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MCM Broadcast

TV Broadcast #1005

How Christ’s Body is Built Up

January 8, 2012

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Transcript of message from TV Broadcast 1005 -- taken from Closed Captioning Text

– Brother Phil Enlow: This is how the body of Christ works. Every member supplies something. What is that something? What is it that you and I supply one to another? I mean you talk about the particulars, I’m trying to get beyond the particulars. In some form or other there is the very life of God that flows into you, and it flows through you to others, and because of that they are strengthened. They actually receive something into their spirits that makes them stronger, that builds them up, and in turn they draw from God. They draw from that same infinite pool of God’s life as they yield themselves in faith. There is a flow of the spirit of God that goes right through them and right back to you and back to others. What happens when all of that gets working? You think God’s presence is gonna be greater than it is even now?

( congregational response ).

Thank God for what we have. But, my God, if everybody here was in tune with God and saying, oh God, I am here not to do anything except to be a vessel. I belong to You. You bought me. You paid for me with the blood of Your Son. Oh Lord, live in me. Lord, let my brothers and sisters receive something because I’m here. Let my eyes be focused on Your vision so I realize I’m here to give life to everybody else. Lord, you know I can’t do this, but I’m trusting in You.

Every one of us plays a vital part in God bringing forth the new man that is functioning and walking in this vision. Folks, if we don’t walk in this, we will become a dead, irrelevant little sect. Just say it straight. That’s what we will become. But God help us to get a hold of this thing and say, oh God, make it happen. I can’t even imagine this, Lord, but make it happen, Lord. Just cry out to Him and say God, I ain’t gonna let You rest. You’ve said these things in your Word. Is this real or isn’t it? You think God is offended when we come to him with that kind of a boldness and say, Lord, you said?

Now I understand there is a process. There’s no magic button you can push and suddenly – poof – you’ve got a mature body. But I’ll tell you, if you’ve got people that are seeking God, don’t you know God is gonna come in ways we haven’t seen? Oh God, help us to overcome the unbelief. We are riddled with it. I’ll tell you, it seems like both faith and unbelief are like…what’s the word I’m trying to say…you know they feed on one another. You get it going and it’s like rolling downhill. All you have to do is experience a little of this, a little doubt and a little doubt, and it grows and the next thing you know you can’t believe God for much of anything.

But I’ll tell you, God is wanting us to begin to cry out to Him and exercise faith in very quiet individual ways and see victories. Anybody here know what I’m talking about? Has God worked in your life lately? Have you confronted things and you’ve seen God actually make a difference?

( congregational response ).

Yes. That’s the working. I mean some people are out looking for the great and the mighty and the obvious. God is doing something that is very real in the hearts and the lives of His people. I’m seeing and I believe many of you are seeing some of the fruits of that. We’re just seeing these little indicators. God is at work. Folks, He’s not gonna quit. The question is what are we gonna do?

As I started to say, a lot of times we disconnect these passages of Scripture and all of a sudden 17…it’s like 17 is talking about something else. But it isn’t. If you just say every part’s gonna do its work, the body of Christ is gonna function, that’s a little vague, isn’t it? But what does that mean? I believe that’s what Paul begins to describe. How do we live? Because the fact is, God has called us into a relationship.

( congregational amens ).

My body just doesn’t scatter and do its own thing. My head does not send signals to this fist and go fight against this one. There is a harmony. There is a purpose in the work of God. But I see something here like I probably haven’t seen it before. Where he’s talking about…the subheading here that I have that’s, of course, not part of the text, “Living as Children of Light.” (NIV).

“So I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking.” This was read recently here. “They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God…” Now why is that? “…Because of the ignorance that is in them…” Yeah, but why is that? “…Due to the hardening of their hearts.”

You see why people, in many cases…I mean there is genuine ignorance and God reaches out in mercy, but the reason most people, particularly in this country are ignorant of this is because they’ve resisted what light they have had. What happens when you resist light? It becomes darkness. I’ll tell you, I’ll warn anybody here that’s heard much truth, you’re responsible before God.

And I’ll tell you, judgment is real. There’s gonna be a day coming when we will stand before the Lord. Oh, God has reached out to people in mercy. If He has ever confronted you, ever talked to you, you need to cry out to God and say, oh God, have mercy upon me a sinner. I need you. Don’t resist that or it will become darkness to you.

But anyway, “Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more. You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. Surely you heard of him and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus. You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires.”

As I say, God has absolutely connected us one to another. We are members one of another. If you know Christ you can’t live a separate…I mean, if you have really been born of Christ, born of the Spirit of God, you cannot live a disconnected life. What happens to you and what you do affects everybody. If there is a sickness, a spiritual sickness, it affects the whole. What we do towards each other we don’t just do to them. We do to ourselves. We do to everybody else. We do to Christ. We do to God himself. That’s how one we are.

Unless we learn to see it that way we will act like carnal people in this world. ‘So-and-So’ made me mad…they did this, they did that and there’ll be all this kind of contention. God deliver us from that. God has fixed it to where we are so connected to one another. How else can he deal with the root problem of human nature which is self on the throne?

What is the essence of what he just said to do? Put off the old man. Stop acting like people of the world. I have delivered you from that. You don’t live that way any more. There’s a new life that I have put in you. That’s what needs to grow. You need to start acting like me. Oh, thank God.

But listen to what he says. “And to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” If you’ve been born of the Spirit of God, there’s a life in you that has come from God Himself. It’s exactly like Him. Your problem and mine is that we don’t live according to that life as much as we should. We’re still living the old way instead of saying, Oh God, help me to yield myself.

Folks, that’s where the power comes from. If God just simply handed down edicts and said, stop behaving this way and start behaving this way, we’d be helpless. But he has given us Himself. His life is in here. There is a power that makes it possible for us to serve God and to fulfill the vision that He has set before us.

But listen to…almost all of this has to do with our relationships one with another. This is where we find out whether we’re serving self or whether we’re serving Christ. Because, if we’re behaving like people of the world, we are absolutely thrusting people from us. We are hurting. We are harming. We are seeking self above their interests.

You think God’s kingdom is gonna be built that way? No. It is built by people who see themselves the way God sees them and says, God deliver me from what I am. God, I see where You’re headed with this. It’s not just this is what we’re supposed to do, but there’s a goal. There’s really something out there that You are seeking to do. Lord, bring back a situation where you live in a people on the earth.

And then I’ll tell you, when you want people to see it, there’s something to see. I don’t know what the Lord has for us, but I know that…I mean I just see, I sense this and the Lord showed it to us so many years ago. When Christ comes He is going to have a people that are like this. Only He can engineer that. But we can be part of that if we will cry out to Him and say, oh Lord, I believe Your promises.

But again, let’s just look at some of the particulars here just for a few minutes. “Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor.” Why? “For we are all members of one body.” If you lie to somebody else, you’re lying to God. See? How in the world can we be part of this and still act like the old and see God work? God, cleanse and purify.

Man, we ought to be just crying out and saying, oh God, I see, I know all these things are there. I know what I am. You showed me what I am. God, You’re the only one that can deliver me. But God I am not gonna be satisfied just to continue to live and be that way. I need You to deliver me. Lord, help me to listen to Your Word so that I can understand what it is You desire from my heart and from me. Simple things.

This is why…this is what I want to try to connect back to that vision of the church building itself up in love, because when people walk in the reality of these simple things in our everyday relationships, it makes all the difference as to whether God’s spirit flows through you and builds up the body of Christ or whether there’s a breach there and something else going on. You see? This isn’t some magical, oh, I don’t know, I don’t have the gift of tongues so I don’t…you know. This isn’t anything like that. This is practical everyday Christianity.

Look at the things that he says. Quit lying, basically, be truthful. “In your anger do not sin.” Now he doesn’t say that we don’t ever get angry. But our problem is not just that we get angry, our problem is that we harbor it. We justify it. We take it to our bosom and cling to it like it’s ours and we’re justified by God. And He says, don’t you do that. If you experience that, let it go.

Folks, if you are drawing that kind of a bitterness, that kind of a spirit into you and you’re clinging to it, that ain’t a good thing. Do you think God’s spirit can flow and help somebody through you? What is the body missing because of that? God help us to feel that sense of…it’s not the weight of responsibility as though I’ve got to muster this, but I want to be willing. I want to be willing to yield myself and let that go. Let that stupid stuff go.

I’m gonna say something that might shock somebody. Jesus said, pretty plainly, if you aren’t willing to forgive, you won’t be forgiven. Now you make out of that what you want to. Folks, if there is an unforgiving spirit that just won’t go away, that raises a red flag. That raises a doubt. Do you really know Him? Think what God has forgiven you. Oh God, deliver us. How merciful God has been with you and with me. How can we ever treat anybody else around us with any other kind of a spirit? Who do you think you are? Who do I think I am? God, deliver us from such things.

“And do not give the devil a foothold.” Man we give him a lot more than that sometimes. There’s stuff we know, we just don’t basically trust God to deliver us. God help us. Don’t give him a foothold. “He who has been stealing must steal no longer.” All kinds of people that were part of this church. Probably had some thieves. But whatever…whatever wrong way of life you had before, change it. You must…don’t do that anymore, but work.

“…Doing something useful with his own hands…” Why? So he can sit back and sail his boat on the weekends? You see, even this, you see the spirit of God pointing us towards one another. Why does he do that? “…That he may have something to share with those in need.” You see the way of looking at life of somebody who has been brought into this? It’s not about me. It’s about my life, my shared life.

I’ll tell you, God is going to bring together–He is bringing together a people. This is something only He can do, folks. You can’t join this. God’s gonna have to call you and reveal it to you and make you…Jesus is the builder of the church. This is not my church, not yours. It’s His or it’s nothing. I am determined that it should be… always He must be recognized for who He is.

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths.” Of course, none of you would ever do that. But you see, that’s a pretty major deal, isn’t it? This is a real major point of what we are. What’s in here tends to boil out, tends to come out, and it ain’t always right, it ain’t always good. We need God to so possess us that our tongues start helping people instead of tearing them down…instead of expressing that angry, rebellious, bitter, whatever it is kind of spirit that we are prone to through Adam.

Do not allow, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths…” But what? What’s the alternative? “But only what is helpful…” Helpful for what? “…For building others up according to…” What?

( congregational response ).

Whose needs?

( congregational response ).

You see the focus. You see the picture the Lord is painting here. I am a part of a people. We are needy people. But my place in all of this in the scheme of things is not to sit there and be critical. It’s to be a source of help to change the situation, not by pointing fingers, not by…using my mouth the wrong way. It’s to help. It’s to lift up. It’s to encourage. It’s to be a channel of God’s Spirit so that that thing can be changed. People can be pulled out of that.

You and I have an incredible power with this little member right here. We can use it. It can be an instrument of the devil or it can be an instrument for Jesus. Think of how He dealt with people. Think of the gentleness and the tenderness. Think of how He went to the worst of sinners. Instead of railing on them and giving them “down the country” and all kinds of angry denunciations, he reached out in mercy, not to say, its okay, go on sinning, but to lift them out and deliver.

Folks, you and I need a lot of help and a lot of deliverance, and we can be instruments to one another to help in that situation. We can be workers together with Him if we understand the relationship and the picture and not only that, but where it’s going. Jesus intends to live and to walk on the earth before He comes. How is He gonna do that? It’s in us. We are His Body. Praise God!

So do not let any of this unwholesome stuff come out of your mouth. “…That it may benefit those who listen. And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” You know what that’s about. I’ll tell you, if you are at all sensitive to God…God keep us sensitive.

This world will desensitize you to everything. It’s so full of wickedness, the next thing you know we are kind of almost thinking like them. But God help us to have that sensitivity that we know when we’re headed the wrong way, when we are giving our spirit to the wrong thing. We understand it. We stop it and say, I don’t want to do that. God help me. I need Your grace right now. I need Your strength because I can’t do this.

Folks, if you think you can fix what’s wrong with you, you’ve got another think coming. We need God’s mercy and God’s grace. But it’s available. It’s more than enough. And then he goes on and says some things that are closely related. “Get rid of…” What? “…All bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” Just, you know, whatever I left out. Everything that comes from you having a bad spirit toward somebody. Whatever it is, get rid of that. That’s not part of this picture. That will never fulfill the purpose of God to have a body that Jesus can live in.

He is building, you know, other illustrations he uses. He’s building a house. Don’t we sing that song? God is building a house. I’m part of that house. He is building a house. He is building a temple. He’s building a home. Folks, we’re gonna have to be builded together for that to happen. There is a relationship–there is a committed relationship that God is seeking where we don’t run when we are crossed. We don’t…we just look to God. Look to him to work out problems between people, for example. We’re not protective of self and what self wants.

“Be kind.” Now here’s the opposite. “Be Kind.” Man, you can go a long way with that one. Just think about it. In all of our relationships what would happen if we started being kind, always to one another? Do you think that might make a difference? Would that change the atmosphere if there were just none of this…I don’t like you. I don’t want to be around you. I hate what you just did…all these negative things. Man, if we give ourselves to it, there’s plenty of opportunity.

We are an imperfect people. That’s why he said to put up with each other. Bear with one another. Praise God! That means there’s things that will be wrong. That means that there’s people that are gonna do something that’s wrong. Does that ever justify us having a wrong spirit about it? See, it doesn’t. But oh, we love the excuse because it’s our nature to want to give vent to those kinds of things.

I’ll tell you, the Lord is calling us out to something different. Oh, I thank God He’s given us His Spirit. How would any of this happen? “Be kind and compassionate…” What does compassionate mean? You don’t just think about every thing from your point of view. What’s the matter with them? I would never do something so stupid or so wrong. But compassion is being able to see things through other people’s eyes and love them. Love them where they’re at to start with. Let the redeeming love of Christ draw somebody and help them and strengthen them and lift them out of the darkness…the bad place.

Isn’t that what God did with you? Praise God! That’s what He did with me. “Be…compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”

Now you can go on and you can see many other practical implications. It gets into our relations one with another, husbands and wives, fathers and children, and children and parents, and all of those things. But it comes down to one thing. God is reproducing His life and His nature in us. If we are walking in the nature of Adam, we are missing the boat on what he’s talking about here. But He has given us Himself so that we could be changed.

But I want to get back to this. I want to make that connection again. He set a vision of a people that He has builded together as a body. And what’s the end product? The fullness of the stature of Christ. There is something that has grown up and matured. Jesus has a body in the earth in which to live.

So how does that happen? As each part does its work. But each part…the work of each part gets down into these practical things. How do we live with each other? Do we give ourselves to the Spirit of God and allow Him to take situations and use them to change us?

I guarantee, if you haven’t figured it out by now, God is gonna put you in situations that will bring out what is in you. He’s doing that because He loves you. He’s doing that because He wants you to know, He wants you to recognize and bring that thing to Him and say, oh God, I repent. I cannot fix this. Come and help me to be what You want me to be in this situation. What happens? There’s a flow of the spirit of God. It’s gotten pinched off by what you did and how you reacted, but now all of a sudden it can flow.

What did the Lord promise about those who dwell together in unity? It commands a blessing, doesn’t it? You think if His life were flowing, not just you sitting there worshipping God, that’s wonderful, but you so connected to everybody else that we share a life. We love one another with a love that He supplies. I mean, how is God’s love complete?

That’s something else that we said recently from 1st John. God’s love is not complete by loving Him back. God’s love is complete by loving each other. God gives us love so we can love. If we’re willing to buy into that and believe God and seek God and cooperate with the ongoing, though oftentimes painful and messy process, we’re gonna see the body of Christ grow up. We’re gonna see the level of His life increase.

And I’ll tell you, where we need gifts, if we need a gift of healing, I think God can give it. If we need…whatever we need…because this isn’t us. We think we’re somehow different, inferior, something, other than the people in Scriptures. What did the Lord say about Elijah? Man of like passions as we are. Well, what did he do? He prayed that the heavens would be shut up for three years. It was. Then he prayed that it would rain again and it did. I’ll tell you, the limitation is not on God’s end.

The limitation is down here in our unbelief and our unwillingness to take God at His Word and say, oh God, I’m gonna stick with this. This is Your vision. This is Your promise. This is what You have said You are seeking to do. And the fact that He has already done it takes away all excuses. God has already had this in the earth. I believe He can do it again. Let’s just ask God to take us from where we’re at right now and help us to be a little further along the road tomorrow.

But this is an every day ‘rubber meets the road’ how you live, how you relate to other people. Is God’s Spirit flowing through you to strengthen them or not? Or is it just you being you? That’s where we are at. That’s where we’re at right now. Praise God!