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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1009

Let’s Possess our Possessions
One Part Only

February 5, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1009 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

— Brother Phil Enlow: Well, praise God! It’s good to see everybody.

( congregational amens ).

I appreciate the Lord’s presence here tonight. That’s a wonderful witness, because without Him what are we?

( congregational response ).

Absolutely nothing. But praise God! I had every intention of just sitting there and kicking back and waiting for something good to happen. But I just had a thought, and maybe this will trigger something in others. And it’s a Scripture and I can’t even off-hand tell you where it’s at. Maybe Don can tell me. But it’s in the Old Testament and it’s a simple Scripture that prophesies and talks about God’s people possessing their possessions.

Now that’s an odd sounding thing until you think about it. Because if it’s your possession, what do you mean, you don’t possess your possessions? But I think if we stop and think…man, isn’t that where most of us are? Not possessing things that Christ gave everything to give us? I stand in great need, I can tell you right now. I don’t think I’m alone. Man, we need God.

And I feel like the Lord is wanting to challenge me and to challenge us with the simple truth that we’re so full of unbelief, we are so full of ‘settle for,’ that we let the devil talk us out of taking possession of things that are ours in Christ, as though, oh, I’m just selfish, that’s this, that’s the other thing, or that’s just the way I am. There’s 1001 little lies, little excuses that are designed by the enemy to keep us right where we’re at.

And I believe with all my heart, the thing that Paul was praying…anyway, the prayer that was going forth earlier, Ben…I’m sorry. My brain has about shut down here. But anyway the prayer that Ben had was that we would lay hold of things, that we wouldn’t go forth the same people that we came in as.

( congregational amens ).

Is there anybody here that wants to just go out just like you came, and just have a good old time, and say, wasn’t that great? No! God didn’t bring us here just to have a good time.

( congregational amens ).

He brought us here because there are things He longs to do in our lives. He has a vision. He has a purpose. He has a call that is beyond our imagining and we have just allowed the enemy to sort of sink us into a rut many times. It’s a rut of our making, of our own unbelief. And I just sense God saying, wake up! Don’t be afraid to ask! “Ye have not, because ye ask not. (KJV).

( congregational amens ).

Now I understand there’s another side to that. “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask…”

( congregational response ).

…Amiss.” And what does amiss mean? What does asking amiss mean? In the wrong way—it means asking for ourself. I mean, if you’re coming in here looking for the key to wealth and prosperity and power and all the things that go with that in this world, you’re in the wrong place. But I’ll tell you, God has riches that are so far beyond anything that we can imagine. Paul calls them “…the unsearchable riches of Christ.” And yet we live like paupers compared to what God has set before us.

And God is looking for people who are bold enough to say, now wait a minute, Devil, Jesus purchased this. This is not so I can be somebody, and stick my big spiritual chest out and say, look at me. This is for His glory.

( congregational amens ).

This is so that Christ can express Himself through me. I am not alone in this. I’m a part of the body. But if the whole body is all about every one of us coming to the place that God wants us to be…every one of us is meant to be a channel of divine life to everybody else. And so while it is a corporate thing, it is an individual thing, as well, because we are individual members.

Right now, Sister Shirley understands, as perhaps she never has, how important the knee is. It got good and shattered. Praise God, the Lord’s in control. But I mean, we are members one of another. God has things for us. We have accepted defeat in many areas of our lives, when God wants us to get up on our hind legs and say, wait a minute, Devil, you have no right here. Jesus bought this at the price of His precious blood, His life was shed…His blood was shed, His life was given for me. It isn’t a matter of my being worthy. He’s worthy!

( congregational amens ).

Is He not worthy of what He bought?

( congregational response ).

Praise God! This is for God’s glory. We have every right to ask and not just ask like, oh God, I’m begging, but I’m not really expecting. Oh God, we need to come to Him with a boldness that expects! Didn’t He say to His disciples before He went something about the fact that you’re gonna ask and the Father is gonna give you whatever you ask in my name, so that your joy may be full. I’ll tell you, there are promises in God’s Word that we have just sort of given lip service to without really expecting God to do something special and real in our lives.

Praise God! I didn’t have any of this in my head coming in here tonight, but God had it. God is wanting to challenge you and to challenge me. Where are you at tonight and why are there? God has more for us. Let’s take hold of it! Let’s go to Him with boldness!

( congregational praise ).

Isn’t that what He said? There’s a throne to which we have the right to come. How did we acquire that right? By living up to a law, by doing? No! He won that right! We can come boldly to the throne of…

( congregational response ).

Grace. What’s grace? Grace is divine help. Grace is the power to be what God has called us to be! You and I don’t have that! It simply is not in our DNA to be able to serve God. I need Him for everything.

( congregational amens ).

He’s the influence on my heart, my mind, my life. He is the faith! He is everything! But I’ve got to go someplace to get that. There’s a part for me to play and say, God I want You. I need the grace to become what You have called me to be. Oh, you think God is grudging? You think He’s mad at you? You think He thinks you’re being presumptuous? Oh my God, there’s nothing that pleases Him more than for His children to come and say, God, You said…this is Your Word…I’m tired of talking about it and just acknowledging what the words say, and having no connection between that and my life, or very little connection.

God is wanting us to believe Him for things that we have not yet seen. We have a God who calls those things which are not seen as though they were. He has the power, His life, His grace has the power to create things we cannot imagine. Praise God! So we need an attitude adjustment…I do…of faith, of a willingness to come to God and not let Him go!

Did God get mad at Jacob when he said, I will not let You go until You bless me? Did God just do that to get rid of Him? That was the very thing that God wanted out of Him. Somebody who was so devoted to the need and to the vision and the call of God that he said, God I’m not letting You go! I’ve got to have this. This is my life. It depends upon it! I need You, God.

And I’ll tell you, in the very exercise of that kind of faith, there was something changed in him forever. He went into that Jacob. He came out of that Israel, a prince with God. I’ll tell you, that was not written just for a nice little Sunday School story. That was written for us here, tonight with the issues, the real issues of life that we face. We have a God who is capable of moving into our lives and making a life changing difference. Praise God!

There are possessions that God has laid up for us through Jesus Christ and what He did. Let’s begin to bombard heaven with expectation that things are going to change in us. Not just…yes, pray for others. But it’s got to start here. You can’t just say, God, fix everybody else and I’ll be great! You’ve got to start and say God, fix me.

( congregational amens ).

Do what’s needed in me and while You’re doing that, help my brother and my sister, too. God’s gonna hear that prayer, because this is not me talking. I believe God’s here. I believe God is concerned about people here, and He loves…there’s nothing He wants to do more than to give us more of Himself. What do we want? Praise God!

— Brother Paul Campbell: This’ll be short, hopefully sweet.

( laughing ).

You know, today I was praying and I was asking the Lord…I said, Lord, I don’t want to just go up there and just have a fun time, a time where we just get together and we sing and we leave and go back home just like we were. And as Phil began to minister tonight and too, Ben’s prayer just really stirred me that God, make that real in our hearts, that we desire to be stirred and we desire to leave here with a greater passion and a love for our Christ than we’ve ever had before. And that it doesn’t only just spill out when we’re right here and just on Wednesday nights, but it’s every day of our life, every moment of our life, with our kids, with our wives, with the people we work for, work with.

When Phil was making those comments, I flipped over to Ephesians and this word just jumped out at me. It’s in chapter 2, and we’re so familiar with chapter 2, where it’s talking about our condition being dead to God, and then on down being alive to God. But this word just jumped out as never before, as he started off what our condition when we were dead to God. But it says, “And you hath he quickened.…” Quickened—think of that one word ‘quickened.’ What does that mean?

( congregational response ).

Made alive, spur us, open the eyes of our understanding, give us a greater passion, help us to see. Now I want to drop on down. It says, quickened us. When we’re quickened, what’s it gonna do? And it says in 4, “But God, who is rich in mercy…”—rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us…” Oh my, if we could ever see that. “…Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened…” again “…quickened us together…” Quickened us together, brother and sister of mine. “…With Christ…” lost my place. “ …(by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.”

That’s what we’re talking about here tonight. Oh that the kindness of Jesus and the grace that’s been shown to us that we could extend that to this world and to one another and to others. What an opportunity we have. Remind me when we get back of what we’ve heard here tonight. Let’s remind one another. We’ve got everything in this world to sing, and shout, and praise God, and give Him glory like we were singing here tonight. We were just…I believe witnessed a little bit of what we’re talking about here. But again, folks, I just don’t want it to be here when we come to church. Let it be in our lives all the time.

( congregational amens ).

When we’re by ourselves, let that flow out. Not just saying, okay, well I’m around somebody that’s reading me. Well I’m telling you, let’s honor the Lord Jesus Christ with our life.

( congregational amens).

He’s with us 24/7. He knows us and He knows what we need. I just appreciate this encouragement tonight.

( congregational amens ).

— Brother Carl Johnson: I had read this Scripture right before Brother Phil got up. And at first I just set it aside, ‘cause I said, this don’t flow with what the Lord’s giving tonight, but in retrospect, I think maybe it does. And I’ll let you be the judge. But I want to share this one thought if I can in connection with what the Lord has been speaking to us here about and encouraging us tonight to possess our possessions, and to be a free people to give glory to Him, and to give ourselves to Him so that He can glorify His Son through us. Amen, because He’s got to do the work.

But I was thinking of this. It’s just a couple of verses in the Gospel of John, 3rd chapter. I just want to read a couple of verses here, where the Lord told Nicodemus, he says, “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” (NIV).

And I was thinking about the way that’s phrased there. You know, the Lord didn’t say, everyone who does evil hates the light and won’t come into the light. But he doesn’t say then, but whosoever does good comes into the light. He says, but whoever lives by the truth, and we see the truth in the One who is the Truth, and that’s our Lord.

And when we see Him on the cross dying for us, we see the truth of what we are. We see sin and we see ourselves, Him taking our place there. We see the truth of what we are and we see the truth of the love of God that would give Himself for us, and it’s in that truth, it’s in that realization that God makes His love real to us and the response by God’s grace is we’ve come into the light. We come to the light.

And brother and sister, that’s a life-long process to come to the light. I think of the Old Testament scripture that speaks of us when coming to the Lord to rend our hearts. As we come before Him not to try to hide anything, because He sees it anyway. If it’s hidden, if there’s something hidden in here, it’s hidden to us, not to Him.

( congregational amens ).

And there’s a lot hidden here. But in His love and His grace, day by day, 75 years and Lord only knows how much longer…in my case, soon to be 62. I don’t how much longer…but every day I’m here, I long for the Lord to bring His love, the light of His love to bear on my heart and show me my need.

And you know, when we see that need and we fall on our knees in repentance and say, Lord, I’m sorry, forgive me, wash me, cleanse me. You know, the devil would try to use that to condemn. That’s not why the Lord’s showing it to us. He’s not showing us our need to condemn. He’s showing us our need so that we can turn our eyes to Him who is able to meet it, and that is Him. He can meet that need.

And He alone can enable us in the light of our great need, to come to faith and say, Lord, I can do all things through You. I can possess this land that are revealing to me. I can put my foot on it. This is a possession You’ve given me, that You shed Your blood for, and I claim it, and I believe it. And though it may be a battle, and sometimes we fall, as Brother Phil says…I love that saying, let’s fall forward.

( congregational amens ).

Amen! Let’s fall forward. And while we’re at His feet, believe Him for the cleansing, the healing we need, and the divine enablement to get up and do better next time.

( congregational amens ).

And grow in Him, and learn His ways. And as we do, folks, as we possess the possessions He has given us, we are going to be a vessel that’s more and more given to Him. And He’s gonna be able to live through us and glorify His Son, and lift Him up…and He’s lifted up on the cross for us. And the Lord wants us to be that example to others out here that don’t know Him because there’s still some, I believe, out there that are candidates for the new birth, don’t you? I believe that’s why we’re still here.

And I want to be willing to spend and be spent. I want to be changed into His likeness. Thank God for His promise! That’s one of those exceeding great and precious promises. He’s promised to mold us and make us into Him image. How glorious is that! How wonderful is that! God help us to believe Him, just like we’ve been encouraged to here tonight, to believe His Word and to walk in it.

So whoever lives by the truth, who is able by God’s grace to acknowledge the truth, every step of the way of who we are and our need, and who He is and what He is able to do, comes into the light, so that it may…listen, so that it may be seen plainly that what He has done…whatever we do that is good, truly good in any measure whatsoever, has been done through God.

( congregational amens ).

Isn’t that wonderful? Praise God! I want to do the truth. I want to live by the truth. I want to rush to the light. I want to rend my heart, I want to lay hold of the Word He’s given us here tonight, that He is encouraging us to lay hold of the possessions, and exceeding great and precious promises of His Word. Praise God! He is molding me and making me into His image. He’s fulfilling His Word to me, to work in me, “…to will and to do of His good pleasure.” (KJV). How wonderful is that? Praise God!

( congregational praise ).

Praise God! God is so good to us. He does love us beyond measure and He’s working that love in us for Him and for one another and I thank Him for it. Praise God!

— Brother Ben Johnson: Praise God! I appreciate this truth tonight. I appreciate the Lord teaching us. You know, it’s no coincidence that He’s given us these things. It’s because we need them, the Lord is just doing something in our midst, and He wants us to be part of it. I can confess today even something I hadn’t experienced before, something just exactly what we’ve been talking about here.

The Lord made more real to me about a certain area the enemy was trying to get in to take advantage…just at work doing the things you usually do…something God has helped make more real to me is the enemy trying to work, and actually helping me in faith claim, God, You said I’m dead to sin. Come against it, bind the enemy in the name of Jesus…that He has given us His promise in the Word that we can do, not because of us, but because of who He is and what He’s won.

You know, that gives me so much confidence. I appreciate the emphasis tonight on the Lord and this being about what He’s done. It’s not to make us anything or because we’re anything. It’s because our Lord is the Victor. He’s been put in that place that’s above every authority, and He’s given us that. And as we are free, we’re not just more free ourselves, we’re a testimony to others. And it just ministered faith to me to come against the enemy.

And you know, the kind of funny thing about it is I didn’t just have to do that one time and it all went away. It wasn’t long before…same thing. But you know, the Lord helped me in a deeper way today than I’d say probably I’ve ever experienced. And it can’t be a coincidence that He’s talking about this here tonight. This is something He wants to make real in our lives…that we are mindful that signing up to be a Christian is not signing up to get your problems fixed, or to find the secret for how to fix everything. It’s finding how to battle, to lay hold of what Christ has won for us. That’s the answer. The fix is to lay hold of the victory that He’s won, and we have an enemy we have to fight for it.

But I’ll tell you, He is the Victor. I just appreciate this. The Lord is making this real, and He’s cleansing His church. And I want to be a part of that. I want my life cleansed. You know, Joshua told the people before they crossed over the Jordan there to attack Jericho to sanctify yourselves, because tomorrow the Lord is gonna do wonders among you. I feel that sense that there’s more the Lord has, that He wants to do among us, and this is part of the process. Sanctify yourselves.

But we don’t have to come up with a way to make that happen. He’s provided the way. But we have to have faith to lay hold of it just to believe His word, whether we feel it or not, whether we can grasp it or not. I was today saying, Lord, You said I was dead to sin. I don’t even entirely understand that, but that’s what You said, so it’s got to be real. There’s got to be something that I can enter into more that what I’ve known, and I believe the Lord helped me, and made it more real to me than it was this morning. So I just appreciate that. That’s His mercy.

I thought about the song, a lot of you have probably heard it. It’s a song called the “Voice of Truth,” talking about the voices that talk to you, and telling you, “Boy, you’ll never win!” And he says, “But the voice of truth tells me a different story…the voice of truth says, do not be afraid! And the voice of truth says, this is for My glory.” You want a foundation for why we can call out in confidence? Because it’s for Him, it’s not about us—it’s for Him. The voice of truth says, this for my glory. Then it says of all the voices calling out to me, I choose to listen to the voice of truth.

( congregational amens ).

I tell you what, we’ve heard the voice of truth tonight and I want to listen and take it with me, because the Lord’s got more for us tomorrow, and I want to be ready for it. I just praise His holy name tonight. Praise You, our Lord!

( congregational praise ).

Thank You for Your truth. Thank You for the victory You won for us. Thank You, Lord, for Your working in our hearts, Lord, that You promised to finish the work that You started, that it’s all in You. We praise Your name and give You the glory. Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord, I appreciate this tonight.