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Midnight Cry Broadcast

Bro. Thomas

During more than 50 years of ministry Bro. C. Parker Thomas had an enduring vision and desire to reach out with the message God had given him, a message of hope in Jesus Christ as well as one of anticipation of the soon return of Christ. Often that desire to reach out was expressed through radio broadcasts.


In the 1980s the Midnight Cry Broadcast began with a few nearby stations and grew to include stations across the United States. We made no effort to find these outlets; rather in the providence of God they sought us out. To this day we have adhered to a policy of not soliciting listeners for support but rather looking to God’s provision among our own people.

In addition to the many local and regional radio outlets here in the U.S. we also began to reach out via shortwave stations that reach around the globe. Over the years we have heard from a very long list of countries from every part of the world. We rejoice in God’s faithfulness and ever seek His direction for ministry.


In the mid 1990s another unforeseen opportunity arose: Television. That brought many exciting challenges and opportunities as we began broadcasting on cable and satellite networks as well as a few local stations and one in the Philippines. The Lord has blessed us with home-grown talent in the many technical aspects of this ministry. He has enabled us as well to keep pace with broadcast technology in our equipment. We praise Him!


Of course the internet adds another dimension and makes it easy to archive both TV and radio broadcasts and make them available all the time. I hope you will take advantage of this on-demand service.

Phil Preaching

Although Bro. Thomas has gone home to be with the Lord the outreach continues. I hope you will listen as you have opportunity and remember us in your prayers. We can do nothing worthwhile without the Lord!