor, complaining about her lack of patience.

( laughter ).

Yeah, a lot of you’ve heard it. Oh, pastor, will you pray for me? I just don’t have any patience. I just really need God to give me some patience. Pray for me. So he said, alright Sister, let’s pray. Lord, send this woman tribulation. Send her trouble. Send her tribulation upon top of tribulation. About that time she reaches the pastor and says, you didn’t get it. You misunderstood me. I don’t want tribulation I’ve got plenty of that. I want patience! And of course he said, tribulation works patience.

You know a lot of the Lord’s greatest blessing comes in a form that we don’t recognize. If we don’t take the whole package the way he gives it and unwrap it in faith, we’ll never get down to the real present. How many of you have gotten a present where somebody…the Lord doesn’t play jokes, but I mean you get the point…where somebody takes some really small package and puts it in a bigger package and in a bigger package and in a bigger package, and you get this great big thing. By the time you break it all down, it’s just one tiny little thing.

Well, I’ll tell you, when the Lord does it, it’s right. That thing is way down in the center if we’ll stick with it. That’s worth gold. That’s worth everything. The Lord knows exactly what we need. But not only that, he knows how to give it to us. He’ll put you in…he’ll throw you into the deep end of the pool over your head and you’ll say, Lord, what’s going on here? Get me out of this! And it might be God’s special delivery gift to you. It very probably is. Because, you know God will put us in things that cause us to have to cry out to Him, and to say, oh, God. But if His purpose is that we know Him and that we have a relationship with Him, isn’t that at the heart of it?

( congregational response ).

If we’re walking in our own way and just kind of forgetting all about Him and handling it ourselves, where’s the relationship? But God has to do something to draw us close so that we’ll say, oh, God, I forgot, I’m sorry. I need You, Lord. Oh God, help me. Move in my life. Do something.

How many times do we see in the Scriptures the Lord sending special delivery like we refer to so many times that Paul got that one time? When he was in that weak place having seen so much of just incredible revelation. And I’ll guarantee there’s not a person here who can even think about experiencing the things that he experienced without being puffed up and thinking you’re something. God singled me out. Man, I was caught up to the third heaven! I’m better than you. I’m just one of these spiritual ones. Man we just couldn’t handle that. We’re not wired that way. We need a real work of grace.

Well, God knew exactly what to do! He sent Paul a special delivery package, and when he opened it up there was a devil in there! That devil came out there fighting and started beating on him. Whoa, what’s this? Surely the devil sent that one! But he didn’t, did he? And Paul just prayed and prayed and prayed, oh God, this is not right. This is hindering me. So finally the Lord sent him another special delivery package. This time it was a Word of wisdom—a Word that gave him faith. It said, “My grace is sufficient.” (KJV). It’s enough.

But now what’s the point of that? Because my grace is enough…that’s great. Why? So the Lord also told him why. He said, “…My strength—my strength is made perfect…” how? “In weakness.” You were getting to the point where you were feeling your oats and trying to run in your own strength! I had to do something because only my strength can help anybody! And so I had to bring you into a place where you felt your weakness, you knew that you were nothing, and all you could do was stretch forth your hand, just like Peter! When you’re old you’ll stretch forth your hand and another will gird you, carry you where you don’t want to go! What a gift!

But how wise the Lord is, but how wise also to give us the just the Word of faith that we need if we’re listening. Man, if God deals with you, if He draws near, don’t you draw back. Don’t you say, I don’t know about that. There’s some people that are so protective of self, they don’t want to let the Lord in. There’s a fearfulness. I’ll tell you, there’s a lot of folks here who would say let go of that. It’s worth everything to know Him.

( congregational response ).

And yeah, it’s gonna be challenging. You’re gonna have all kinds of difficulties, but every one is gonna drive you closer to the One who loves you more than you have any power to imagine. And He will always give you the strength. There’s no temptation, the Word says, that will take you—that will seize you…the word there is “seized.” He’s talking about something that just comes and all of sudden, wham! It’s got a hold of you. And you can’t just sort of shake it off. “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man.” (NIV).

Don’t ever think you’re somebody who is all alone and nobody has ever been through this. But—But, “God is faithful: he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” But he will give you—he will make a way of escape, and that way of escape is that you might be able to bear it. It’s an ability God gives, not to blow it off, but to bear it, to allow it to do its work, but so that it doesn’t destroy you.

Boy, I’ll tell you, God knows exactly what kinds of gifts. You know what we ought to be doing? We ought to be ordering these things. We ought to be picking up the divine telephone and say, oh God, work in my heart. I see this need in me. Oh God, please help me. Please come to my rescue, Lord. Put your order in. You don’t need a credit card for this one. Jesus has already paid for it.

( congregational response ).

All the riches of heaven are there. God wants us to lay hold of that which is already ours and then take it the way He sends it. Listen for His voice. Accept the way His hand works in our lives and I’ll tell you, God is gonna get great glory out of our lives. He is gonna become real. He’s gonna become Somebody you don’t just have this secondhand distant knowledge of…you’re gonna know Him.

There’s gonna be times when He talks to you personally, and you know it and it lifts you up, and it strengthens you, and it gives you faith. It gives you something where you can talk to somebody else and say, you know, I was in a dark place and God spoke to me. He gave me faith and He’ll help you too. You see all this intertwined lives come together to grow into a holy temple that God can live in. That’s what He’s doing folks.

How tuned are you to His voice, to the things He sends in your life? I’ll tell you, it’s great to be able to recognize the devil and say, devil, I don’t receive that. But it’s even better to be able to say Lord, I receive what You send. Not only do I receive it, I long for it. I want You to come. I know there’s dark places in my heart but Lord please shine Your light. Lord, search my heart. Search me. Know me. Try me. Look in there and find all the bad stuff, Lord. Help me, Lord with it.

I’ll tell you, we’ve got a God who will hear and answer the cry of His people’s heart. If we’re tuned to Him and we’re desiring Him, you’re gonna get some special deliveries of all kinds. And so am I. May God give us the grace to desire them and to recognize them and to sign for them and to say, thank You, Lord. Thank You Lord. That’s the kind of special delivery I want. Man it’s mine. God sent it. Heaven sent it!

Wouldn’t it be something if you went to the door one day and there was a package and you look at the return address and it said, heaven…your heavenly Father…personal. Special Delivery, sent for you. You’ve got to sign for this one. But that’s the reality, folks. Just because we don’t see it physically, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. We have a God who knows how to reach out to the hearts of His children. There’s something about Him that longs for us to be close to Him. There’s something about us that draws back in fear. But I’ll tell you, we have a God who knows how to overcome that and draw us closer. Let’s listen for His voice. Praise God! Praise the Lord!