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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1021

When the Wind Blows

April 29, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1021 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: And that’s the concern, that’s the burden of my heart that there’s people here who think they’re saved and they’ve never really…there’s never been a change in here. Christ has never really been Lord, period. Unconditional surrender. I know some of you saw the movie we watched a couple of…well, when was it, last Sunday? And a very interesting depiction in a modern setting, but yet of Pilgrim’s Progress. And I’ll tell you, I think John Bunyan had a right appreciation for the truth in this matter. Notice the order of things. You first of all had a man who was becoming acquainted with the Word, and somehow he believed it when people around him didn’t. Now why?

( congregational response ).

God was working in his heart. And his reading of the Word caused him to feel a burden which was depicted literally as this heavy thing he was carrying around. And he became aware…oh my God, destruction is coming! And he kept seeing these visions of fire falling and the city he was living in being destroyed, and the need to escape.

God was working in that man’s heart. And God had somebody there to tell him, to point him in the right direction. He didn’t give him a formula, did he? He said, there’s a gate over there. You need to go. Well, what happened? He had a few things to overcome to get there, didn’t he? He fell in the ‘Slough of Despond’ which was just a difficult place, emotionally draining.

He was deeply troubled. What’s the word I’m trying to think of? He was depressed. And he had to be willing to see past that and overcome and say, now wait a minute. If I’m gonna get out of this, I’m gonna get out on the other side. Not like Pliable who said, man if this has happened so early in the journey, what lies ahead? I’d better go back. Well Christian said, I’m going on.

And then all of a sudden he had to deal with a false teacher who decided to show him another way. Hey, you can come and obey the Law, and you get rid of your burden right quick. And he discovered that wasn’t the way. But I’ll tell you, he had to fight through. He had to stand there at the gate and knock. He had to stand there under the barrage of arrows that were being fired at him and then finally the gatekeeper pulled him in. Okay, now I’m in—I’m in.

But he still had his burden, didn’t he? There was a work that was yet to be done. And so, all right, here’s the path. You walk down here and then you stop at the house of the Interpreter. And I’ll tell you, there’s an interpreter that’s gonna help you—that’s gonna give you understanding. Well, what was some of that understanding? Do you remember the first vision that he was given, the first picture he was shown of the house of the Interpreter?

( congregational inaudible ).

Yeah, it was a man with a sword. And over there was a castle and he went up to a table and had them write down his name. And he picked up his sword and he fought his way into that castle. Is that not a picture?

( congregational response ).

The violent take it by force. Forceful men lay hold of the kingdom. I’ll tell you, this is not for somebody who just casually wants to stick a ticket to heaven in their back pocket and go on and live their life. This is something that is your life!

( congregational amens ).

This is worth everything to have Him! It’s worth leaving everything behind to have eternal life! That’s the value. But I’ll tell you, you have to be willing to let go of everything. You think of the rich young ruler. There was one thing that stood in his way. He couldn’t give it up. Did Jesus say, well okay, you can come in, but you’re gonna be second class? No! He didn’t come in at all. That’s it—that stood in the door. If there’s one thing that you set your heart upon above serving Jesus Christ without condition, you’re gonna stand outside the door. You’ll never ever experience what God’s talking about.

And I think of different ones that I believe give a picture of seeking God and coming to Him. And I didn’t take time to look up where the scripture is, but I preached on this before. But you remember when Abraham had already been brought to the land, and I see a picture there of God’s work to bring him to a certain point. But there came a time when it was time for there to be a real covenant, and it was covenant that involved Abraham, I think he was still called Abram at that time.

It involved him doing something. Do you remember what he did? He had to go out…and God gave a very clear prescription to him about how to offer a sacrifice. There were certain animals, birds whatever, that he was to literally cut, kill and then split their carcasses and lay them out in a certain way, and then what did he have to do? Just wait. Okay, I’ve done my part, God. The ball’s in Your court. But the wind blows…

( congregational response ).

…Where it wants to. And so you remember what happened. Abram had to wait, didn’t he? And he had to wait, and he had to wait, and it started getting dark. But more than that, birds began to come, and he had to beat them off. He had to do something. He could have just said, well, I guess that didn’t work out. I guess I’m on a fool’s errand here, sitting out here with a bunch of dead meat, waiting for a God who just decided He wasn’t gonna show up. I’m gonna go back to Mesopotamia, to my friends and just forget all this foolishness. No, there was something in Abraham that simply believed God. That’s why he’s called the father of faith. Nothing ever stopped him from believing God.

I’ll tell you, is that not what God calls His people to? Isn’t that a description of real faith? How does that get produced in us? Anybody here born with that?

( congregational response ).

No! God works it in us! That’s part of the work of that wind. It blows! Has it blown in your heart? Are you on the Way? Has God stirred you with a sense of your need of Christ? Don’t you give up! Don’t you let the Devil steal the sacrifice. I’ll tell you what the sacrifice is. It’s you! God calls us to lay down our lives and simply give them to Him.

But what happened…there was a delay, wasn’t there? And the birds began to come in and try to feed on that sacrifice. But instead of letting them have the meat, he beat them off. He said, wait a minute, I’m here to meet God. Get out of here. And after…at just the right time, all of sudden he saw a lamp moving down in between those pieces, and he heard the voice of God. And there was a covenant that was made. God answered!

Has God ever answered? See a lot of times we come and we do, and then we just go on as though everything is done. God wants to answer. Do you remember what happened when Solomon dedicated the temple? There were all gathered there and he prayed this tremendous prayer of dedication. This is for You, Lord. Oh God, come and dwell in our midst. They made the sacrifice. What happened after that? Do you remember?

( congregational response ).

Well there was a cloud, but right before that…unless I’m thinking of a different incident…there was fire that fell from heaven and consumed the sacrifice and the glory of the Lord filled the temple. God took up residence. I’ll tell you, anything that’s called salvation that is short of Him taking up residence in your heart is short.

God longs to fill your life and make you His child. It’s a miracle, but don’t stop short. If God has not done that for you, don’t you just sit there and claim it and go on and say, well, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay. If God has not done that for you, don’t stop short until He does.

And I thought of other…trying to think of other occasions…I know one of them is kind of an unusual one in a way. And I’ll just refer to the case of Cornelius. Talk about the wind blowing where it wants to. Cornelius was a Gentile. He wasn’t, up to this point, part of what God was doing. But there was something about Cornelius that obviously shows that God had been working with his heart, because the scripture tells us he was a God-fearing man.

He was conscious that there was a God, that he was responsible to Him, and that he wanted to please Him, He wanted to know Him. He reached out…it just says in a verse or two what he did, but you know this had to be a long time. He developed a reputation among the Jews of his area, didn’t he? You don’t do that on some week-end little excursion. This was a way of life for this man.

Now how mean is it for God to let a man just continue to do all that and not answer him? That’s the way we think. But God had a time and a place and He was working with this man’s heart.

You know, you think about how God, through His Son, pictures the human heart like soil. And there’s a prophecy that says, don’t sow among thorns. “Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns.” (KJV). You know God has to get your heart ready before He can come in. There has to be…He’s got to dispossess sometimes some things that are there, some residents that don’t belong, and clean you up.

Thanks for the blood of Jesus that’s able to cleanse us completely from sin, but if you stop there, what happens? Do you remember what Jesus said about the unclean spirits that went out of man? And the condition for a while there was that the man was cleaned up, his house was cleaned and swept and garnished, looking good. Only one problem…nobody ever moved in. Don’t miss waiting on God, seeking Him with all your heart and having Him move in.

What about the scripture where Paul said…let’s look at it in Romans chapter 8, so we can get it exactly right. I’m sorry we haven’t turned to a lot of things, but I had so many different scriptures that seemed to play into what I was thinking about, it’s hard to just sit there and flip the pages to every one of them. But I’ll read this in verse 9 just for starters. “You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ.” (NIV). That’s pretty plain, isn’t it?

But listen down here in verse 15. “For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear.…” So there is a spirit to be received, isn’t there? There’s something that has to enter in to the human heart that you didn’t have before. Stop short of that and you stop short. But listen to this. “…But you received…” What? “…The Spirit of sonship. And by him we cry, Abba, Father. The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.”

Has that ever happened for you? I can’t tell you how that’s gonna happen. It’s not my job. It’s God’s job to communicate with you in such a way that you know the deed is done. Not only have you laid out your life as a living sacrifice, you’ve given it to Him, but He has taken that sacrifice. It’s one thing to lay it out, it’s another thing for Him to come and do His part.

And I’ll tell you, the wind blows where it wants to. He…I don’t mean to convey by that that He’s capricious and you could do it and He wouldn’t care. But He is looking and waiting for a very real work to be done and for your heart to be ready to let go and let Him come in and possess your life. When that happens, you’ll know it—you’ll know it. You won’t have to have somebody tell you, hey, look at this, look at this. You will know it and nobody will be able to take that away from you. Oh, you’ll go through some times, you’ll go through some battles, you’ll go through all kinds of things in your life, and the Devil will attack it.

You know what…I’ll give the short version of this, but I remember when I believe the Lord made this real to me, and certainly in retrospect it’s been real, ‘cause I grew up, and I never really went out and lived a wild life, never had any really cataclysmic experience. But I know I went through that time…it only really lasted a few days, but it was in college. I was mad at God. I wanted an experience, I wanted to feel something. You know you go through those kinds of things.

And so I just pouted. I just stopped. I stopped caring. I just did everything I could to say I don’t care. I deliberately plunged myself into a depression. And it went a day, and it went another day, and I was just living…I was dead on the inside.

But something happened and I couldn’t shake it. Nobody outside even knew what was going on, but God did. And all of a sudden, it just…over time, there was a conviction that came. It didn’t come from anything that happened out here, it came from in here. Something down in here said, you can’t do that. There is no other way. You’re mine…and I tried to ignore it, you know how we do. God is so patient. He was just sitting there allowing me to experience that, but He was there all the time, just like the song.

He was there and that conviction began to grow and I finally said…and I had to go, this was sheer naked faith. I didn’t have feeling in the world. I just said, Lord, I’m gonna serve You if I never have a feeling. And I didn’t have any great experience, but there was a peace. Instead of the deadness, there was just a simple peace. I’ll tell you what, if you stop short of having Him on the inside, you have stopped short.

( congregational response ).

What did Cornelius do? He just kept doing what he was doing. He just…I don’t know what to do God, I’m reaching out for You. And there came a day though, when it was time. And the Lord sent an angel and the angel said, go get Peter. He’ll tell you the words. Listen to what he has to say.

Boy, they didn’t go by any formula. In the first place, Jews didn’t go among Gentiles. But the Lord took care of that, didn’t He, with a vision? So he went and he said okay Lord, I’m gonna give you the message. He didn’t even get to give an invitation! Talk about the Lord messing with your little formula! He was just telling about Jesus and the Spirit fell on everybody that was listening! God moved! The wind blew! The wind was ready! Their hearts were ready! The wind blew and God bore witness, this is Me.

For some of you the wind has blown when you’ve been all by yourself. God brings you down to that crux. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna surrender or are you gonna go on your own way? You weren’t in a service, you weren’t anywhere…no special place. But the wind blew and God brought you to a place where you said, yes, I surrender. What happened?

( congregational response ).

Peace, rest on the inside, you knew the war was over. You knew you belonged to Him. That doesn’t mean you don’t have battles. We all do. Lord knows, it’s a lifetime of warfare. But oh what a difference to have Him on the inside! And to have Him bear witness…you’re My child—you’re My child.

And I know many of you will remember, some of you at least will remember the incident Paul Washer referred to when a young woman came up in a service. I don’t know if there was an altar call or whatever, came up afterwards and just wanted to talk to him. And said, I’ve come forward many times and I just can’t seem to get through. I’m not satisfied, something’s not right…however she expressed it.

Then I think God gave him some wisdom. He said well, let’s not try that any more, that didn’t work. He said, you’ve got two choices here. You can quit seeking God and go to hell. Or you can just set your heart to seek him until He answers.

The Spirit knows when to answer and it’s different for every individual. We are individual people, we’re all different. You can’t measure yourself by somebody else’s experience. She went to bed wrestling and crying out to God and went to sleep. And you remember this story how she woke up, and when she woke up, she was a different person. God had answered her cry, and she knew in a moment of time that she was the Lords.

And he talked about another guy he was talking to, I think it was up in Alaska somewhere, some rough-hewn guy, and he kept going over the scriptures. The guy just couldn’t get it. And he didn’t do anything but just read the scriptures. And I think he even had the man read some of the basic Gospel promises. Look at John chapter 3, “For God so loved the world…” And they were going back through this…this was going on for hours. And he was going back through scriptures for the third time, and all of a sudden, in mid-sentence, the man stopped…

( snapping fingers ).

…The light went on and life happened. Don’t you quit. Don’t you be satisfied…if God has not come to the point where there’s been a change in your heart and He has borne witness that you’re His child, you cry out to Him until He answers. What is the alternative? “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation.…” (KJV).

I’ll tell you, there’s some people that God cares about today…I believe He cares about all of us. But there some that are just living a life that has never really reached this. Don’t stop short! There is a reality. You can come to the place where these songs that were such an uplift to so many…they’re not just nice songs. They’re real!

( congregational amens ).

God doesn’t want you left out. There’s a kingdom, it’s gonna last forever. You don’t get into this kingdom except by being born again. That’s up to Him—that’s up to Him to respond to him, the wind, when that wind blows. I just pray that everybody here will take this to heart as the love of God expressed toward you, who wants you to come to that place. Praise God!